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  1. tigerfan

    If Nolf wins again this year...

    I counted 11 official matches that weren't bonus those last 3 years. That's 90.8% of 120 matches. Don't know what Nolf's whole career is, but it's probably around that many matches total.
  2. tigerfan

    Missouri - '18/'19

    He got his hand raised, which is a step in the right direction.
  3. tigerfan

    Missouri - '18/'19

    The ESPN+ stream of this dual has been utter garbage for me the whole time.
  4. tigerfan

    South Beach Duals - opportunity

    My track stream crashed at 184. Can't restart it yet.
  5. tigerfan

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    There was no need for a rule against long hair because no boys had long hair until the counterculture movement of the '60's. The establishment (that makes the rules) didn't approve of the hippies so they did their best to exclude them from everything; sports, job interviews, school, etc. Long hair (for boys) was considered taboo and unprofessional. Simultaneously, the new commitment of blacks to embrace their heritage in the '60's led to more natural hairstyles for people of color. Since those longer hairstyles were more closely tied to their traditional cultures than the anti-establishment protest hair of whites during that time, whites were far less emotionally invested in their hair and were more willing to part with it when necessary. People of color have continued to attempt to mitigate the legacy of chattel slavery in this country in many ways; fashion, music, hairstyles, literature, etc. Even if the intent of the rule was not to exclude, if the rule excludes in practice because people of color are more likely to feel a cultural attachment to their longer hairstyles, then the rule is exclusionary albeit unintentionally. Allowing for head coverings is an accommodation, but why is the accommodation necessary at all? My point is that the long hair prohibition is ridiculous, given the dangerous and physical nature of the sport. Professional hockey, football, basketball, etc. have all managed to survive just fine with more and more players having long hair. It's a rule that that solves a problem that doesn't really exist, and if it disproportionately affects people of color, then it is doubly bad.
  6. tigerfan

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Unfortunately, not every concept is simple. If brevity and simplicity were sufficient, PhD's would simply tweet their dissertations and we would never have to read anything more than 140 characters. I've not found that to be the case, however.
  7. tigerfan

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D. Updated March 16, 2018 Racism refers to a variety of practices, beliefs, social relations, and phenomena that work to reproduce a racial hierarchy and social structure that yield superiority, power, and privilege for some, and discrimination and oppression for others. It can take several forms, including representational, ideological, discursive, interactional, institutional, structural, and systemic. Racism exists when ideas and assumptions about racial categories are used to justify and reproduce a racial hierarchy and racially structured society that unjustly limits access to resources, rights, and privileges on the basis of race. Racism also occurs when this kind of unjust social structure is produced by the failure to account for race and its historical and contemporary roles in society. Contrary to a dictionary definition, racism, as defined based on social science research and theory, is about much more than race-based prejudice — it exists when an imbalance in power and social status is generated by how we understand and act upon race. Stephen Whitehead, Professor, Author, Sociologist, Relationship Coach Answered Jun 24 2017 · Author has 6.1k answers and 1.2m answer views The concept of ‘race’ is itself an illusion - a social invention. Which gives some indication as to why precise definitions of ‘racism’ are never fully adequate: “The word race first appeared in the English language in 1508, when it was used to denote a category or class of persons. [In] the late eighteenth century race became invested with biological connotations, [and in] the early nineteenth century specific theories of racial types began to emerge in academic and other writings. Many of the ideas associated with genetics and racial differentiation were founded on pseudo-scientific theories that are now discredited.” (Whitehead, Talahite and Moodley, 2013. ‘Gender and Identity’, Oxford University Press, page 67) The point being that humans have invented the concept of race in order to justify segmenting humans into categories of exclusivity and inclusivity. This is a process of power, an act of power, out of which arises, inevitably, racism. Racism: Race, Prejudice, and Power Racism = Race Prejudice + Power Race A specious classification of human beings created by Europeans (whites) which assigns human worth and social status using ‘white’ as the model of humanity and the height of human achievement for the purpose of establishing and maintaining privilege and power. The idea of Race, is based on the ideas of white supremacy and white privilege. Prejudice A prejudice is a pre-judgment in favor of or against a person, a group, an event, an idea, or a thing. An action based on prejudgment is discrimination. A negative prejudgment is often called a stereotype. An action based on a stereotype is called bigotry. Power Power” is a relational term. It can only be understood as a relationship between human beings in a specific historical, economic and social setting. It must be exercised to be visible. 1. Power is control of, or access to, those institutions sanctioned by the state. 2. Power is the ability to define reality and to convince other people that it is their definition. 3. Power is ownership and control of the major resources of a state; and the capacity to make and enforce decisions based on this ownership and control; 4. Power is the capacity of a group of people to decide what they want and to act in an organized way to get it. 5. (In terms of an individual), power is the capacity to act. Perry, as you can see, I did not invent a definition. Npope, you must not have looked very hard to have not seen any definitions that mention power imbalance. The ambiguity arises from the differences of discussing individual racism vs structural, societal, or institutional racism. People confuse individual racism with prejudice, bias, etc. Sorry to get veer off topic, but I try to be an ally when the opportunity presents itself.
  8. tigerfan

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    It appears you don't know what racism is. Racism, by definition, involves an imbalance of power. White people in this country and in this period of time cannot be victims of racism, because there is no imbalance of power involved against them. You're not alone though, MANY white people use the term "reverse racism" which of course is nonsense as well. Prejudice, bias, etc., of course - racism, no.
  9. tigerfan

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    It is a racially biased rule, as acknowledged by Askren in is FB live session, in the same way that literacy tests were in the Jim Crow south. On it's face, it seems harmless enough and even makes sense to try to prevent harm from excessive hair length, just as being able to read doesn't seem like a terrible requirement to cast an intelligent vote. But in practice, both rules were targeted at people who were "different" from the majority. In a sport like wrestling, with the joint-manipulating, body-slamming activities, are we seriously worried about someone potentially getting essentially matburned by hair?? The rule has racist implications in practice and intent. Whether or not the ref was right or wrong to enforce it is a different debate, but there's no denying the long hair rules are antiquated and stupid. Objectively.
  10. tigerfan

    Meanest guys on the mat

    My HS teammate wrestled Jim Zalesky in college once. That was enough. Said it was the most pain he'd ever felt and pretty much pinned himself to get it over with.
  11. tigerfan

    #7 Mizzou vs #10 Virginia Tech

    Mizzou wins it 21-8.
  12. tigerfan

    #7 Mizzou vs #10 Virginia Tech

    Last week, I couldn't get the stream from ODU that I paid for, now this. Why is this so difficult? I'd be there in person, but I just moved to NC. This sucks.
  13. tigerfan

    #7 Mizzou vs #10 Virginia Tech

    My live stream isn't working yet. Anyone else?
  14. When a returning AA gets stuck, I'd count that as a surprise, with very few exceptions.