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  1. That look seems to be making a comeback recently.
  2. Results (per Flo), for those who are interested: Results from Spartan Combat 1. Main Card Kyle Dake vs. Dave McFadden, Techfall 11-0 3:39 Yianni Diakomihalis vs. Anthony Ashnault, Techfall 10-0 4:38 Gabe Dean over Mike Macchiavello, 5-5 Vito Arujau over Michael Colaiocco, Techfall 11-0 3:39 Undercard Ben Darmstadt over Khalil Shakur, Fall 0:33 Ryan Miller over Benny Gomez, Techfall 11-1 4:18 Dom LaJoie over Dominic Chavez, Tech all 13-3 3:45 Daniel Koll over Khalid Blankly, 11-1 3:46 Anthony Artalona over Josh Saunders, 2-2 Chris Foca over Neil Antrassian,13-2 2:20 Jon Loew over Maximus Hale, Fall 5:10 Lewis Fernandes Ben Goldin, Techfall 14-4 4:15 Colton Yapoujian over Jackson Dean, Techfall 10-0 2:57 Julian Ramirez over Sam Erwin, Techfall 10-0 0:54 Hunter Richard over Matt Jenkins, Techfall 10-0 1:32 Jacob Cardenas over Khalil Belk, Techfall 10-0 0:32 Evan Henderson over Hai Siu, Techfall 13-2 2:00 Scottie Boykin over Brandon Williams, Techfall 10 1:20 Max Dean over. Khalil Shakur, Techfall 10-0 1:10
  3. That can't be - a well known Lehigh poster has been posting match PBP on the Lehigh site. (Or was that a well-known Lehigh Prankster?)
  4. I think you missed a few... Legger is a good one. No way I'd ever post my real name here - too many crazies hanging around! (see top of post)
  5. Oh... You mean that's not his happy face?
  6. They look happy about this. Fingers crossed that all goes well!
  7. We've been asking that about Mopar for years...
  8. M* ? Kind of wonder, especially as they tried to cover up the stroke.
  9. No; but my sister has a PhD in molecular biology. She thinks we're all idiots.
  10. Trolls are gonna troll. For my part - I'm happy to see another outlet, but that probably won't mean I check this site any less. Sometimes more is more. ;-)
  11. You should move to South Dakota. You'd probably find plenty of like minded people there. See ya!
  12. Make no mistake - I do feel badly for the 450 or so boys (and I'm not sure how many girls) who will lose this opportunity. I also feel badly for my own daughter, who missed out on theater performances in her senior year, and the opportunity to be considered in the "Rising Star Awards" (AKA, NJ High School Tony Awards). I feel even worse for people who are losing jobs during this pandemic. This does hit close to home for us. But it has hit us harder seeing neighbors and members of our community get sick and die from this - police, doctors, teachers, restauranters, mothers, fathers - these people are not in nursing homes, they are active members of the community. They are not just numbers, they are known to us. I live here - I know how bad it can get. On a more positive note - both of our kids are in college this year, and they have almost gotten through the semester (finishing on campus instruction in just 3 weeks) It hasn't been "normal", but by following strict guidelines and limits, both schools (Syracuse and U of Hartford) have succeeded in managing the situation admirably well. The situation sucks, I grant you that - but making vague innuendo about conspiracy theories (sounds like someone else?) doesn't help. The best way out of this mess is to follow science and keeping this bug suppressed until a vaccine is developed. If people will just follow simple guidance - wear masks, social distance, avoid large gatherings - complete shut down would not be necessary.
  13. I have no clue what you mean - but I doubt you do, either.
  14. Because in New Jersey, we do the right thing.
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