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  1. Match 2 up and running.
  2. On the bright side, this isn’t for a live in person audience, so flo appears to have stopped action until they figure out the stream. Don’t think we’re missing anything.
  3. Can’t get flosports app on roku or the website to load. Am I the only one?
  4. Crumbs are a piece of the pie. Enough to keep the people passive, apparently.
  5. Is it possible that labeling a person as a racist is impossibly simplistic? Do people act/speak in racist ways - yes. Could DuPont's actions be interpreted as racist by rational people? Yes. Are complex human beings easily labeled as any "___________ist"? No. Who here has ever told a lie? Are we all then liars? Is that how you would label everyone? Seems to me that DuPont's actions were unintentionally racist, in that he was mentally ill and not specifically singling out WOC for any reason other than his escalating illness. But unintentional racism is still racism, in fact far more widespread and problematic than more explicit, intentional racism. Arguing about whether anyone is "a racist" is a complete waste of time. If Jackson or others perceived his actions as racist, (rightly so imo) then that is all that matters to me. Now, can we all just move on and recognize that poor people of all colors have far more in common than differences as trivial as race, and that keeping racial fears/distrust on the front page allows the rich and powerful to continue to stack the deck against everyone else for their own economic benefit? Divide and conquer is a strategy of the powerful/wealthy. Always has been.
  6. 3xAA Lavion Mayes. By his senior year he could get away from everyone not named Zain, but remained worthless from top. But he was routinely ridden in his early years by average D1 guys.
  7. Not sure. Storley never made the finals and had no where near the freestyle results. Bradley sat behind Ellis, a 2x AA and Champ, so who knows what he would have done. Clearly, his Sr level freestyle results are better than several on the list so I suppose you could argue only Coon and Green clearly had better careers. There was a lot of internal drama with Ellis, many people said he was beating Ellis in the room the year Ellis won it, and the next year what was Smith supposed to do, sit a returning champ, even if they were neck and neck? I think that deflated Bradley’s motivation for his next 2 years. If Bradley had competed his Sophomore year and won, like Ellis did that year, I’m not sure he wouldn’t have won 2 more. There was definitely some bad blood at the time, though his relationship with Smith and the program has obviously healed over time.
  8. It is easy to define talent internally, that is with no regard for others, just within yourself. My favorite definition for a “talent” is: an area in which you have the most potential for growth. If I work really hard at something I have a talent for, I will get really good. If I have no talent for that area, my hard work will not result in tremendous improvement. It gets more complicated when you do comparisons with others. Who is more talented than whom depends on their starting point (which is what exactly), just how hard they’ve worked to get to their present level, and how much continued improvement are they capable of? Because of the complexities in wrestling, Ben’s theory is that most people have a talent for one or more of his categories and if they work hard enough to develop their particular talent, they can achieve success in wrestling. Of course, those gifted with more and greater talents in most or all of his categories will ultimately be capable of greater growth, given the same amount of work. I agree that you can’t simply say one has a talent for wrestling. Too many components are involved.
  9. Since you're including freestyle, how about Dom Bradley? Career Highlights - Two-time U.S. Open champion (2013, 2016) Note: won his 3rd in 2019 - Two-time Pan American champion (2016-17) - Junior World champion (2009) - Two-time Dave Schultz Memorial International champion (2012, 2017) - Third at U.S. Olympic Team Trials (2016) - Second in U.S. World Team Trials (2017) - Third at U.S. World Team Trials four times (2009, 2010, 2011, 2015)
  10. A slightly different take: There was a kid in MN youth wrestling about the same time as I was growing up whose name was Luke Forfeit. He was constantly getting skipped because the bout sheet would list L Forfeit. It took my parents (who ran the pairing at several tournaments) several rounds each time to figure out why this kid's parents kept complaining their kid never got to wrestle.
  11. This can only mean that Mauller has the easiest path to the finals of any 4 seed this season. I like it.
  12. tigerfan


    You're right, I might be letting last year's results influence the decision here. Kolodzik could actually fall farther than that.
  13. tigerfan


    NCAA seeds: Lugo O'Connor Mauller Sasso Kolodzik Lewallen Sasso gets the highest seed of any non champ. I suppose many Iowa fans will hope Sasso stays ahead of Mauller, but Mizzou has made a living getting high seeds due to conference champ status. Anyone see it differently?
  14. tigerfan


    Wow, Mocco got jobbed big time in his semifinal. Down 4-3 with 30 sec left, he gets neutral on the edge, but immediately locks up a cradle. Ref signals 2 td prematurely, and Mocco rolls him over 2 seconds later as time runs out the ref has counted 2 backs. SIUE challenges the td call and wins, so they erase his escape, td, and backs and he has to start down with 19 sec remaining still down by 1. He gives up 2 garbage backs at the last second when desperate. If the ref had simply waited until Mocco rolled the cradle through, Mocco would have won 7-4. Horrible.
  15. I don’t want to start a generation war. I generated this poll to reassure myself my impression was wrong. We can agree that most people, regardless of age, don’t easily give up their preconceptions.
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