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  1. Gwiz rolls into Bronze medal match with India, comfortably defeated Dhesi 7-0
  2. 65 kg matches started..Aileyev vs Cuban in first round in few mins in Mat D
  3. Russian could beat Chamizo. In fact he did beat him in 70kg earlier this year
  4. Biggest upset, Taha Akgul lost to Iran. Iran guy fought really well, well deserved win!
  5. That score is from the last match that happened on Mat D prior to DT’s. I am not sure why they are not starting the action on Mat D, do they have any official break in between? Looks like local time in Buda is around 1:30pm, is it a lunch break??
  6. Cuban was loosing until last 30 seconds in his match with MGL, he was lucky got a take down when around 14 seconds left!
  7. Torreblanca Cuban is also won his match with MGL. So, DT vs Torreblanca next round...fingers crossed!!!
  8. Kurugliev won. He will meet DT in semis. What a match DT had with Yazz, absolutely astonishing!
  9. Nice Analysis.. Based on the draw, here are my picks for Gold. * 61kg - Finals Bonnie vs Rashidov - I am picking Bonnie here :-). Few other things to note Colon has a good chance for Bronze. I doubt if he can get past Bonnie if he meets in Semis thus settle to Bronze Note that Erdenbat (MGL) is not in the draw. Note: my bad, for a while i thought he is of 61kg, but actually he is for 57kg * 74kg - Finals Chamizo vs S. Demirtas. Chamizo Gold Interesting to see Ganzorig Mandhkaran (MGL) in 74kg and also bottom half. He has a good chance to win Bronze JB and Sidakov will meet in quarters. Very interesting to see how Sidakov performs against JB. I am picking Sidakov here * 86kg - one hell of a draw in bottom half, I think Yazdani would emerge out of this beating Kurugliev in Semis. From top half, i think B.Makoev (SVK) will reach Finals. Yazdani Gold. I.VEREB (HUN) good chance for Bronze. DT wins Bronze * 86kg - Again, one hell of a draw in bottom half, i think Taha Akgul will come out and enter into Finals. From top half, Gwiz will make into finals. Taha Gold, Gwiz Silver. Geno Bronze from bottom half. MGL Bronze from top half Best Case Scenario: Russia: 61kg - Gold, 74kg - Gold, 86kg - Bronze, 125kg - Bronze USA: 61kg - Bronze, 74kg - Bronze, 86kg - Gold, 125kg - Silver Worst Case Scenario: Russia: 61kg - Silver, 74kg - Bronze, 86kg - No Medal, 125kg - No Medal USA: 61kg - No Medal, 74kg - No Medal, 86kg - Bronze, 125kg - Bronze
  10. Lot of of them picked Erden Bekhbayar (MGL) for 57kg - i think he was always there in top-5 for the last few years and i hope this is the year for him for the gold. Nice to see few people picked Bajrang (India) for 65kg gold.
  11. 97kg poll results from Dagestan.. As i expected 77% in favor of Sadulaev...
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