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  1. freestyle_fan

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Found this new video clip on UWW site, shows in slow motion how Sad converted single leg attack into a pin..I am sure people who are following UWW on instagram might have watched this already, but thought of sharing it here for others..
  2. Great stuff, love this guy - too nice, disciplined, dedicated, hard working, faith in god, wow..@wfan24 - thanks for sharing this article!
  3. I was looking into team scores to see who all will be qualified for world cup next year, i think top-8 teams are automatically qualified. AZE is ranked 9, which means they will not be in world cup next year until unless some other country withdraws. World Cup finalist this year to not being qualified for next year, looks like hard luck for AZE this year in world championships. Aliyev (65), Sharif Sharapov (92), Alborov (97) - upset losses. In fact, Jabrayil Hasanov (79 kg - silver) is the only medal Azerbaijan had !! Top 20 national teams at the 2018 World Championships in Budapest 1. Russia - 178 points2. USA - 150 3. Georgia - 105 4. Cuba - 67 5. Japan - 67 6. Iran - 65 7. Mongolia - 57 8. Turkey - 53 9. Azerbaijan - 44 10. Belarus - 41 11. India - 38 12. Uzbekistan - 33 13. Kazakhstan - 32 14. Italy - 29 15. Bahrain -20 15. China - 20 17. Korea -20 18. Ukraine -18 19. Spain -15 20. Hungary - 14
  4. freestyle_fan

    Coon takes Silver

    Awesome performance by Coon. Though i am not a big fan of Greco, watched Coon's matches from this championships, really nice performance!
  5. I knew this topic came up earlier too when Pooja Dhanda had 2 wins over Helen during Indian PWL (Pro Wrestling League).. she is such a talent! She did a great show again at worlds in 57kg, lost to chinese (eventual gold medalist) in quarters by 3-4, but came back very strong in repechage defeating AZE (the one who took out Helen) and Norway girl to clinch Bronze Medal. She is very talented and looked great, its unfortunate that she lost to chinese otherwise India was hoping for gold in this weight.
  6. Below is the interview Sadulaev gave to RIA Novosti, translated to English using google translation via Chrome browser ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In an interview with RIA Novosti, the captain of the Russian national team spoke about the long-awaited revenge he managed to take from American Kyle Snyder, his rivals' special mood, the reasons for the failure at last year’s world championship and the desire to become a two-time Olympic champion in Tokyo in 2020. - Abdulrashid, everyone was waiting for a rematch with Snyder - both fans and coaches, and, of course, you. And it turned out more than convincing. Did you expect this from yourself? - Honestly, I did not think that everything will turn out so quickly. I tuned in and was ready to fight all six minutes of the fight. But right at the beginning I had a good chance, and I managed to use it. I went on the attack, and Snyder was wrong. But you understand that this is a sport - in it it is punished for mistakes ( smiles ). - After the fight, you threw up your hand triumphantly and said something. What exactly? - You know, I did it on emotions. Now I do not even remember what I said ( smiles ). - Maybe something like "I did it!"? - Probably. But I understand that this is not the end, that the rivalry between us will continue. - With what attitude did you go out for a fight that you had been waiting for a whole year, and in which there were a lot of things at stake, if not all? - My mood was fighting. And I very much wanted to take revenge. Of course, it was possible to do this both at the Yarygin memorial and at the Olympic Games. But patience, as they say, is the key to heaven. And today I was once again convinced. After all, Dzambolat Tedeev, the head coach of the Russian national team, set me up, and other team coaches. And, of course, I myself was very carefully tuned. He believed in victory and hoped for the Almighty. - What have you changed since the victory at the Olympic Games? - The status of the Olympic champion is a special status. Everyone knows you well - both rivals and fans. The weakest wrestlers now also tune on you so much, like beasts on a hunt. And it becomes more difficult to win each time. I myself know that now I need to work even more to be a cut above the rivals. - What do you feel internally after the recent birth of your daughter? - I have not had time to feel anything yet, my daughter has not even seen it yet. Now I will fly home, I have all the emotions ahead ( smiles ). - Tedeev said that you approached this tournament in a position of a person standing firmly on his feet. How do you explain this? - He said that because he saw how I train, how I feel about preparing for the World Cup. Even at the training camp can see how people are ready to compete. Dzambolat Ilyich saw what kind of work I did and how I laid out in fights. I always stood confidently on the ground, but after the Olympics in Rio, I had a long break from work on the carpet. This may have affected the result of last year’s World Cup. I had to start training early and do a couple of starts before him. Just had to perform at the championship of Russia. - What needs to be done in the time remaining before the Olympic Games in Tokyo to go forward as confidently as before? - I know that now rivals will tune me even stronger. And not only Snyder, but also other wrestlers. Even within our country, we have very strong competition. Ahead of us and the pre-Olympic World Cup, which must necessarily win a license, and, of course, the Games in Tokyo. Now we will be purposefully preparing for the Olympics, I think that everything should go up the stairs. We must move gradually, step by step, from the tournament to the tournament. - Now you have taken revenge on Snyder, a vivid event occurred in family life - the birth of a daughter. How to combine personal life with sports? - Sport for me is work. And personal life is something special. And when I am at home, I give all my attention to the family. But training camps are time consuming. And my family understands this well. Therefore, I think everything will be fine ( smiles ). - You had a dream - to take revenge on Snyder. Now it is executed - what will be next? - Next only one - to become a two-time Olympic champion.
  7. freestyle_fan

    Close race thanks my U.S. friends!

    Amazing 3 days of fantastic wrestling..team race fight between USA and Russia is exciting as always. I am not from USA, not from Russia but from India. I always try to bring neutral and fair perspective, i might sound bit bold (and weird ??) sometimes ( when i put my predictions like - JB would loose prior to Semis, Bonne will defeat Rashidov, Sadulave will defeat Snyder 11-3) but those instincts comes out based on my keen interest in following and understanding(?) few specific wrestlers and sheer passion for wrestling. I enjoyed watching and following the complete FS sessions of 2018 worlds. Congratulations Russia and USA both for putting up such a wonderful and exciting show.
  8. freestyle_fan

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Interesting poster and article on this match..https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-wrestling/2018/10/98068/abdulrashid-sadulaev-pins-defending-world-champion-kyle-snyder-to-avenge-2018-world-title-loss
  9. freestyle_fan

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Hi @Coach_J - here is the video.. it has 0.28 seconds of commerical in the beginning but after that you would see the match. Most of the other youtube videos are currently blocked due to copyrights i believe.
  10. freestyle_fan

    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    Let’s wait for SNYDERLAEV III, we might see as early as Jan/Feb 2019 if Snyder is planning (as he usual does) for Ivan Yarigin
  11. freestyle_fan

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    I am sure this is not something easily digestible..but I have the same feeling “Snyder may never beat Sadulaev again and it wouldn’t surprise me“
  12. freestyle_fan

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    I think it was a proper in the 2nd time when Sad covered Snyder on chest. The initial pin attempt (in the same sequence) definitely debatable if it was given but I think it was denied.
  13. freestyle_fan

    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    Wow..what a pin!
  14. freestyle_fan

    Snyder Sadulaev Final

    New trailer released by UWW on SNYDERLAEV-II, it's short one but nicely done to create hype!
  15. I thought would do a quick check on analysis vs actual for Day-1 Actual results aligned (75%) with USA Best Case and Russia Worst Case predictions USA Best Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 74, 86) and 1 weight (125) off Russia Worst Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 86, 125) and 1 weight (74) off