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  1. Other notable thing from Asian Championships- In 57kg, Ravi (IND) defeated both Takahasi(JPN) and Sanayev convincingly..Ravi seems to be a a sure medal contender for Tokyo gold. Otoguro vs Bajarang match yet to happen as I type this!
  2. Ilyas Bekbulatov ( Originally from RUS) took part in Asian Championships today representing UZB in 70kg. He easily made it to Gold medal match which is set to happen in the evening Indian time.
  3. I think its going to be interesting...I am sure Gazi is going to explore all his options to get a wrestle-off with Sidakov. I think, he might win against Sidakov. My gut says Russia will send Sidakov anyway ( considering he beat both JB and Chamizo twice already), but its going to really interesting to see the whole drama with wrestle-off...lets see how it goes
  4. Chamizo won gold by defeating Gazimagomedov in finals 5-3. It was a tough match, Gazi almost had the win if he could convert that step-out in the last seconds. Chamizo being Chamizo defended it well. later Chamizo made interesting comments (excerpt from UWW) After the award ceremony, Chamizo stated he believes that Gazimagomedov is a lot better than the man that beat him in last year’s world finals, Zaurbek Sidakov. “(Sidakov) is a cool guy, and he’s training good, but I think (Gazimagomedov) is much better than him,” Chamizo said. “Look, (Sidakov and I) wrestled in 2018, and my training was about 50%. I didn’t perform. It was the same thing in 2019. My knee and ankle weren’t good. Right now, I’m good. But, where is (Sidakov)?” UWW article also talked about Gazi should get a chance via wrestle-off with Sidakov for Tokyo seat As it sits now, Sidakov is the top choice to represent Russia at the Olympic Games. But, Gazimagomedov’s Yariguin win and European silver-medal finish further his case that he deserves at least a wrestle-off to show just how worthy of a competitor he is.
  5. It's not a pin for sure. But, boy what an intense moment it was!
  6. Men's Freestyle starting tomorrow (Friday Italy time, Thursday night US time), brackets released in UWW site Interesting Matches: 74kg Frank Chamizo vs Soner Demirtas (TUR) - first round match M. Gazimagomedov (RUS) vs Atantil Kentchadze (GEO) - probable 2nd round Finals - I think it will be M. Gazimagomedov (RUS) vs either Chamizo or Demirtas. 97kg bottom half fully loaded with Sadulaev, Gadzhieyv (AZE), Odikadze (GEO), Khramiankou (BLR), where as top half with no major names. Sadulaev will probably sweep through! 65kg Kinche vs Ismail Musukaev (Russian import in HUN) - probable semi final match Finals - Shirave (RUS) vs Ismail Musukaev (HUN) or Kinche (GEO)
  7. Gatsalov (97kg) - Russian multiple time world champion and European champ - got Armenia citizenship (I know this point was discussed earlier in this forum) and is now trying to qualify for Tokyo olympics. here is the translation of the article from wrestdag.ru The 37-year-old freestyle wrestler from North Ossetia, who won the 2004 Olympics, five world championships and three European championships, will become the oldest and most titled Russian legionnaire. He was introduced to the press by the president of the Armenian Wrestling Federation Robert Khachatrian. He handed the legionnaire a personalized tights of the national team. Khachatryan thanked the government of the country, which agreed to issue Gatsalov an Armenian passport. He also said that he didn’t have to give anyone money for the transfer of the Russian light heavyweight, except for the mandatory payments stipulated by the regulation: 5,000 Swiss francs to the United Wrestling World (UWW) and the same amount to the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR). The legionnaire himself did not put forward any financial conditions. Gatsalov himself spoke about the details of the transition. “In the category of up to 97 kg, my fellow countryman Georgy Ketoev played for Armenia, but he had problems with weight and ended his career,” the wrestler told Sport.news.am. - On the contrary, I wanted to return to the carpet and was looking for a suitable country that I could represent at international competitions. The process of my transition ended on February 6 with the issue of an Armenian passport to me, and it began in October last year. Then I had the first conversation on this subject with the Secretary General of the local wrestling federation Araik Baghdadyan, whom I and my personal trainer have long known. ” Khadzhimurat Gatsalov has not participated in competitions since 2016, but, according to him, all this time he maintained a sports form. “I am strongly motivated to win an Olympic license and compete for a medal at the Games in Tokyo,” Sport.news.am quotes the legionnaire. - I have already begun to purposefully prepare for the upcoming competitions. I will have to miss the European Championship, and my first start after a long break will be the tournament in Kharkov, which will take place in two weeks. After that I plan to perform on March 19-22 in Budapest at the Olympic licensed tournament. ”
  8. Russia announced thier team for European Championship to be held from Feb 10-16 Azamat Tuskayev (57 kg, Alania), Alexander Bogomoev (61 kg, Buryatia), Kurban Shiraev (65 kg, Dagestan), Israil Kasumov (70 kg, Krasnoyarsk), Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (74 kg), Magomed Ramazanov (79 kg, both Dagestan), Arthur Nayfonov (86 kg), Batyrbek Tsakulov (92 kg, both Alania), Sadulaev (97kg) and Baldan Tsyzhipov (125 kg). I am particularly interested in Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov (74 kg) to see how he performs. He expressed his desire to be Olympian this year, curious to see how his performance place a role in Russia’s 74kg rep for Tokyo
  9. @Jon_Kozak - wow, Thank you for putting this together, awesome stuff, appreciate it!
  10. I see what you are saying..Sidakov is the best bet considering the wins he had against both JB and chamizo, but what happens if M. Gadzhi convincingly defeats Sidakov in Russian national this year? Will they still pick Sidakov? Did anything like this occurred in previous Olympic selections? Anyone any idea?
  11. Interesting results: Soslan Ramanov lost in 65kg finals to Shiraev M Gadzhi (70 kg who defeated Hassan Yazdani back in 2015 worlds) defeated Ketik Tsabolov in 74kg Quarters. He also won his semifinal and entered Finals. Kurbanaliev (74kg) lost in semis. If you remember Kurbanaliev gave tough fight to Sidakov in last years special wrestle off part of Nur-Sultan worlds selection. i think 74kg trials/selection for Tokyo rep for Russia is going to really tough and I am thinking M.Gadzhi could be a road blocker for Sidakov
  12. He recently (not so recent but in Dec’19) competed and won GOLD in 65Kg in “Alan’s International Tournament” in Russia. He is definitely in the mix for 65kg to represent Russia in Tokyo. In my opinion he is the favorite as well with Rashidov being the main challenger.
  13. I am picking Dake over JB this time and also Dake is going to add an Olympic medal (any color) to his achievements
  14. Zare defeated Makhov 5-3 in finals, very tough match. Good tournment for Zare as well. side note: One interesting thing i started noticing that's happening more often now - winner lifting the looser hands in a gesture to show that he is also the equal winner, Zare did this thing today to Makhov. I am sure you guys noticed the same during 2019 Worlds when Sadulaev lifted Sharifov hand at the end. One other guy i think does this more often than anyone else - magomded kurbanaliev, I have seen him doing it in a lot matches (domestic matches in russia)
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