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  1. 19th August today - in exactly one month on 19th Sept we will have 57kg and 65kg prelims and semis and on 20th Sept Finals. Let's discuss the USA rep chances of medalling. 57kg - Daton Fix 65kg - TBD between Yianni and Zain. My pick Yianni. 57kg - I think Daton will medal. Considering his style and his international experience in Juniors and Cadets will help him to deal with the likes of Uguev, Atli, Sanayev. With the help of draw, he could make into finals. I am not sure when is the last time USA won a gold in 57kg, Henry Cejudo 55kg gold in beijing Olympics? In last 10 years, i think Thomas Gillman's Silver is the best performance in world championships. Can Fix break this? I think so..he has chances of winning gold, in worst case he will get Bronze. 65kg - I am assuming its Yianni as US rep here. In last 10-15 years, i doubt if USA ever medalled in 65/66kg category? I think Yianni can fill this long drought. I think he gets a bronze considering the deep and tough competition in this weight category
  2. I heard Russia 125kg rep - Anzor Khizreiv is Injured and mostly likely will be replaced by Bilyal Makhov.
  3. Dake is better for sure (2-1, 4-2) , but i was wondering is this how is gonna play up in world championships!!!
  4. Dake 3-2...Dake did not look good, very tactical match
  5. Are you trolling? Or you don’t really know about Saitiev..he is a Freestyle guy, you can find more about him here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buvaisar_Saitiev
  6. If anyone is interested, i found following youtube videos on these wrestle-offs Sadulave vs Baitsaev Sidakov vs Kurbanaliev Uguev vs tyutrin
  7. Thanks for the update. Results are as expected, but I thought Baitsaev will give a tough match to Sad! Anyway..get ready for Snyderalev III
  8. I thought Buvaisar Saitiev was tall (may be 6’1) and wrestled 74kg and 3 time Olympic Gold and many world championships gold
  9. Wow, this is great. I think Yianni prevails in match-2 and match-3 and he goes to Nur-Sultan.
  10. I know lot of people on this forum are of the same opinion as you, but IMHO i think the ceiling for JB this year world's is Bronze. Few reasons to this - if you look into UWW rankings, both JB and Sidakov ( I know Sidakov is not yet confirmed, the wrestle-off between Sidakov and Kurbanaliev is pending, but i think Sidakov will prevail) will be on the same side of the brackets and most probably would meet in Semi-Finals and I am picking Sidakov over JB. This is just my opinion and I am sure lot of people disagree, but lets see! [by the way - I said the same thing (best case for JB as Bronze) last year world championships as well and JB indeed ended up with Bronze]
  11. My take on this as below - 57: Daton Fix - Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Bronze 61: Tyler Graff - Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 65: Zain Retherford - Best Case: DNP, Worst Case: DNP 70: James Green - Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 74: Jordan Burroughs - Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP 79: Kyle Dake or Alex Dieringer - Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Silver 86: Pat Downey - Best Case: DNP, Worst Case: DNP 92: J'den Cox - Best Case: Gold, Worst Case: Silver 97: Kyle Snyder- Best Case: Silver, Worst Case: Bronze 125: Nick Gwiazdowski - . Best Case: Bronze, Worst Case: DNP
  12. I found following list of results for Day-1 of Medved event. 57 kg Final Vladislav Andreev (Belarus) - Jahongirmirzo Turobov (Uzbekistan) - 2: 1 Fights for 3rd place Azamat Tuskayev (Russia) - Zalimkhan Magomedsultanov (Russia) - 2: 2 (+ :–) Ravi Kumar (India) - Nodar Arabidze (Russia) - 9: 4 65 kg Final Islam Dudaev (Russia) - Nyurgun Scriabin (Belarus) - 6: 3 Fights for 3rd place Selim Kozan (Turkey) - Nurgazy Abdurazakov (Kyrgyzstan) - 4: 3 Georgy Koliev (Belarus) - Georgy Sekinaev (Russia) - no show (+ :–) 74 kg Final Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (Uzbekistan) - Soslanbek Budaev (Russia) - 11: 9 Fights for 3 places Maxim Vasiloglu (Romania) - Andrius Mazeyka (Lithuania) - 10: 6 Magomedhabib Kadimagomedov (Russia) - Sushil Kumar (India) - 8: 7 86 kg Final Nathan Jackson (USA) - Zhavrail Shapiev (Uzbekistan) - 7: 4 Fights for 3rd place Arif Ozen (Turkey) - Omar Ziyaudinov (Russia) - 8: 6 Mahmut Ozkaya (Turkey) - Roman Chitadze (Belarus) - no show (+ :–) 97 kg Final Albert Saritov (Romania) - Tim Waltz (USA) - 3: 2 Fights for 3rd place Ibrahim Giftchi (Turkey) - Kevin Gadson (USA) - failure to appear (+ :–) Denis Khromenkov (Belarus) - Amir Bazrafshan (Canada) - failure to appear (+ :–) Finals on Sunday: 61 kg. Artem Gebekov (Russia) - Hamza Aladzha (Turkey)70 kg. Magomedmurad Dadaev (Russia) - Biysoltan Arslanov (Russia)79 kg. Magomed Ramazanov (Russia) - Rasul Tikhayev (Belarus)92 kg. Aslanbek Sotiev (Russia) - Ivan Yankovsky (Belarus)125 kg. Gable Stevenson (USA) - Hasanboy Rakhimov (Uzbekistan)
  13. Hi @Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin - good to see your post after a loooonggg time. Hey, do you have insider information on when the special wrestle-off between Sidakov vs Kurbanaliev (74kg) and Sadulaev vs Baitsaev (97kg) to decide Russia rep for world championships in Nur-Sultan?
  14. There are few reasons to it - WFI (Wrestling Federation of India) recruited few foreign coaches back in Jan'19 as a preparation for 2020 Olympics - Iran's Hossein Karimi (men's freestyle), USA's Andrew Cook (Women's Freestyle, Georgia's Temo Kazarashvili (Greco-roman). I think both men's FS and women's FS improved substantially Some players like Bajrang (65kg) and Sushil Kumar (2 time olympic medalist, now preparing for 74kg) appointed thier own foreign coaches (mostly using the money they received by government when they won medals on international stage). Bajrang's personal coach - Emzario Bentinidis (Georgia) Sushil Kumar's personal coach - Kamal Malikov (Russia) This year, both Bajrang and Sushil (along with few sparring partners) spent 4 weeks training in Dagestan, which i think definetly helped them a lot Indian government under TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) along with private-sponsor/partner TATA MOTORS ( that's why you see TATA MOTORS YODHA on Indian player's singlets) investing a lot with an aim to increase the medal count in Olympics for 2020, specially wrestling, badminton. PWL (Pro Wrestling League) in India - a private league tournament with players from different countries participate. PWL in fact brought the wrestling to main stream audience, earlier only cricket is the main stream sport for general audience Local clubs ( one in Delhi which produced Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt etc and many more) focusing more on international style and preparing thier students for international wrestling (not just the traditional kushti mud wrestling) Indian women's freestyle also improving a lot - Vinesh Phogat (53kg) is a good prospect for a olympic medal for sure. Indian women's team had training program in Japan for a month during this year. Overall i think for 2020 olympics, India is poised to get models in following Mens - 65kg - Bajrang, definetely a medal (any color) contender for olympics. India never won a gold in wrestling, lot of expectations from Bajrang on winning India's first gold in wrestling Womes - Vinesh Phogat (53kg) - she defeated both top#1 ranked players from Japan (Yuki Irie) and China (Sun Yanan) in winning 2018 asian games gold. Other prospects includes - Sarita Mor (Women's 57kg), Ravi Kumar (mens 57kg)
  15. This link is not working, it says "video has been removed". Anybody knows any link to see the results or live stream or recorded videos?
  16. ohh..that's a news! Damn, i was hoping to see Reza Yazdani vs Synder. But as such, Ali Shaabani looked great in Yasar Dogu, gave Snyder a tough match and dealt Alborov (Did you guys see this match, Alborov behaved weird and got disqualified) badly with a tech fall (before Alborov getting disqualified)
  17. I saw the video, i think in this case for me - it's just being kid and #2 (subtle). But as such - i think shaking hands before the match became more part of the sport (wrestling) over a period of time!
  18. I think he will be there for 65kg trials for sure, the way he took out Asgarov in Rio finals is incredible 11-0 technical superiority
  19. Yes, I am aware..I followed all the results from Poland Open. But still, my pick in 57kg is Sanayaev!
  20. I think Kurugliev is not very consistent, at times he plays well and at times not predictable. Remember he lost bronze medal match to Yazdani last year worlds, i doubt he can beat Yazdani.
  21. Just now read the news that Pooja Dhanda did not qualify Indian Selection Trials for 2019 World Championships in Nur-Sultan. She lost to Sarita Mor - an upcoming and young player. https://sportstar.thehindu.com/wrestling/sarita-mor-pooja-dhanda-wrestling-trials-tokyo-olympics-quota-world-championships/article28738841.ece
  22. I am sure this was discussed in the past - Khadzimurat Gatsalov will be partcipating in 97kg representing Armenia in Nur-Sultan. Both Reza Yadzdani (34) and Gatsalov (36), let's wait and see how they fare with the younger guys in 97kg. I think 97kg at Nur-Sultan is going to be very interesting. I am hoping we will get to see Snyderlaev III, they both are separated ( Snyder being rank-1 and Sad as rank-2 in UWW rankings) in brackets. I don't think Snyder ever played against Reza Yazdani, I know Gats and Snyder played multiple times (including the beat the streets). So, Reza Yazdani on Snyder bracket will be interesting. Similarly, I don't think Sadulev ever played against Gats, So Gats and Sad on same side of bracket is going to be interesting.
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