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  1. Not to mention the fact that he wrestled for ISU when they were losing to Iowa every year and he apparently developed a real disdain for the dual aspect of the sport.
  2. You can postulate this because of...? Is it the garbage coverage they give the NCAA wrestling championships? While it is true that Carl was not the ONLY coach opposed to a Dual Team Championship, his voice was clearly the loudest. As for Iowa/VT, that took place precisely BECAUSE what remained of the National Duals were largely meaningless since it wasn't the official team championship. BTW, I'm not saying Flo is bad, I subscribe and appreciate their efforts. In fact, ESPN probably never would have gotten interested in the first place without Flowrestling. But they did, and when we had a chance to capitalize on that and move to the big leagues, Carl (and a few others) shot it down. So now we remain with minor league operations like Flo and Track. They do the best they can.
  3. We'll never know. The argument that covering and promoting duals throughout the year to build interest in the national tournament is not without merit, obviously. PSU and Carl felt that continuing to win team titles with an individual tournament would be better to grow the sport than shifting at least some focus to duals and true team championships, which ESPN was actively encouraging us to do. I don't know if we have good data yet, but I suppose we'll eventually be able to judge whether Carl was right. Of course, PSU will always be able to fall back on "we don't know things would have been better." Men's gymnastics, here we come!
  4. Lest we forget, ESPN expressed their desire to support and promote wrestling by advocating for a dual team championship several years ago. Had that happened (thanks a lot Carl), who's to say how much their coverage and promotion of wrestling would have grown by now. Unfortunately, Flo is what we were left with. Without looking, my guess is PSU fans will express unqualified support for Flo due to the uncomfortable reality that a better future with ESPN was shot down by their living god.
  5. We're still up by about 3.5%. When does the voting close?
  6. What time do the medal matches start today?
  7. Donahoe/Nickerson was a complete snoozer, especially disappointing because 125's are typically way more active than the big fellas, or at least used to be until that match and since.
  8. Completely anecdotal, but my college roommate was an Iowa HS state champ in the 80's. He went to Drake Univ on some scholarship money and was told he would be redshirted, while he bulked up. He was a lightweight, btw. Steroids were procured for him and the other redshirts by the trainer. He was friends with some very well-known wrestlers who went on to win NCAA titles at ISU, and they told him they had similar experiences as true freshman. In other words, in the late '80's at least, steroid use was common, condoned, and facilitated by most schools, both powerhouses and others. It was considered necessary to compete at that level, in most cases. I think we've come a long way since then though, and I doubt steroid use is as common now, and seriously doubt the wrestling staff is involved, if it does happen.
  9. There are only 2 or 3 programs with the resources to even attempt something like that. I am skeptical that this occurs with incoming recruits. I think it's far more likely for a 5th year senior to be asked to take less schollie money so a prized recruit can be obtained, with the promise that the difference will be made up by the RTC upon graduation. THAT situation is not uncommon, would be my guess.
  10. This is correct as far as outside donations go, but keep in mind the total fundraising per annum is dwarfed by the amount the athletic dept. allots to support the wrestling team, at least in Mizzou's case. But there is zero attempt made to separate the resources. Locker rooms, mats, strength/cardio equipment, entertainment/stereo systems, therapy/rehab equipment, etc. are all intermingled and co-funded to one degree or another. And everything is located on University property. Mizzou has a stand alone room separated by double doors that is technically the RTC wrestling room, but it's not like all the equipment/facilities listed above that were purchased by the RTC are located in that room nor are RTC athletes exclusively practicing in there. I really hope none of this supposed to be secret and I'm 100% confident that Brian Smith would never do anything that he thought might be against NCAA rules. I will say that over the years, Smith has been very vocal about the support he gets from the athletic dept. to implement these practices. Perhaps that is what separates the haves from the have nots? If the school doesn't allow programs to share resources like this, it would make it very difficult to compete at the highest level, even if you did have a relatively well-funded RTC.
  11. If you want to support Mizzou wrestling, you are instructed to make the check out to the Missouri Wrestling Foundation (RTC). They are free to use that money in whatever way the coaches feel will best help the program. I suppose donations through the University still happen occasionally, but most wrestling supporters know how it works.
  12. Yeah, I realized that after I posted. Guess I wasn't fully awake yet.
  13. There are a ton of missing placements, but it's a nice list if you fill in the gaps. I didn't look too closely, but Max Askren placed 7, 5, 1 and Brent Metcalf placed 1, 2, 1. Those jumped out at me. I agree that you undervalue championships. A 3x champ and 7th should not be behind a 4x runner up.
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