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  1. 74kg upset, Khetik Tsabolov defeated Sidakov 9-3 in 1/8 round
  2. Awesome analysis/breakdown Coach Fiorito, as always...appreciate your efforts in putting these together
  3. I came across an interview with Ilyas Bekubaltov (Originally RUS, but now UZB) dated 08/13 with wrestdag.ru He mentioned that Flowrestling had contacted him for a potential match with Jordan Oliver at 65kg weight class part of thier next card. He also mentioned, its not finalized or materialized yet. Oliver vs Bekbulatov will be interesting to watch, although i favour Bekbulatov. here is the excerpt from his interview (google translation from RUS to english) Not invited to play in the club championships? - They were invited to the Iranian league, it was a preliminary conversation, we agreed to return to it, but so far there is silence. I was also offered to hold a fight in weight up to 65 kg with the American Jordan Oliver as part of a wrestling show. I agreed, but so far the details have not been discussed. It seems that they want to hold this show in September in New York, it is organized by the site Flowrestling, which recently organized a fight between Frank Chamiso and Kyle Dyck.
  4. @Jaroslav Hasek - Thanks for the clarification and additional details on his ban!
  5. On the warning Sadulaev talking about - I think it's the ban UWW imposed on him for wearing t-shirt with religious leader picture on it...i found following pdf detailing the issue https://unitedworldwrestling.org/sites/default/files/2019-11/uww_discplinary_chamber_decision_case_a_sadulaev.pdf
  6. I found this latest interview with Sadulaev (credit to Ivan_FSWrestling twitter feed)..the problem is, its in Russia, no english translation. May be someone on this forum (that knows russian) try to translate it.. Few notes from Ivan_FSWrestling In short: -In 13-14 y.o the wrestling made me sick - the future of the Round 3 is in Snyder’s hand, just as is in mine. But we will meet again on the mat - If Russia banned from the Olympics, I will compete under a neutral flag - I don’t consider moving to MMA I have two ADAMS warns, if they announce me the third warn I will be disqualified - I don't care that # Tokyo2020 is postponed, we are all in the same conditions, but I was in good shape. - I would like 5 kids - my idols all three time Olympics winners in
  7. I came across this J'Den Cox interview on youtube. It happened in Apr'2020 and quite interesting and J'Den talks about david taylor incident etc., take a look incase you had not seen it earlier.
  8. Agree, let's see how it goes. Gazi no doubt making his case for a wrestle-off, this combined with corona effect, the chances are very likely to see that wrestle-off, fingers crossed!
  9. i agree with you, its a tough call, but not new. If you look at Russia's 97kg rep in 2016 Olympics - even though Gadisov was world champ in 2014 and silver in 2015, they still went with Anzor Bolt (based on 2016 Russian Nationals) as thier rep for 97kg in Rio Olympics.
  10. That dude is soooooooo underrated. I'd like to see him vs Sidakov. I am with you, big fan of Gazi (Magomedrasool Gazimagomedov) too. He is the number one contender to Sidakov for Olympic spot for 74kg from Russia. Earlier (prior to Corona pandemic started), Russia was not planning on conducting trials for 74kg (Sidakov), 97kg(Sadulaev) olympic rep. I was bit disappointed as i was hoping Gazi should get a chance to wrestle off Sidakov to make olympic team. But now that with all the pandemic stuff and olympics being pushed out to next year, its going to be real interesting and I am sure Gazi vs Sidakov going to be the match to look for 74kg olympic rep (similar to Dake vs JB from US). In my opinion, Gazi is a better wrestler than Sidakov. Agreed that Sidakov beat both JB (twice) and Chamizo that too in worlds. But i think Gazi beats Sidakov. By the way, even during 2019 russian nationals Gazi was bit unlucky ( lost to criteria to Kurbanaliev in finals) otherwise the special wrestle off they had for Russian 74kg rep for worlds in 2019 would have been between Gazi and Sidakov. So, I actually think neither Sidakov nor JB going to be in Olympics, instead its going to be Gazi and Dake in Olympics and same old Chamizo. My prediction is - Dake takes out Chamizo again and meet Gazi in finals. Dake gold, Gazi silver.
  11. It’s really frustrating..it’s high time FLO fixes thier tech stuff (whatever is required), they did have lot of issues in the past as well, not sure why they don’t consider such issues prior big events like this!!!
  12. Seriously..it’s so absurd!!
  13. In the midst of intrigue and excitement on upcoming Kyle Dake vs Chamizo match on 25th July, i ran into Dake's match with Tsargush in 2013, Golden Grand Prix Baku. Dake was injured, right hand wrist/hand injury yet he fought really well with Tsargush. In the end, he won the match incredibly. Enjoy the video below, you could clearly see Dake was avoiding any contact with his right hand. I really liked the fighting spirit Dake showed in this match, awesome! Looking forward to the match with Chamizon on 25th July.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Apart from the emotions aspect ran through out the video, i really liked the background music (song), nice song!
  15. Adam Saitiev vs Yoel Romero - 2004 Olympics 85kg Gold Medal match Buvaisar Saitiev vs Brandon Slay 2000 Olympics ( Buvaisar Saitiev's only olympic loss) Adam Saitiev vs Dennis Tsargush 2012 Cael Sanderson vs Adam Saitiev togrul asgarov vs mohamaadian 2015
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