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  1. Don't be surprised, I am born Indian now living in US for last 10 years!!
  2. Yes, Indian guy Sandeep Singh Mann here after beating both Jatinder and Narsingh Yadav in trials. He is good, would be interesting match with Iran in semis!
  3. it is interesting match up. I take Dake over Sidakov. Sidakov's throw bys are good but i have a feeling Dake would wrestle more tactically and pick his shots. Overall in Olympics, Dake would hit his popular chest wrap for 4 in at least in two different matches. I just re-watched Dake's match with Demirtas (TUR) 2020 matteo pellicone, Dake destroyed him in less time than he did Nolf in Trials. It's always awesome to watch Dake throw those explosive shots.
  4. This seems to be more of what you wish to happen than reality! Even if Taylor to loose, I would bet on Gabe Dean taking him out rather than Zahid Valencia.
  5. Yes..wow thats impressive..Tevanyan (ARM) defeated Haji Aliyev 9-0 in the final..
  6. Sharipov (RUS) 125kg lost in semis to BLR - that means, he wont get a chance to wrestle-off with Russian Nationals winner for 125kg and Russia not qualified 125kg for olympics yet!! Tevanyan (ARM) 65kg is on a roll here - took out Kinche and M Gadzhiev (POL) and qualified for Olympics
  7. European OG qualifier started yesterday. Few interesting updates 65kg - Vladmir Kinchegashvili lost to Tevanyan (ARM) in quarters 6-4, Semifinals will start in another 30 mins. Aliyev vs MDA, Tevanyan vs M Gadzhiev (POL) 125kg - Russian Shirapov barely made it to semis, tough fight in quarters with Baran (POL), Shirapov won 3-2 74kg - Soner Demirtas (TUR) failed to make to semis. 97kg - Hushtyn (BLR) vs ITA in semis will be interesting to see.
  8. Again, not a detailed explanation but my 2 cents - Yazdani style is orthodox, text book where as Taylor is more creative and funky. J'den Cox is probably the more technical than any of these two. I am not sure you got a chance to read these articles below, if not below are for your reading pleasure - https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/1/12/21060851/wrestling-breakdown-part-1-olympic-champion-hassan-yazdanicharati https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/1/20/21065522/wrestling-breakdown-part-2-olympic-champion-hassan-yazdanicharati I always enjoy the reading wrestling stuff by Ed Gallo (author).
  9. Torreblanca (CUB) gave hard time to Taylor back in 2018 Pan Ams. Also, what happened to Shamil Kudiamagomedov, originally from Dagestan, represented Italy in 2018. There were rumors back then (2014-2018) that he was as good as Sadulaev. In fact, Sadulaev had to wrestle a tough fight (during Russian Nationals) with him to make 2014 world team. I never heard of Shamil K after 2018, anybody knows anything??
  10. I agree that it’s going to be a chess match. Key for Hassan would be - don’t get into too any scrambling situations, Taylor is really good at scrambling (so does Yianni at 65kg), More undertook initiated attacks (the way he played 2015 70kg works championship matches up until destroyed by Gadzimegomedov), Wrestle conservatively (don’t try to tire Taylor), finish shots quickly and cleanly (of course obvious one). As I said earlier, he will win this time over Taylor. on a side note - are there any good wrestlers (already in seniors or bumping up from Jr to Sr) that could potentially create an upset win over either of these two , Hassan and Taylor - in 86kg at Olympics?
  11. I agree with your analysis. I had same thought about age. Also Taylor’s recent performance- domestic matches with Gabe Dean, Myles Martin and JB - is not great like in 2018 or 19. I do think Taylor lost a step or two and may be the knee injury and lack of competition due to covid are factors. i see Yazdani bearing Taylor when they meet next time that I guess is Olympics. Also Artthur Naifnov became Russian champ for 86kg in recent 2021 nationals. Again I am not much worried about him, but you never know Russians always a threat!
  12. Yes, zhamalov is student of wrestling school run by Adam Saitiev and Buvaisar Saitiev. Adam S was officially on the corner of Zhamalov, but Buvaisar was on the side and chirping in during the break after first 3 mins. if Zhamalov wins this, I think they will choose him over Sidakov as Olympic rep. Few things to note - Zhamalov already defeated Chamizo last year (or was it 2019?) Euro Championship. He also won Russian nationals 2020 as well
  13. Update on 74kg - Sidakov, Zhamalov, Gadzimagomedov all 3 into semis 74kg, 1/4f. Zhamalov -Khizriev N 7-0 Fall Gazimagomedov -Mutalyev 8-0 Sidakov-Kurbanalyev 5-3 Bizhoev- Kazharov 4-0 zhamalov vs Gadzi will be very interesting
  14. Russian National 2021 started yesterday with 57, 86,92. Today 70,74,125kg 57kg, Semifinal Mongush N Tuva-Tuskaev Ossetia 2-1 Uguev Dagestan- Kuzhuget Tuva 4-1 Final: Zaur Uguev Dagestan- Nachyn Mongush Tuva 86kg, Semifinal Naifonov Ossetia - Ramazanov M Dagestan 9-8 Kurugliev Dagestan-Gadzhimagomedov A Dagestan 5-1 Final : Kurugliev Dagestan-Naifonov Ossetia Draw for 74kg today -
  15. I told you guys Rohit is good :-) jokes apart, it was a good match, could have gone either way.
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