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  1. My free stream from Trackwrestling crashed within the first minute. Anyone still watching?
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    You’re basing that off last years finishes, yet he didn’t even compete. So there are now two years worth of other guys, redshirts, true freshman, weight changes, and simple improvement from those who did compete, that are in the pool of wrestlers he has to remain better than. I doubt he ever finishes top 4.
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    He may be a junior athletically, but he isn't in the conversation about who will be at the top of the weight class next year. He's not that good.
  4. I don't know how old you are, but I'm 52 and I never heard the word hater ever until about 10-15 years ago, max. Yes, the hater label was popularized by millenials. You don't have to analyze his position, he clearly stated it and it didn't have anything to do with Iowa.
  5. Just because Ben may hate Iowa (I have no idea if that's true, but it is likely since he's an intelligent guy and a fan of the sport) doesn't mean he can't speak about the Eierman situation in an honest, dispassionate manner. Talk about a false dilemma. Once again, his comments had little to nothing to do with Iowa. Your perceived slight on Iowa was imagined. I believe his comments about the portal and Eierman's absence from the room would have remained the same no matter where he transferred to. How can either of us provide evidence of his reaction to a hypothetical situation? It is a make believe scenario concocted by you to give you an excuse to state your belief that he is a "hater" (a favorite term of millennials for people with whom they disagree). Whether or not he's made disparaging comments in the past about Iowa has precisely zero bearing on whether these particular comments disparaged Iowa in some way.
  6. Everyone who doesn’t loudly praise Iowa at every opportunity is biased against Iowa. Got it. For the record, his comments, other than joking about Brands’ probable frustration with Eierman’s style, were barely tangential to anything regarding Iowa. Only you imagined some kind of besmirching of the almighty Hawkeye.
  7. I think trying to ascertain anyone’s internal motivations for a specific action or statement is an exercise in futility. Speculate all you want. Ben is one of the most painfully honest men I’ve ever met. That much I know.
  8. Ben’s never been too concerned with how his comments “look” to others. He calls it as he sees it. Always has. There have been many times in the last decade that he has made comments that didn’t ingratiate himself with some Mizzou fans. I think it adds to his credibility, not detracts from it. I think this is an issue that highlights the conflict between what is best for the athletes is not always what is best for the sport, or for college wrestling in particular.
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    Anthony Valencia is irrelevant to this discussion.
  10. Who were the U23 coaches? They made a joking reference to U23 being a great recruiting trip. If anyone tries to assert that conversations such as those that so obviously occurred in Eierman’s case don’t happen routinely, they’re being intentionally obtuse. Ben’s point about the portal being a joke were spot on. I happen to like Jaydin personally, and wish him the best in achieving his goals. This podcast didn’t paint the best picture of him, that’s clear. The cancerous effect of RTC’s on college wrestling is also clear, as is the positive effects they have on our international efforts post college.
  11. Easier said than done. In my view, the biggest difference between those who can get it done at the D1 level and those that can't is their ability to finish takedowns. So far, and apparently still, Anthony has been firmly in the "can't" category. Not something that gets fixed in a couple months. Does Lydy have the best defense in the country at 174? I think not. I won't comment further, since I didn't intend to bag on AV, I just tire of the incessant, annual chant that ASU is gonna be great THIS year.
  12. Anthony Valencia doesn't appear to be setting the world on fire, as some on here have insisted he would. Lydy is not a bad loss, but still...
  13. As a long time Mizzou fan, I’m getting a weird vibe from the program. First, Jden Cox leaves because the RTC just wasn’t up to snuff to get him where he wanted to go. Not exactly recruiting poster material. Then the entire staff exits over the off season, but most people shrugged that off and we’re confident that Coach Smith and the program wouldn’t lose a step. Then Eierman takes an Oly RS and we begin the season with only single returning AA, (Leeth is back after missing last year, but down a weight and his health is obviously suspect) which is extremely rare in the last decade plus. The first dual features a lineup missing a 133, and so full of holes that they lost handily to a barely top 20 VTech. Not a very good look. Top it all off with Eierman’s transfer and some might say the wheels are falling off. Slightly less alarmists might concede that if Smith detects a program that is backsliding rather than progressing towards a Natty Championship, how long until he decides to seek other challenges? Maybe Smith just plans to throw in the towel this year? But Eierman transferring kinda throws a wrench in that plan. I’m not ready to sound the alarm just yet, but it does concern me. Someone reassure me, please.
  14. Eierman with the fall over the Iranian in his first match.
  15. Does anyone know the specifics of the admissions procedures regarding athletes? Can a coach say, "here are the transcripts, etc. for a guy I'm considering recruiting, can you tell me if he would be admitted?" Or does the recruit actually have to commit prior to receiving consideration as an athletic admission? Makes sense that Ohio St would have to actually recruit him and offer a scholarship (pending acceptance) prior to submitting him for consideration. I would say some coaches/programs have more sway with admissions than others. Tom Ryan clearly feels like it is worth his time to try (at the very least), if he doesn't already KNOW that he could gain admission.
  16. Could it be he couldn't get into ISU after all?
  17. There are lots of reasons to hold wrestle offs, or scrimmages preseason. Determining the starting lineup is pretty far down the list. Coaches see what's happening everyday and have a pretty good idea who the better wrestler is. The preseason matchups provide an opportunity to make weight and scrap under the lights in front of fans. Sometimes new guys can prove they can perform when it matters, if the coaches have doubts. Sometimes, veterans don't take it too seriously and lose, but the coaches have no doubts about who is better. Sometimes guys have made a jump in the room and coaches get see if that translates to match conditions. These preseason matchups, along with practice habits, lifestyle, academics, Open performances, etc. all provide data points for the coaches to determine who the starters will be. Not many coaches stake their lineup on one intrasquad match, other than the perhaps the first dual if it comes before an Open can give a better reading of the situation. Intrasquad duals also serve to provide the fan base with a reason to get excited about the upcoming season. Like I said, lots of reasons.
  18. I'm a huge proponent of a dual meet tourney determining the official team champions, but how many times in recent history would a team other than the individual tourney champs have actually won in a dual format? In 2013, Oklahoma St placed 2nd, and were undefeated in duals including a win over Iowa, who defeated the champs Penn St in their dual. In 2014, Minnesota placed 2nd, but beat the champs Penn St in their dual, and also lost to Michigan. In 2015, Iowa placed 2nd, but beat the champs Ohio St, and lost to Missouri in the National Duals finals. Ohio St had 4 dual losses that year. In 2018, Ohio St placed 2nd and lost 19-18 to the champs Penn St. I suppose that could have gone either way. These results actually surprised me since it seems like Penn St has been so dominant over that period of time. 2013 is as far back as I looked.
  19. Not to mention the fact that he wrestled for ISU when they were losing to Iowa every year and he apparently developed a real disdain for the dual aspect of the sport.
  20. You can postulate this because of...? Is it the garbage coverage they give the NCAA wrestling championships? While it is true that Carl was not the ONLY coach opposed to a Dual Team Championship, his voice was clearly the loudest. As for Iowa/VT, that took place precisely BECAUSE what remained of the National Duals were largely meaningless since it wasn't the official team championship. BTW, I'm not saying Flo is bad, I subscribe and appreciate their efforts. In fact, ESPN probably never would have gotten interested in the first place without Flowrestling. But they did, and when we had a chance to capitalize on that and move to the big leagues, Carl (and a few others) shot it down. So now we remain with minor league operations like Flo and Track. They do the best they can.
  21. We'll never know. The argument that covering and promoting duals throughout the year to build interest in the national tournament is not without merit, obviously. PSU and Carl felt that continuing to win team titles with an individual tournament would be better to grow the sport than shifting at least some focus to duals and true team championships, which ESPN was actively encouraging us to do. I don't know if we have good data yet, but I suppose we'll eventually be able to judge whether Carl was right. Of course, PSU will always be able to fall back on "we don't know things would have been better." Men's gymnastics, here we come!
  22. Lest we forget, ESPN expressed their desire to support and promote wrestling by advocating for a dual team championship several years ago. Had that happened (thanks a lot Carl), who's to say how much their coverage and promotion of wrestling would have grown by now. Unfortunately, Flo is what we were left with. Without looking, my guess is PSU fans will express unqualified support for Flo due to the uncomfortable reality that a better future with ESPN was shot down by their living god.
  23. We're still up by about 3.5%. When does the voting close?
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