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  1. I thought last year was a free additional year? So that would mean anyone who’d AA’d every year including last year would have a chance at 5, right? Brock Mauller has never failed to AA, for example. Won’t he have 5 chances?
  2. There’s some debate about your premise of the goal here. I believe Singapore is on record as preparing for perpetual COVID threat, vs continued, misguided attempts to eradicate it. This virus is far more like influenza than it is to smallpox, measles, or polio. Those who choose to vaccinate against flu annually and those who don’t manage to coexist peacefully and respectfully. This recent talk of raising insurance rates for the vaccine hesitant seems arbitrary and discriminatory. Since when are personal health choices scrutinized this way? Group plans don’t penalize individuals who are overweight, diabetic, sedentary, smokers, drinkers, etc , they simply calculate a group risk based on all those factors and set rates accordingly. If they want to add a given percentage of unvaccinated to their calculus and adjust rates for everyone, that would be consistent (not equitable).
  3. Tamyra continues to impress. Well done! https://www.yahoo.com/sports/mother-olympic-gold-medalist-tamyra-131946990.html
  4. I think at 74, O’Toole will make the most progress in the next 2.5 years, but whether it will be enough to catch all of the guys currently ahead of him is questionable.
  5. Tamyra is the darling of these Olympics, if not for the whole country, definitely for the conservative half or so. She’s getting tons of attention for that interview and the conservative media is eating her up! I agree that she’s amazing and wrestling is getting a ton of attention as a result, specifically women’s wrestling. What a fantastic ambassador and person she is.
  6. Mason Parris threw discus at the HS level. There are levels to athleticism, and I know Parris would probably beat Bo in a wrestling match, but Bo would destroy him in every other event, with minimal practice.
  7. Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, or Deion Sanders, would be my guess. Those almost elite sprinter types who also happen to be huge, strong, and athletic.
  8. The “bad for team morale” argument didn’t work for blacks/women/homosexuals/transgenders in the military. That’s life or death/national defense we’re talking, not a sporting competition. So the correct answer, apparently, is get over it. If the individual deserves to be there, the team doesn’t get the luxury of liking or disliking it.
  9. He would, simply because he and I have different views on religion. But he’s also capable of respecting those who don’t share his views, which is a rare thing these days.
  10. It was simply an attempt at edgy comedy. I’ll stick to my day job, lol.
  11. Holy smokes, J’Cox gets his revenge after all. That dude has a direct line to the Big Guy. I wouldn’t want to cross him.
  12. I don’t understand why some people insist on interpreting Dake’s words in the most outlandish fashion. Surely we’re all familiar with stories of overweight, smoking, drinking, unhealthy slobs at 35 finding the motivation to change everything about their lifestyle and by 40 are fit, lean, and healthy? Scientifically, biologically they are probably younger on a cellular or systemic level. The old, “my doctor says I’ve got the (insert characteristics) of someone half my age” type scenario. If Dake feels his body is healthier now than at 25, I don’t find that all that hard to believe or outrageous. Sheesh!
  13. Saw all sessions in Barcelona, ‘92. Met up with most of them team at an establishment afterwards. John Smith was absent, best as I can recall, which isn’t great tbh.
  14. No love for Matt Demaray from MN? I know he had a few losses, but when he made the finals as an 8th grader, that was unheard of at the time. He won 3 in a row before being shocked in semis as a senior. He then won 2x NCAA titles at Wiscy, and then 4 straight US opens. He beat B Satiev at the ‘94 World Cup as well. He “looked” more like a D1 wrestler as a freshman than anyone I’ve ever seen.
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