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  1. Yianni defeated Zain 9-5
  2. freestyle_fan

    Yasar Dogu

    Yianni defeated Zain 9-5. Yianni hit a nice 4 pointer in the last minute!
  3. freestyle_fan

    Russian Nationals

    Quick update on Finals 65kg - Rashidov beat Kuular (5-2) 74kg - Magomed Kurbanaliev beat Tasbolov (5-4). This was an intense match, Kurbanaliev pulling it off in last seconds. So, its going be the winner of Kurbanaliev and Sidakov will go into world championships. If somehow Kurbanliev prevails aginst Sidakov, then JB's chances for gold are higher ( JB figured out Chamizo and ofcourse "nobody has beaten Burroughs twice" ). If its Sidakov for World Championships, I am picking Sidakov over JB ( disproving "nobody has beaten Burroughs twice")
  4. freestyle_fan

    Russian Nationals

    If anyone is interested, here are the finalists from Russian Nationals day-1 57 kgRamiz Gamzatov (Dagestan) - Michael Ivanov (Moscow Iakutiia) - 6: 4 Muslim Sadulayev (Chechnya) - Hasanhuseyn Badrudin (Dagestan) - 3: 3 (+ :-) 65 kg Nachyn Kuular (Krasnoyarsk-Tyva) - Islam Dudayev (Chechnya) - 4: 3 Gadzhimurad Rashidov (Dagestan) - Bekkhan Goygereev (Dagestan) - 6: 0 Note: Ilyas Bekbulatov lost early on 7-7 criteria. 74 kg Magomed Kurbanaliev (Dagestan) - Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (Dagestan) - 2: 2 Khetik Tsabolov (Alania) - Timur Bizhoev (KBR) - 6: 4 86 kg Vladislav Valiev (Alania) - Alexander Kondratov (Krasnoyarsk kr.) - 6: 0 Artur Naifonov (Alania) - Exiled Ktsoev (Alania) - 4: 0 97 kg Vladislav Baitsaev (Alania) - Georgiy Gogaev (Alania) - 2: 1 Igor Ovsyannikov (Krasnoyarsk kr.) - Shamil Musayev (Dagestan) - 4: 3
  5. freestyle_fan

    Russian Nationals

    Thanks for the links @Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin
  6. freestyle_fan

    Russian Nationals

    I know Russian national wrestling championship is starting today, but I could not find any link to watch livestream and/or results. Anybody has any info on this. This board is missing @Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin. He used to provide livestream links for Russian nationals and also a wiki page on them.
  7. freestyle_fan

    European Games

    Here are the final results - 57kg - Amirslanov def Micic 9-1 65kg Haji Aliyev def Kinche 10-2 74kg Sidakov fall over Soner Demirtas 86kg Dauren Kurugliev def Ali Shabanau 3-2 97kg Sadulaev over Nurmagomed Gazhiyev (Injury Default) 125kg - Anzhor Khizriev def Gini Matchrashvli 8-2
  8. 57kg: Fix, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 61kg: Colon, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 65kg: Yianni, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP. Bajrang/Otoguro/Rashidov or Ramonov have edge over Yianni. Since Yianni is not seeded in UWW yet, its very likely he will run into one of them prior to Semis, if he can get through he will win Bronze, if not DNP. 70kg: Green, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 74kg: JB, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP. As we know, Sidakov and Chamizo are threats. I have a feeling Chamizo is going to come back strong. Based on the UWW seedings so far, both Sidakov and JB will be on opposite sides, but i think Chamizo would fall into JB's side and I am taking Chamizo over JB, thus Bronze. 79kg: Dake, Gold 86kg: DT, best case: Gold, Worst Case: Bronze. It entirely depends on how serious DT's injury is, but I am hoping he will be fine by Worlds. I also have feeling that he might ask for later wrestle-off for Final X with PD III 97kg: Snyder, best case: Silver, Worst Case: DNP. We are going to see Snyderlaev III. I am taking Sadulaev over Snyder. In fact, I am also very interested to see how Aliksandar Hushtyn (BLR) is going to play againts Snyder. Hushtyn gave a tough match to Sadulaev in this years European Championships finals. Here is the video: 125kg: Gwiz, best case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP
  9. freestyle_fan

    Kyle Dake's weight for next year

    My gut says Dake will be at 74kg for Olympics, he wants an Olympic medal on his medal list.
  10. freestyle_fan

    BTS Picks

    Another nice article (after BTS match) on Bajrang and Indian wrestling system in general - https://www.newsclick.in/bajrang-punias-millennial-dilemma-indias-olympic-favourite-show-chinks-defensive-armour
  11. freestyle_fan

    BTS Picks

    Bajrang’s personal coach is: Shako Bentinidis from Georgia. However Bajrang was trained by Yogeshwar Dutt (2012 Olympic bronze in 55kg) since his childhood and Bajrang consider him as mentor and Guru. one nice article on Bentinidis and Bajrang here - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.firstpost.com/sports/wrestling-world-championships-bajrang-punias-coach-shako-bentinidis-says-he-needs-to-work-on-power-lower-body-technique-5458101.html/amp
  12. freestyle_fan

    Yianni's potential opponenets

    I strongly think Yianni would make world team this year and is a solid medal contender for this year world championships. Apart from above, following are few opponents which i think will be interesting to see against Yianni 1. Bajrang - this is happening part of BTS on 6th May. Although Bajrang is a beast, i think Yianni has a chance to beat him. I can't wait to see this match 2. Otoguro (JPN) - we might see this match in this years worlds 3. Magomedmurad Gadhziev (POL) - although he is competing at 70kg lately, i think he will come down (as he did for 2016 Oly) for this years worlds and 2020 oly
  13. freestyle_fan


    Yes, BTS match with Bajrang is now very more interesting. As I mentioned in other thread, thought Bajrang would easily win, but oh boy! after watching Yiannis US open matches, I think it will be a very very close match, Yianni might even pull the upset. Yianni’s scrambles are out of the world, I am even liking Yianni’s scrambles better than KD and DT’s.
  14. freestyle_fan

    Yianni’s US Open Draw

    Looks like Otoguro had entered the tournament, but pulled out due to bursitis in his knee as per UWW site!