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  1. This can only mean that Mauller has the easiest path to the finals of any 4 seed this season. I like it.
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    You're right, I might be letting last year's results influence the decision here. Kolodzik could actually fall farther than that.
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    NCAA seeds: Lugo O'Connor Mauller Sasso Kolodzik Lewallen Sasso gets the highest seed of any non champ. I suppose many Iowa fans will hope Sasso stays ahead of Mauller, but Mizzou has made a living getting high seeds due to conference champ status. Anyone see it differently?
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    Wow, Mocco got jobbed big time in his semifinal. Down 4-3 with 30 sec left, he gets neutral on the edge, but immediately locks up a cradle. Ref signals 2 td prematurely, and Mocco rolls him over 2 seconds later as time runs out the ref has counted 2 backs. SIUE challenges the td call and wins, so they erase his escape, td, and backs and he has to start down with 19 sec remaining still down by 1. He gives up 2 garbage backs at the last second when desperate. If the ref had simply waited until Mocco rolled the cradle through, Mocco would have won 7-4. Horrible.
  5. I don’t want to start a generation war. I generated this poll to reassure myself my impression was wrong. We can agree that most people, regardless of age, don’t easily give up their preconceptions.
  6. I’m gunning for Cinnabon. You hear that SweetRoll, I’m coming for you!
  7. Right next to your name on every post you make, a +xxxx is listed. Those are your reputation points or reactions/likes.
  8. Tbar is on that “leaderboard”. That tells me all I need to know about the flawed metric being used.
  9. Take your low ratio jealousy and go get your shinebox.
  10. In 2009 I believe, no team had more than 1 champ or more than 5 AA's, and only 2 teams had both: Iowa and Mizzou. Iowa won it, and Mizzou took 7th. Bonus points, as we all know, are significant. IIRC, Iowa benefited from a couple of MFF on the backside that year. When the champs are determined in large measure by whether or not their opponent actually shows up, something about the scoring system needs improvement, imho.
  11. I've noticed that there are several posters that have a better than 50% ratio of "likes" or reactions to their total post count, while others have decidedly less. If you have a low ratio, I suggest you're clogging these boards with inconsequential nonsense and need to check yourself and up your game. That is all.
  12. Watching that clip, Krieger's relaxed upright stance and movement reminds me B Satiev. Anyone else see the resemblance?
  13. At 133, Allan Hart from Mizzou has the dominant top game to run up the score quickly against a higher seed and bust a bracket. At 174, Connor Flynn is a senior and I could see him pull an upset. He beat Mekhi Lewis last year. At 184, Dylan Wisman just gave Valencia his toughest match of the year and is a senior. I could see him upsetting a high seed. At 197, Wyatt Koelling just beat Norfleet, who someone predicted would finish top 4, so he can be a tough out as well.
  14. I'm not surprised. Knowing J'den, I knew that all the folks talking about which weight gave him a better chance at Oly gold were barking up the wrong tree. I knew he'd seek what he thought was the biggest challenge, not the least. I also thought he would be governed by how he felt he would perform, and try to maximize that, with weights/opponents not even considerations. I wish him the best, he's chosen a path that will test him, for sure.
  15. By rule, can the refs warn the bench more than once without taking a point? ASU was warned twice against Mizzou with no deductions.
  16. Dual started at 165. Shields and AValencia wmd = 8-0 ASU Wisman gave Zahid all he wanted but came up short 14-10 = 11-0 ASU Koelling defeats Norfleet 3-1 = 11-3 ASU Hall only manages a 4-1 win = 14-3 ASU Could have been a lot worse so far, but Mizzou has been game. Courtney with multiple tds wins 17-9 = 18-3 ASU Hart wins 14-4 = 18-7 ASU Butler wins 4-2 = 18-10 ASU Mauller has unranked Maruca. Need a TF most likely. Mauller only wins 8-4. Not a lot of fire = 18-13 ASU Jacques has Teemer. ASU not out of the woods yet. Jacques loses 10-7 = 21-13 ASU
  17. Lugo making the finals would surprise me.
  18. Simply remove the team champion farcical aspect from the Individual Tournament and determine THE team champion in a dual format. No, you don't have to award the other divisions additional crowns either.
  19. Kemmerer's effort was so impressive, but Hall looked like the better wrestler. It was an awesome revival of the legendary Carver Magic that carried Kemmerer to victory. I don't think you can count on that happening again. Hall is so technically amazing, and Cael is such a good coach, I think they'll figure it out come March. I can't remember the last time I actually liked an Iowa wrestler, but KemDog's wrestling and demeanor after winning may have won me over. The real winner of that match were wrestling fans all over the country. And the fact that it happened on the heels of the epic, bloody gladiator fest of 165 was awesome.
  20. The only people who can possibly still be convinced that the NCAA tournament is a better way to determine the team champion are obviously hardcore PSU fans. I'm not biased against either Iowa or PSU, I think they are both equally worthless, but that dual was epic. Casual/non-fans everywhere (like my girlfriend) can appreciate a contest like that and get excited about the matches/results, and be done in 2 hours. There is no comparison to NCAA's and their indecipherable scoring that often results in virtually no drama during the finals on Sat night. RBY was responsible for over 1/3 or PSU's points, so the argument that stars should be able to earn a disproportionate amount of points (like at NCAA's) is moot. It happens in duals too. Impressive and gutty performances by outmatched wrestlers (149/157) are completely discounted at NCAA's, but are another source of excitement in duals for those teams. I was actually really invested in the HWT match, which is almost unheard of at NCAA's. They had to switch the order of the finals to counteract that effect, which is an admission in itself. Look at the reactions of the wrestlers themselves. To those who think wrestling is primarily an individual sport, why do wrestlers at this level get that excited during duals? You see teammates sitting in the stands eating, resting, etc. for 40-60% of their teammates matches at NCAA's. There are 3-4 dozen different teams where recruits can reasonable expect to win a national title for themselves, yet they often cite team chemistry, "fit", family atmosphere, etc. as the difference makers in their decisions. Teams MATTER to these guys, and to fans, and pretty much exclusively matter to casual/non-fans. I refuse to accept that the horse is dead. Never quit.
  21. I've been watching wrestling for a long time, and that was quite simply 14 of the most intense minutes of wrestling i've ever seen. It doesn't get much better than this.
  22. Jim Zalesky, but he may have had a tie. What about Barry Davis, or did he lose to Darkus during that stretch? 3 years without a loss seems to be pretty rarefied air.
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