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  1. westfan

    Not the best day for PSU

    Yet, they'll still win the NCAAs by 30!
  2. westfan

    Arizona State Light weights

    Too many AZ and California recruits in the lower weights that haven't panned out. Kramer, Rico, Courtney, Crooks all were multiple AZ state champs but don't wrestler at the level of a top 10 college team. Villareal and Dennison were California state champs and have done nothing in college. Perhaps he needs to look East for some better prospects.
  3. But he can only be a two time Midlands champ, unless he wins some post graduate titles!
  4. westfan

    Zeke Jones and Mark Manning

    Devils are also redshirting 4 starters this year. I don't think they initially planned on this being a "lost" year. However, with the injury to Anthony, the Mason Smith transfer not working out and probably redshirting a few other guys who should have redshirted last year left this years squat quite tin. With those four back next year, along with a top 3 recruiting class and only losing Milhoff and Pagdilao I would expect the Devils to be on the brink of cracking the top 5.
  5. westfan

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    I don't know about Milhoff - Courtney battles either. They didn't wrestle in the Maroon and Gold match. Courtney didn't fare to well against some mediocre competition at the SEIU open. I'd have to guess he's not close to being able to beat Milhoff.
  6. westfan

    Anthony Valencia?

    You'd have to displace to wrestlers to make room or ask guys to take some big weight cuts and eliminate the weakness at 141. If they did squeeze him in the most logical spot is 174. He probably would do better there than he did at 165 last year. Zahid still contends for a title at a higher weight. Norfleet going from 184 to 197 would make a weak 197 weight stronger for the Devils but I don't know how much good it would do for him individually. Doubtful he places at either weight this year but I would think he'd have a chance to win a few NCAA matches at 184.
  7. westfan

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    Watching Milhoff the past two years, he's looked like a small 125 pounder. RBY was at 138 in high school, so safe to assume he's every bit of a maxed out 133. Other than for the fans sake, I can't see any benefit to ASU for giving up what looks to be a win at 125 for the sake of the matchup. A more interesting bump might be Courtney at 133. He probably gave RBY his toughest match in high school losing by two in OT his senior year. However, he's probably not as solid at 133 as Kliene is.
  8. westfan

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    Someone has to finish 2-8. Doesn't mean they're great wrestlers though. I should have said there's a huge drop off after Zahid and Hall. I find the AA label in wrestling a joke. 10% of the starters in D1 are AA. Hell if we did that in football, we'd have 13-14 AA's at every position and basketball would have in the 30's. After 1-2 and maybe 3, they should just be referred to as placers.
  9. westfan

    Penn State vs Arizona State

    Hall got dominated. The match wasn't as close as the score. This isn't a very deep weight class, so I expect these two to be there again this year.
  10. westfan

    Ohio State 22 vs Arizona State 17

    I found an article from AZCENTRAL.COM referring to Tanner being a 23 year old freshman, so he'd be 26 or 27 right now. He's in his fourth year of college, spent two years on a mission and one at the OTC. Anyone know why he's redshirting. I know he's an honor student in the Barret Honors college. Perhaps he's going straight into a masters program and wants to hang around another year as the team matures and adds new recruits.
  11. westfan

    Ohio State 22 vs Arizona State 17

    Wrestling news is impossible to find. ASU was missing Hall. He hasn't wrestled since he wrestled Stevenson in the Bison Open. Anyone know his situation? At 197 Belshay hasn't wrestled this year. Any idea if he's hurt or redshirting? Snyder essentially faced ASU's 3rd best at 197 as Harris beat Porter in the wrestloffs. Still haven't seen anything on what happened with Mason Smith. He was still on ASUs Trackwresting Roster as of last week but gone from the web site roster. Haven't seen or heard anything about Courtney this year. He was supposed to challenge Millhoff at 125 or move to 133. Didn't wrestle in the wrestle offs or the open tourney. I just read on Anthony Valencias Twitter page that he's been cleared to wrestle and will start competing in 3 weeks. Picture of a nasty scare on his shoulder from surgery. I don't know if it means anything or not but Wrestestat now shows Tanner Hall as being a red shirt. Of course it has Anthony redshirting as well, so it remains to be seen how accurate that is. Add Anthony to the mix of those missing and I think the Devils are going to have a hard time in duals this year, but could match or surpass last years NCAA finish if some guys step up. Pagdilao had two tough matches against ranked opponents this weekend, losing in the final 10 seconds to Hayes.
  12. westfan

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Bout 1 (133 lbs) - Josh Kramer vs Ted RicoBout 2 (149 lbs) - Nikko Villarreal vs Josh MarucaBout 3 (125 lbs) - Ryan Millhof vs Aaron ValenzuelaBout 4 (HWT) - Keavon Buckley vs Brady DanielBout 5 (197) - Austyn Harris vs Chad PorterBout 6 (184) - Kordell Norfleet vs Noor KathemBout 7 (133) - Ted Rico vs Josiah KlineBout 8 (165) - Josh Shields vs Jacen PetersenBout 9 (184) - Cade Belshay vs Austin ClaytonBout 10 (157) - Christian Pagdilao vs Dillon UlreyBout 11 (141) - Cory Crooks vs Navonte DemisonBout 12 (133) - Josh Kramer vs Josiah KlineBout 13 (149) - Josh Maruca vs Jacori Teemer
  13. westfan


    ASU Schedule just released https://thesundevils.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  14. westfan


    ASU also appears on Ohio St and Lock Haven's scehdules.