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  1. This article showed up on my news feed today - looks like Sadulaev and all other wrestling team were removed from a flight on the way to Oslo. Interesting, read the article below https://www.rt.com/sport/536344-russian-wrestling-team-plane-mask-row/
  2. Great match by HYC, incredible. Looks like he figured the cardio problem, congrats!
  3. Ravinder is tough no doubt but I'd rather see him over Lomtadze gotcha
  4. I would probably disagree with you. Ravinder is going to give hard time to Fix, lets see
  5. There is another Gadzi at 74kg, magomedrasool Gadzimagomedov. He is probably the 3rd behind Sidakov and Zhamalov. He was also 2 time world champion at 70kg (defeated Hassan Yazdani in 2015 worlds final at 70kg, he also won worlds in 2018). By the way - he did have a win over Zhamalov in 2019 or 2018. I am rooting for him to win the spot.
  6. I found this interesting article on one very successful mud wrestler (kusthi) with name "Jassa Patti" from India, interestingly he was enrolled in Yasar Dogu wrestling tournament in 2018 in freestyle heavy weight , but was not allowed to wrestle with his turban (patta) on his head, he was asked to remove. However he did not agree (owing his tradition etc) and thus returned without participating. https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/sport-others/jaskanwar-singh-gill-mitti-ka-sher-wrestling-5302448/ This article was written by Vinay Siwach (who cover wrestling stories from India)
  7. wrestling is the most popular sport in "Haryana" (near New Delhi) state in India. Most of the Indian wrestling stars such as - Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt, Bajrang Punia, Deepka Punia, Amit Kumar - all are from "Haryana" state including famous "Phogat" sisters ( Geeta, Babita, Ritu, Vinesh) are from that state. All the kids by default learn and participate in kushti in training centers called as "Akhada"
  8. Dake looked really awful yesterday, but good thing is he is now back in repechage and I am pretty sure he will win that match and go for Bronze medal fight with Chamizo. Its going to be an interesting match, very important for both, I am excited for it. What's your take on this match. Will Dake gets it done with Bronze in Tokyo?
  9. Although Japan is favorite in all weights except that 2 higher weights, following wrestlers got a good chance to medal even gold. 50kg - Sun Yanan (CHN) 53kg - watch out for Vinesh Phogat. 62kg - Tynybekova will get it done with gold this time, she missed the bronze in Rio 57kg - another young wrestler Anshu Malik (IND) performing really well, definitely a prospect for medal 76kg - Gray, Erica weibe (CAN), Adar (TUR)
  10. I agree, 86kg India won’t medal. But I think Ravi Kumar at 57kg has good chance to become the first wrestler from India to win a gold in Olympics. Bajrang will also medal, mostly Bronze. By the way - on women’s side, Vinesh Phogat at 53kg got a good chance to win a medal or even gold. There is also another young women wrestler Anshu Malik at 57kg with a good chance of medaling.
  11. This link has all the wrestlers qualified in each weight and also how they qualified. It doesn’t have the seeding, but a full list of all qualified wrestlers for Olympics https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrestling_at_the_2020_Summer_Olympics_–_Qualification
  12. Ofcourse everything above I mentioned depends on draw. I considered the fact the top-4 are seeded and 1,4 on one side and 2,3 on the other side. Regarding 86kg, I thought Naifnov is outside of top-4, my bad. He is actually the 4th seed. In that case, my take on 86 is as follows Hassan - Gold If DT draws into same side as Hassan and Naifnov, then DT Bronze and Naifnov no medal. If not, DT Silver.
  13. Here is my take - listing the top contenders, challengers and under dog in each category. I also highlighted (in bold) my predication for (1) Gold (2) Silver (3) Bronze 57kg Top Contender: Zaur Uguev (RUS) (3) Challengers: Ravi Kumar (IND) (1), Yuki Takahasi (JPN) (3) Under Dog: Erdenbat Bekhbayar (MGL) (2) 65kg Top Contenders: Rashidov (RUS) (2), Otoguro (JPN) (1) Challengers: Haji Aliyev (AZE), Bajrang (IND) (3) Under Dog: Tevanyan(ARM) (3), Akmataliev ( the guys that pinned Bekbulatov) 74kg Top Contender: Sidakov(RUS) (3), Frank Chamizo (ITA) (2) Challengers: Kyle Dake (1) Under Dog: Kentchadze (GEO) (3) 86kg Top Contender: David Taylor (2) Challengers: Hassan Yazdani (IRI) (1), Artur Naifnov (RUS) Under Dog: Stefan Reichmuth (SUI) (3) 97kg Top Contender: Sadulaev (RUS) (1) Challengers: Snyder (USA) (3), Mohammadian (IRI) (2), Sharifov (AZE) Under Dog: Saritov (ROU) (3), Ibragimov (UZB) 125kg Top Contender: Taha Akgul (1) Challengers: Geno (3), Zare (2) Under Dog: Gable Steveson (3)
  14. Looks like bekbulatov forfeited, not sure what happened, he did not make weight or injury or whatever, but on UWW site under results for 65kg it’s shown as he lost the match via forfeit Junsik YUN (KOR) df. Ilias BEKBULATOV (UZB) by VFO, 0 - 0 this increases chances for JO
  15. I think so...role reversal going to happen and its going to be a challenge for JB to run through challenge tournment with all young talent. May be JB takes a break during non-olympic years and participates in olympic years. Overall I see, it's going to be a tough job for JB to make team here after.
  16. I guess, you guys forgetting Kaori Icho (ahead of Saori Yoshida). Icho is 4 time olympic gold medalist. From wiki - Kaori Icho (Japanese: 伊調 馨, Hepburn: Ichō Kaori, born 13 June 1984) is a Japanese freestyle wrestler. She is a ten-time World Champion and four-time Olympic Champion, winning gold in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016
  17. Slakazanov also took out Zhamalov 6-5 .. looks like this guy is o fire! I never heard much about him earlier also I think he is not qualified for olympics yet. Impressive performance - defeated Avantil Kentadze (GEO), Chamizo and Zhamalov
  18. Stated yesterday. Interesting updates 74kg: Frank Chamizo lost to Slakazanov (SVK) 6-2 khetik tsabolov lost to A. Kentchadze (GEO) Slakazanov then took out GEO to make it to Semis. Zhamalov is on the other side semis. 125kg Taha defeated Geno - first round match.
  19. I was suspicious too on why he ducked the match. I did some findings and based on a reliable source within WFI (Wrestling Federation of India), Bajrang had elbow injury prior to this event and started aggravating during his quarters. He did not want to return empty handed, so wrestled semis. However later Indian coaches were particular that he should not wrestle final to avoid any risk. Apart from my source above, below article also gives some details https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/asian-wrestling-championship-2021-indian-freestyle-results-bajrag-punia/
  20. Don't be surprised, I am born Indian now living in US for last 10 years!!
  21. Yes, Indian guy Sandeep Singh Mann here after beating both Jatinder and Narsingh Yadav in trials. He is good, would be interesting match with Iran in semis!
  22. it is interesting match up. I take Dake over Sidakov. Sidakov's throw bys are good but i have a feeling Dake would wrestle more tactically and pick his shots. Overall in Olympics, Dake would hit his popular chest wrap for 4 in at least in two different matches. I just re-watched Dake's match with Demirtas (TUR) 2020 matteo pellicone, Dake destroyed him in less time than he did Nolf in Trials. It's always awesome to watch Dake throw those explosive shots.
  23. This seems to be more of what you wish to happen than reality! Even if Taylor to loose, I would bet on Gabe Dean taking him out rather than Zahid Valencia.
  24. Yes..wow thats impressive..Tevanyan (ARM) defeated Haji Aliyev 9-0 in the final..
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