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  1. Agree with you on J'den credentials and Ghasempour talent. my overated comment is more regarding the hype and buzz around when he announced moving to 97kg. I still think Snyder would win those matches with J'den at 97kg
  2. Kollin Moore and Nate Jackson challenged him for this spot at 92kg, but I don't see them as a threat at international level. It is for sure J'den Cox will go 97kg for 2023 season leading up to Paris Olympics. It will be interesting to see his marched with Snyder next year!
  3. Interesting..I did not see the interview, but thanks for sharing your insights on this topic
  4. My view on Yaz vs Tylor match is - Yaz did not use his usual strategy of aggressive underhooks, which does 2 things 1) wears Taylor down 2) in the process helps Yaz make some points. Since he did not use this strategy and went on chasing/hanging with Taylor, he was on the defensive mode less offensive/less shots. For Taylor, this is very common game style and he knows how to make points in the process which he did. Overall, i think Yaz's usual style (which he wrestled in Oslo and in Tokyo) is still the best strategy to defeat Taylor. Thoughts? Coming back to Ghasempour - I believe he has a better chance of defeating Talyor. On a side note, J'Dex Cox is probably bit overrated, he is technically very sound and great positioning and defense, however the buzz around since his announcement to moving up 97kg did not yield into great results. I thought his exhibition match with Snyder would be at a different level, but they were not. His performance in both matches with Ghasempour as well not great, i think his mindset in these bigger matches is the issue.
  5. Absolutely...i had the same feeling when watching the match live on flo. Why is dake pulling the hand down of India, he did that 2-3 times and boom, great timing and technique.
  6. I feel sorry for Ilyas Bekbulatov, although he has/had so much talent/potential, but is not traslating into international success ( at least the way i was hoping). 1. He moved to UZB in a desperation to make it to Olympics for 65kg, World Championships etc. But unfortunately Akmataliev pinned him during Asian Championships ( continental qulificaitons for Olympics) and did not make it finals. Then i guess during the World OG qulifier he missed the weight (very unfortunate), overall did not make it to Olympics, what a shame! he was so close making it to Olympics, leading 8-0, but got pinned by Akmataliev. 2. During this 2022 world championships as well for 70kg, he looked good for the qualificaiton, 1/8 rounds, but then lost / tech-fall to JPN (eventual gold medalist, NARIKUNI) in quarters. But then did not show up / forfeit for the repechage. Sometimes i feel like, he is probably that unlucky soul not going to make olympics. he did say in one of the interview that he is actually moving up to 74kg and will try to make 2024 olympics.
  7. I am going with Yazdani on this one. It will be very close, infact I am guessing - first period would be either 1-0 or 1-1. 2nd period more shots, but finally end up 2-1 or 3-2 in favour of Yazdani.
  8. Results from Day-2 semi finals 57 kg Zavur Uguev (Dagestan) - Amir Chamzyn (Tyva) - 10:0 Nachyn Mongush (Tyva) - Ramiz Gamzatov (Dagestan) - 11:2 65 kg Gadzhimurad Omarov (Dagestan) - Gadzhimurad Rashidov (Dagestan) - 4:3 Ibragim Ibragimov (Dagestan) - Aripgadzhiyav Abdulaev (Kaliningrad) - 3: 74 kg Razambek Zhamalov (Dagestan) - David Baev (KhMAO) - 9:3 Chermen Valiev (Alania) - Magoma Dibirgadzhiev (Dagestan) - 7:4 86 kg Arthur Naifonov (KhMAO) - Arsen-Ali Musalaliev (Dagestan) - 6:0 Amanula Rasulov (Dagestan) - Dauren Kurugliev (Dagestan) - 2:2 97 kg Aslanbek Sotiev (Alania) - Akhmed Tazhudinov (Dagestan) - 9:5 Shamil Musaev (Dagestan) - Sergey Kozyrev (Chuvashia) - 8:4 125 kg Alen Khubulov (Alania) - Baldan Tsyzhipov (Buryatia) - 7:0 Tamerlan Rasuev (Chechnya) - Erik Dzhioev (Krasnoyarsk) - 5:1 looks like Sadulaev and Sidakov did not participate, not sure why
  9. Uguev and Rashidov both are confirmed to participate, i saw another video on youtube confirming that in an interview. There are few videos posted on youtube by Dagestan wrestling team showing thier training and other activities.
  10. Looks like Russian Nationals happening this weekend... As per below article - they talk about Russian Championship June 24 to 26. I think its the same as "Russian National Championship". https://www.wrestdag.ru/news/ru/news/sbornaja_dagestana_eshhjo_odna_nedelja_trenirovok_i_v_put_dorogu/ https://www.gamingdeputy.com/more-than-70-dagestan-freestyle-wrestlers-will-go-to-the-russian-championship/ If its true, its going to be very very interesting. As per above articles, most of the key wrestlers are participating. Also, on a side note, i found below article on Russian Freestyle Rankings - nice article, well written. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/25851
  11. Sanskrit word used for wrestling is "malla-yuddha" - you can find more about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malla-yuddha Malla-yuddha (Sanskrit: मल्लयुद्ध, IAST: mallayuddha) is the traditional form of combat-wrestling originating in India.[1] It is closely related to Southeast Asian wrestling styles such as naban and is one of the two ancestors of kushti. Indian wrestling is described in the 13th century Malla Purana. Additionally, malla-yuddha is divided into four categories (see below). Each yuddhan is named after Hindu gods and legendary fighters: Hanumanti - concentrates on technical superiority. Jambuvanti - uses locks and holds to force the opponent into submission. Jarasandhi - concentrates on breaking the limbs and joints while fighting. Bhimaseni - focuses on sheer strength.
  12. I agree with you. Its great to see Snyder and Sadulaev having such a friendship. I saw lot of videos of this trip and my god, Snyder was treated royally through out the visit. At the same time, Snyder the way he involved and integrated was great, he even using some russian words here and there. This whole visit can be a good documentary film
  13. looks like Synder had a great time in Dagestan, found multiple videos on youtube interviewing him.
  14. This article showed up on my news feed today - looks like Sadulaev and all other wrestling team were removed from a flight on the way to Oslo. Interesting, read the article below https://www.rt.com/sport/536344-russian-wrestling-team-plane-mask-row/
  15. Great match by HYC, incredible. Looks like he figured the cardio problem, congrats!
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