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  1. I've communicated with him numerous times over the years, both via E-mail and in person at events; and I don't believe I've ever seen a coach make more effort to reach out to fans. Yes, I get that some find his style a bit abrasive, but he's also refreshingly up front and direct. His sense of humor can seem a bit harsh, but he's also frequently self-depreciating and pokes fun at himself; he can take it as well as dish it out. And his Cornell Wrestling newsletters are gold!
  2. So what this thread is saying is - there's still a chance, right?
  3. West Philly? What does Frank Rizzo have to say about this?
  4. Frank Rizzo says Dake is Da Bomb.
  5. Mat side weigh-ins would have made this whole problem go away. Just sayin.
  6. Don't think of them as rules...
  7. There's a new wrinkle - you need to make a rule that forbids deviations from the rules? And then what about the rule that forbids deviation from the rule that forbids... :-D
  8. USA Wrestling declined comment on Cox’s interview, citing section 9 (“athletes’ rights”) of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee bylaws process and protocol. "The corporation (USA Wrestling) will, by all reasonable means, protect the opportunity of an amateur athlete to participate if selected (or to attempt to qualify for selection to participate) as an athlete representing the United States in any of the aforesaid competitions. In determining reasonable means to protect an athlete’s opportunity to participate, the corporation will consider its responsibilities to the individual athlete(s) involved or affected, to its mission, and to its membership."
  9. J’den Cox is not entered in U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Wrestling (teamusa.org)
  10. I love kale - sautéed with a little bacon and onion, it's really tasty. However I think some do find it a bit bitter for their taste.
  11. Sad to see the run end for JB, but glad to see Dake get his turn. It's been a long time coming. And both responding well, JB reflective and honest, Dake showing respect to the man he has finally surpassed. Good day for wrestling.
  12. This. After his first two years, some people were still questioning if Dake's first two championships were flukes. And Yianni still has no triceps. That said, I think the biggest difference between the two may be mental. I think Yianni really loves wrestling. I think Dake really hates losing. Subtle, but the motivation is different.
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