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  1. 2 hours ago, Housebuye said:

    Wow what a performance! India has been investing in wrestling for the part few years and they have completely jumped levels. They had their first junior freestyle champ in many years this year too. 


    Vinesh - just wow. She is very quick and moved her opponent’s around well. Her sneaky go behinds is a perfect low risk move for women’s Freestyle. She got smashed by Japan but other than that, she looked amazing. 

    Dhanda - places 5th. Not sure how good she is but 5th even at a non Olympic is something to build off of. 

    Mens free

    Ravi - out of nowhere medals. Super impressive wrestling. Only loss was to now 2 time champ August and it wasn’t a blow out. Also decisively took out a former world champ and returning bronze, plus other high level guys. Weight is qualified 

    Aware - in bronze match. Weak weight but still overperformed. 

    Bajrang - dream draw but he earned that seeding. His semi was ridiculous. He wins that 9/10. Props for the bronze. Qualified the weight. 

    Punia - this is the guy that bear Warner at junior worlds, won juniors this year and made the finals. He had a dream draw but still overperformed. He isn’t the second best guy, but still props for beating the grown men in front of him. Qualified the weight. 

    That is 3 medals and possible a 4th! The US is in a similar spot with 3 medals and possibly 5. We have more finalists though. 

    India also qualified 3 weights. That is very impressive. I’m really blown away by their improvements 

    I agree. I think I did talk about few factors in one of the thread earlier on the reasons for India’s improvement in wrestling lately.

    key factors - Increased funding from Govt and Private partners with an aim to improve medal count in Olympics, adoption of mat wrestling (freestyle) into local clubs at early age (apart from traditional mud wrestling), foreign coaches and training programs with Russia (few selected players like Bajrang and Sushil Kumar), Japan (women’s team spent some trading in Japan). Both men’s and women’s FS is improving very well, but Greco has long way to go

    The original post where I explained these in detail - 


  2. 58 minutes ago, LJB said:

    was just listening to pyles' on the FRL and his horrible takes on international wrestling calls... he brings up bajrang and niyazbeckov... i start watching it expecting the call in question to be just another silly take by him...

    dude... all apologies to pyles...

    anyone screaming about aliyev getting "robbed" better not watch that match... they might just fall over dead... bajrang was fukd...

    I agree..too bad for Bajrang, ridiculous call!

  3. Overall, from top bracket: Semis - Chamizo vs Kentchadze. Chamizo's draw is relatively easy until Semis. One tough match prior to Semis could be with Kaisanov.

    bottom bracket -  Semis- JB vs Sidakov. JB has a tough matches even prior ( as mentioned by other posters) to Semis.

    I think Finals will be Chamizo vs Sidakov. 

    Few interesting matches to watch 

    Kentchadze)GEO) vs Khadjiev (FR)

    Garzon (CUB)vs Afzali (IRI). I am picking Garzon


    JB vs Sidakov

  4. 7 minutes ago, Shiraz123 said:

    I say Bajrang makes it to the final (not a hard prediction) but loses to whoever comes out from the bottom side. Great wrestler but I don't think he's good enough to win a gold at such a tough weight. 

    fingers crossed..but I think he is going to prove you wrong!

  5. From top bracket - Semis: Sanayev vs Atli or Micic, Sanayev to Finals

    From bottom bracket -  Semis:  Fix/Ravi vs Erdenbat/Uguev, Uguev to Finals

    few interesting matches to expect

    1. Erdenbat (MGL) vs Uguev (RUS) - Erdenbat is capable of pulling off this upset

    2. Fix  vs Takahasi ( I think Fix will win this)


  6. From the top bracket - its guaranteed Bajrang into Finals, relatively easy draw for Bajrang

    Bottom bracket is one hell of a bracket - all studs, I think Kinche will go to Semis and on the otherside one of Rashidov or Otoguro will go to Semis. 

    In my opinion - its Bajrang vs Rashidov in finals


  7. On 9/12/2019 at 5:16 PM, The Genius said:

    He did reasonably well against Sad, but I'm not sure how much of that was due to Sad's recent surgery at that time - would it be so close now? I doubt it. 

    Even so, Hushtyn vs Shabani would be a good match. 

    It's not that one match with Sad, but look into Hushtyn matches in Ivan Yarygin 2019 (he won silver) and European games and championships this year. In my opinion he is the guy to watch out (to create an upset) in 97kg FS this year.



  8. 9 hours ago, Katie said:

    Who do you think will win gold? How do you think our rep will do?

    Here's how I see it:

    • 57kg - Sanayev (Fix DNP)
    • 61kg - Bonne (Graff DNP)
    • 65kg - Otoguru (Zain DNP)
    • 70kg - Batirov (Green DNP)
    • 74kg - Burroughs
    • 79kg - Dake
    • 86kg - Yazdani (PD3 DNP)
    • 92kg - Cox 
    • 97kg - Sadulaev (Snyder silver)
    • 125kg- Petriashvili (Gwiz bronze)

    Nice...I agree with most of it except 65kg and 74kg. I am picking Bajrang for 65kg and Sidakov for 74kg (JB Bronze). I also think Fix medals!

  9. my thoughts on this - I posted this few weeks ago on another thread

    57: Daton Fix - Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Bronze

    I think Fix will start his Sr. level Worlds with a medal. I am hoping he would atleast get a bronze.  With the help of draw and good day, he could win Gold.

    61: Tyler Graff - Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP

    Mostly he may not medal. But if lucky, he will get a Bronze.

    65: Zain - Best Case: DNP, Worst Case: DNP, 65: Yianni - Best Case: Silver  Worst Case: Bronze.

    I think Yianni will be the rep. He will medal.  After that match - where he almost on the verge of getting tech-falled by Musukaev - Yianni must have realized how vulnerable he is and I am hoping he would do required corrections.

    70: James Green - Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP

    I agree Green is not in good shape, but except few (Baev, Baitrov, Iakobashvili) competition is not that great. I think he will get a bronze

    74: Jordan Burroughs -  Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP

    I agree with @AZ_wrestling age is the key factor. Although JB had great run so far (compared to his form prior to last  year worlds) in 2019, Sidakov going to be the key factor and they are going to meet in Semis, if he loses (which i think imo), he will settle for a Bronze.  But, he might be out before reaching Semis, remember his first match in Paris Worlds 2017, he almost lost to Ali Shabanau (BLR) and last year close match with IRI as well.

    79: Kyle Dake -  Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Silver

    Dake will win GOLD. Gadzi is not RUS team and I doubt how much Nabiev can stop Dake from GOLD.

    86: Pat Downey -  Best Case: DNP, Worst Case: DNP

    No Comment (understood)

    92: J'den Cox - Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Silver

    Cox will win GOLD. I like his attitude a lot. If anyone missed watching recent Flo (Bader) interview with Cox, he talks more philosophical like, being on  world team is more than just representing US, but representing humanity and what not, like, its not just about winning GOLD, but its about reaching/achieving his best.

    97: Kyle Snyder- Best Case: Silver, Worst Case: Bronze

    Everyone knows Sadulaev is the biggest hurdle in between Snyder and GOLD.  Watch out for Aliaksandr Hushtyn (BLR)


    125: Nick Gwiazdowski - . Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP

    Last year was the best chance for Gwiz to be finals, still scratching my head how he lost to CHN. He will get a Bronze again this year.

  10. 3 hours ago, The Genius said:

    Reza Yazdani (97kg) and Parviz Hadi (125kg) are out for Iran. 

    Thanks, updated my original post, removed Reza Yazdani from 97kg and Hadi from 125kg. With Reza Yazdani withdrawing, I have suspicion whether he is going to come back to international stage ever again, just my opinion. All along, i was thinking it was a good opportunity for Reza considering he was away for a long time due injuries etc, but he himself withdrawing makes me think he probably may not be back for international stage again.

  11. 51 minutes ago, irani said:

    Did you see the matches?  If so, how does Yazdani look?

    any chance of the video of those matches. I felt Biabani gave tough match to to Snyder recently, so if Reza has taken out Biabani by 9-3, 8-4, I am really interested to see how Yazdani form

  12. 2 hours ago, The Genius said:

    The Leopard of Juybar vs Snyder is the match I'd love to see. 

    Me too...In Rio Olympics, we just missed the opportunity of seeing that. In Rio, I was hoping Reza Yazdani to meet Snyder in finals, until officials favoured Khetag Gazuyumov over Yazdani in that controversial quarter final match.

    I think Snyder vs Reza Yazdani,  Sad vs Gatsalov will be the matches to look out for in 97kg in Nur-Sultan. No wonder if we get to see these as early as first round as both Yazdani and Gatsalov not seeded.

    By the way - my take on Snyderalev III, its  Sadulaev, hands down! I also doubt whether Snyder can ever beat Sad again!

  13. 3 minutes ago, lu1979 said:

    If Fix medals in this years worlds he will go directly to the finals of the Olympic team trials for 57 kg.  If someone medals in a non Olympic weight (61, 70, 79, 92) they will get a pass to a semi final in an Olympic weight.

    Oh  I see..thanks! its bit confusing always..thanks for clarifying

  14. 10 hours ago, Plasmodium said:

    3 questions/comments on the Yazdani match:

    1) Is stepping on the foot to snatch a single legal or not?

    2) His knee bounced off the mat, no control and with Yazdani completely off the mat.  Don't know the exact rules, but doesn't feel like a takedown.

    3) Again, Yazdani was not on the mat when Gozuimov was.  

    What are you talking about, both wrestlers were completely on the mat..most probably you are looking at a wrong takedown. The takedown in discussion was the one that happened at the end of 1st period!

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