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    This cannot be true., unless the speed of the blow is unaffected by the heavier gloves. I guess maybe that is the case? Can humans throw a punch at the same speed with boxing gloves and MMA gloves? I don't pretend to know enough about brain trauma, but simple logic says you can throw a baseball farther than a softball, i.e. Impart greater kinetic energy to the ball. The extra padding "protect the hand" is only relative, since the hand is more fragile than the skull. Is the material science behind gloves advanced where it actually cushions more on one side of the collision than the other? Is that even possible?
  2. tigerfan

    Mizzou advertising for an Asst. Coach?

    Joe's track record with Houdashelt, Mayes, Lavallee, Eierman, Mauller, is tough to beat. He's a fantastic middleweight coach, and a first class person. He wiil be missed more than most people realize.
  3. Just saw this on Facebook. With Clemsen being replaced by Todd, and Waters moving on being replaced by Dom Bradley, does this mean Joe Johnston has quit and we're looking at a complete staff overhaul? Who is a quality lightweight coach looking to move to a big time program?
  4. tigerfan

    If Cox medals at World's...

    As a huge J'den fan, I never meant to imply that he was better than JB or Snyder at this point. I wouldn't even consider that until he wins an Oly gold. Just thought his start was noteworthy.
  5. tigerfan

    If Cox medals at World's...

    Forgot Snyder, duh. He's 4 for 4 so far.
  6. That's 4 consecutive immediately upon beginning Senior level competition. Smith had 6, Burroughs 5. Has any other American gone 4 for 4 besides those 2?
  7. tigerfan

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    True, but both came in injured and didn't get a lot of mat time prior to the season. Their early results showed that. But Severado at least won his last 3 opens, albeit against mostly lower division guys, but still. Johnson's injury recovery took longer. Both come more highly regarded than Mauller was. Unfortunately, I've moved away from Columbia and no longer have first hand knowledge about the practice room. Ironically, of the four, Mocco might be the only one who doesn't start.
  8. tigerfan

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    Cevion Severado, Malik Johnson, Peyton Mocco, Jeremiah Kent. With Mizzou's track record, I'd be shocked if at least one of these 4 doesn't AA.
  9. tigerfan

    FinalX Rutgers Picks

    How many Americans have medaled at their first 4 Worlds/Olympics? Previous post mentioned the list thins out considerably from 3. Just curious where one could find that info. Exclude those who didn't do it consecutively, or immediately upon competing at the Senior level. Just how many have actually done that?
  10. tigerfan

    Mizzou Assistant: Any Word?

    Smith is really big on culture. Not so much credentials. Obviously, Smith thought Todd was the best fit for TigerStyle and the team culture. No doubt this is a great opportunity for Todd, let's see what he does with it.
  11. tigerfan

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Drew Foster just wreckin' fools. Taylor was lucky he got out alive.
  12. tigerfan

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    Maybe he's already on ASU's campus and has discovered other things to be interested in. Wouldn't be the first time.
  13. I could see Nickal getting several ankle picks on J'den, since he tends to leave his feet within reach with his unorthodox movements. However, finishing those picks is a different story. J'den WILL score on a go behind at some point.
  14. tigerfan

    Beat The Streets Conversation

    I was catching some trout so I only logged on 15 min ago, and didn't miss a thing. Yay me!