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  1. Hart has clearly jumped levels this year, but styles matter. I can see Mauller doing well against Jaydin, as he keeps great position, takes high percentage shots, and finishes quickly. I think Hart will struggle against the likes of Eierman.
  2. Eblen was devastated and ashamed of his actions after that incident. He was so frustrated that he was losing and would fail to achieve AA, he lost his head. Man, he was so broken up about embarrassing himself and the team, yet alone possibly costing them a trophy, when I saw him at the team social it nearly broke my heart. I tried to reassure him that the team wouldn’t have been where they were without his contributions over his career, and we were still proud of him. It brought tears to his eyes. And he had the biggest golf ball I’ve ever seen over one eye. Johny is a good dude, as is his parents.
  3. My Lord, I meant necessary to produce optimal performance at NCAA’s, not necessary because we all love wrestling and would miss it.
  4. With the ongoing cancellations and abbreviated schedules, this year might provide some insight into whether wrestling a season’s worth of matches is beneficial or prohibitive to maximum performance at qualifying and championship tournaments. Mizzou has wrestled 9 dual meets already, while other top programs have less than half of that, or less even. Will PSU perform as expected, better, or worse if they have less than 10 matches headed into NCAA’s? One of the arguments against letting other divisions compete in the D1 tourney was that they didn’t have the grind of weekly D1 matches all season and therefore enjoyed somewhat of an advantage for the final weekend. Can any worthwhile inferences be drawn from this truncated season? It will be interesting to see if lower ranked guys benefit from wrestling many more matches compared to higher ranked guys who have only a handful of matches.
  5. At least that’s what the rankings at the time would have predicted. Anyone who still believes that is seriously underestimating Mizzou.
  6. The wrestlers I knew were all stationed together at Camp Pendleton and didn’t do much of anything except train. That was in the early 90’s.
  7. Mizzou takes the dual 31-7. Carr is legit. He’s my pick to win it all at 157. Batista at 197 is really good in neutral, obviously. Mizzou might be the 2nd best dual team in the country behind Iowa.
  8. Shoot, ESPN is telling me the dual starts at 5. Nothing else happens when I click it.
  9. Any top recruit could choose the Marines and then wrestle after graduating for the Marine team and avoid any real Marine stuff. Get paid to train for the Olympics. Not a bad deal. And I doubt Princeton grads enjoy any appreciable advantage in prestige over Naval Academy grads.
  10. You have to subscribe to ESPN+ for 5.99/mo. It might be free if you have a cable subscription, I’m not sure. The match is starting at 5 CDT.
  11. Mizzou takes the dual 34-6. UNI wrestles hard and a Panther is never an easy out. From 141 to 197, Mizzou is looking tough.
  12. Mizzou with 9 of 10 in top 15. Only exception is #25 Rocky Elam, who’s shooting up fast.
  13. Lots of intriguing matchups potentially among these 3 duals. Who thinks O’Toole beats Valencia? Mauller has Degen and Thompson. I’m hoping Kent can prove he’s for real against Colbray. What matches interest y’all?
  14. No. 12 Mizzou Wrestling Dominates in Season-Opening Tri-Dual Sweep Tigers outscore trio of opponents, 114-12 1/3/2021 4:59:00 PM Story Links COLUMBIA, Mo. – No. 12 Mizzou Wrestling (3-0) opened its 2021 campaign with a bang Sunday, cruising to three dual victories over South Dakota State, North Dakota State and Oregon State. The Tigers improved as the afternoon progressed, beginning with a 33-9 win over the Jackrabbits. Mizzou then followed with a 38-3 triumph against the host Bison and capped its day with a 43-0 shutout victory over the Beavers. Overall, Mizzou tallied an impressive 10 triumphs over nationally ranked opponents, highlighted by a 12-0 major decision victory over No. 7 Devan Turner by redshirt junior Matt Schmitt. Redshirt Junior Allan Hart accounted for two of the Tigers' ranked wins, taking down the nation's No. 16 and No. 23 ranked foes at 141 pounds. Junior Brock Mauller, redshirt sophomore Peyton Mocco, redshirt freshman Sean Harman, redshirt sophomore Jeremiah Kent and redshirt sophomore Zach Elam all produced an unscathed 3-0 record in Sunday's duals. The Tigers continued their dominance into extra matches between the four programs following the traditional duals. Mizzou was victorious in eight of nine total supplemental contests with all results counting towards their 2021 individual records. True freshmen Josh Edmond, Colton Hawks, Keegan O'Toole and Duwayne Villalpando each tallied victories in their Mizzou debuts. Edmond and O'Toole both picked up wins in dual competition, while Hawks and Villalpando recorded victories in extra matches.
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