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  1. He's never had a full lineup of true D1 quality wrestlers. We thought it would happen this year, but then all of the injuries and redshirts left us with half a lineup of guys who shouldn't be on the mat in D1. I agree somethings wrong if they don't take a step forward next year. 10th and 12th the past two years with 3 AA's. If a 2-3 more can get into the mix, then that's a potential top 3 finish.

    22 hours ago, LemonPie said:

    ASU fans say the same thing every year

    Zeke can’t get it done


  2. 5 hours ago, Broomstick said:

    Based on size appearance in the finals alone, I would guess Lewis to 174 and Zahid to 184.  Also, doesn't Zahid want to make room for his brother to go 174?  Or do Olympic redshirts change the equation?

    I think Zahid redshirts, Anthony moves to 174. With all of the other redshirts back next year and a top notch class coming in the Devils should be top 10. If Zahid mvoes up, they've wasted the redshirts of Norfleet and Belshay both at 184 this year. Two years down the road,  Zahids back at 184, Anthony at 174 and the new class will be redshirt freshman or sophomores and hopefully another solid season. If Zeke can back up this years class with another next year, we might see some consistent top 10 finishes from ASU.

    I'm also guessing Mark Hall takes an Olympic redshirt too and 174 opens up for some new faces next year.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    RBY would definitely get an at large if he had a bad tourney.  Berge i don't think so.

    Why and what makes you so sure? I'm an RBY fan, but his only top victory was against Plether, a one point match in OT. He's been up to the task against the other competition, but it has been sub par competition at that. At large bids off go to guys who get upset and don't qualify. A large number of upsets could hurt his chances. His best bet is to beat 1 or 2 guys ranked above him and take the politics out of the decision. Even at that , a 6 qualifier out of the conference usually won't yield too many points at NCAAs. Maybe 2-4. It would take a few upsets there before he's really contributing to the team cause.

  4. 7 hours ago, TobusRex said:

    Great actor. I had a lot of respect for Lee Marvin, although he was a bit of a hound (remember: he was the first bigtime actor to lose a "palimony" suit to an ex-girlfriend). Usually played the bad guy in movies, and sometimes "good" bad guys (like Maj Reichmann).

    Contrast that with John Wayne: pulled strings to avoid serving. First he claimed his career would suffer and people would "forget him" if he went off to war. Yeah, he was only in the biggest goddamn western of all time in 1939 ("Stagecoach). Eventually got a draft deferment for "family reasons", then proceeded to leave his wife and pound the hell out of Marlene Dietrich. Got a completely undeserved reputation as an "American Hero" which he ran with the rest of his life. Actual WW2 veterans more often than not held him in contempt and considered him a phony (which he was). John Ford mocked John Wayne after the war for never serving.

    Yeah, not a big fan of the Duke.

    Was 34 at the time of Pearl Harbor and thus his exemption from service. Marvin was 17 years younger. Not that the Duke couldn't have enlisted, but apples to oranges in your comparison.

  5. 14 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    ASU should be a lot better than they are.  They have primo talent yet aren't seeing results.  They are not in the same league as the Big 10 powers + Ok St.

    Though most of the talent isn't or hasn't been on the mat this year. Outside of Shields and Valencia the lineup has been pretty thin. 

    Milhoff just returned to the matt after missing two months with a concussion. Courtney isn't the wrestler everyone thought he was going to be coming out of high school. Maruca seems to have gotten worse in his 3 years at ASU, he's nowhere near where he was a freshman. Pagdalia has been a pleasant surprise as an over achieving 6th year redshirt.

    Alex Valencia, Teemer, Belshay and Hall are all redshirting. No one seems to know what's up with Norfleet, a seemingly minor injury in December and we haven't seen him since. I'd assume he's redshirting as well. Counting Millhoffs extended absence that's 6 potential starters who haven't been in the lineup this year. That's why they aren't seeing any results. There just isn't the depth in the program yet. Hopefully with next years top of the line recruiting class added to this years redshirts the Devils will be able to handle the adversity of a few injuries.

  6. Injuries and redshirts. 

    125 - Milhoff has been out since December.

    184 Norfleet out injured since December.

    Redshirts: Anthony Valencia, Cade Belshay, Jacory Teamer, Tanner Hall.

    Sprinkle those guys throughout the lineup and duals such as the one they just lost to Stanford probably aren't even close. Hopefully with all of the above (except Millhoff who's a senior) back and a top notch recruiting class they will have the depth next year to avoid what's happened this season.

  7. As someone else mentioned, Milhoff had a concussion. This was the 4th of his career so it becomes a serious matter. I'm a bit confused why he hasn't been back. He was introduced as a co-starter versus Oregon St and the TV announcers said he was visibly upset when Courtney got the call against Bresser. I would have thought he'd have been back in the lineup versus Lehigh or Lock Haven last week. I think he an Courtney are close in their matches only because Milhoff wrestles a conservative style. He gives the team a better chance because Courtney is extremely week when it comes to mat wrestling and that may be Milhoffs strong point. Hopefully he's back soon and in time for the Pac 12s and NCAAs. I'd hate for someones career to end with an injury.

  8. Thanks for the response to my question here.  I appreciate that.   Do you know if they are just going to redshirt him this season then?  Or is he expected to be back in the lineup this season?

    At the time of the Michigan match the person who told me about the injury said it wasn't serious. I was surprised he wasn't back in the lineup last week. Perhaps we'll see him this weekend.


  9. The announcers said that Milhoff was visibly upset when it came match time and Zeke choose Courtney. Probably a wise move. Being out a month after a concussion and coming back against #3 would be tough, although Milhoff kicked his butt in the dual last year (lost in the rematch at the conference tourney). Courtney gave Bresser all he could handle. Bresser wrestles like that at NCAAs, he won't be top 8.

  10. Too many AZ and California recruits in the lower weights that haven't panned out. Kramer, Rico, Courtney, Crooks all were multiple AZ state champs but don't wrestler at the level of a top 10 college team. Villareal and Dennison were California state champs and have done nothing in college. Perhaps he needs to look East for some better prospects.

  11. Devils are also redshirting 4 starters this year. I don't think they initially planned on this being a "lost" year. However, with the injury to Anthony, the Mason Smith transfer not working out and probably redshirting a few other guys who should have redshirted last year left this years squat quite tin. With those four back next year, along with a top 3 recruiting class and only losing Milhoff and Pagdilao I would expect the Devils to be on the brink of cracking the top 5.

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