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  1. New trailer released by UWW on SNYDERLAEV-II, it's short one but nicely done to create hype!
  2. I thought would do a quick check on analysis vs actual for Day-1 Actual results aligned (75%) with USA Best Case and Russia Worst Case predictions USA Best Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 74, 86) and 1 weight (125) off Russia Worst Case Scenario - 3 weight aligned (61, 86, 125) and 1 weight (74) off
  3. ahh, you may be right on the singlet!
  4. Very nice and well written analysis, awesome! Few thoughts from my side * 74kg - I would probably give the nod to Russia here. I think Sidakov would be the rep for few years, I am expecting him to see in 2020 Olympics. If Kyle Dake cuts down to 74kg as a preparation/qualification (??? not sure) for 2020 Olympics, then my vote would be to Dake. I am in no way qualified to talk about JB one way or the other, JB is a living legend, period! * 92kg - Tsakulov, was horrible, highly disappointing. He probably will not be the rep, may be Urishev or zhabrailov. *97kg - I think the equations will change after tomorrow's match, will wait until tomorrow to further comment
  5. I am going with Sadulaev, i have a feeling that will get to see Sad's gut wrench against Snyder, i am very interested to see how that goes (gut wrench on Snyder). I am in favor of Sad 11-3!
  6. I am with you..felt the same, for some reason Snyder looks smaller , not sure why!
  7. On a side topic - @Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin - Bro, how did you feel Rashidov loosing in finals, If I remember correctly, you mentioned that Rashidov was your room mate earlier. Rashidov was very emotional at the end, very sad loss for him. At the same time we can’t ignore YBR performance, what a defense in the end, long waiting and well deserved gold for YBR
  8. Team rankings so far.. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/arena/weight-category/78f2c06e-d2d9-11e8-8b8f-080027548b1b/team-ranking.pdf USA - 130 Russia - 128 But Russia has finalists in both 70kg and 97kg tomorrow - in worst case they will add 20 + 20 = 40. Total - 168. USA's best case would still be less than 168
  9. Amazing performance by USA. Gold Club - 79-86-92-97(?, wait until tomorrow). Wow..what a show from Kyle Dake, DT and Cox. USA is definitely on-par with Russia, no doubt!
  10. JB vs Chamizo Match-3 can’t wait...
  11. WOW..great stuff from Cox, unbelievable
  12. Cox leading on criteria..1 min to go
  13. Looks like 65kg Cuban destroyed Daulat Niyazbekov (KAZ) 10-0
  14. Who won the kiche vs TUR match? I lost my streaming for few mins
  15. Kinche vs No.1 seed from TUR on Mat A
  16. Huge win for Reza Atri - taking out Erdenbat(MGL). May be this was his best performance in this year and also revenge for his loss to Erdenbat in Asian Games.
  17. Upset - Erdenbat (MGL) lost to Atri (Iran)
  18. After 1st period - Chakaev leading Steiber 6-4..that challenge was debatable
  19. Next up in Mat C- logiebear vs Chakaev
  20. You are right..I listed Cuban as top contender along with Aliyev, interestingly they both met in first round
  21. Hadi Iran looked solid yesterday, took out Taha. Hopefully he will win over Russia and I think Gwiz will win over India.
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