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  1. Clearly you must be new to the forum, NJ Dan. Lehigh fans had laid claim to the coveted unofficial EIWA Championship for a number of years, but a firestorm of controversy - well, more like a tempest in a teapot - erupted last season when the Black Knights stole the crown from the Mountain Buzzards. Did you miss all of that?
  2. Not outright. Best they can do is tie Princeton. If Hofstra wins next weekend, both are 7-0 in conference.
  3. Short answer is yes, he's a contender; but don't sleep on Noah Adams, he's been on a roll all year.
  4. I never heard that... but it explains a lot.
  5. Even as a Cornell fan, I can appreciate what this win means for Princeton, and really, for all of College Wrestling - it's a good thing to see a program on the rise; this is the way the sport SHOULD be building interest. But then, how sad that some posters always find a way to throw poop at someone else's parade.
  6. Awesome performance by Princeton yesterday, congratulations to the Tigers!
  7. Whizwit, you of all people should know - you can always find that on the Lehigh forum!! :-P
  8. Keep in mind, while he has 5 losses - 4 of them are at 184, and won't be considered for seeding. I don't think he'll do too badly. If he wins out at Easterns, I think he can get as high as 3rd seed. And he still has enough time to earn an RPI before nationals.
  9. I was there - the officiating was atrocious, the PA announcer was super obnoxious... but it really was an incredible dual. Wow. Hats off to Princeton, they really were on a mission, and earned the win! So let's see - we don't get to start on another consecutive Ivy win streak until next season? 1... 2... 3... (Oooo that's depressing!)
  10. Cornell cruises 30-6. Darmstadt back in action, scores a fall under a minute.
  11. Penn vs. Cornell on ESPN+. Wrestlestat projects this tied 9-9 after 165, but then all Cornell for the upper weights. Cornell should cruise to a win, but there are some interesting matchups: 125 Dom LaJoie will be a clear underdog vs Coliaocco , but if he can somehow pull off an upset, this will help his case for an NCAA bid. 141 Baughman is a one point underdog vs. Zapf, but he's been on a roll. 149 Hunter Richard vs. Revano - should be close. 285 Furman vs. Goldin - Furman favored, but not a sure thing.
  12. And then for Cornell vs. Princeton: 125 Dom LaJoie (13-13) vs. #3 Patrick Glory (15-0) 133 #5 Chas Tucker (23-0) vs. Ty Agaisse (5-5) 141 Noah Baughman (18-9) or Mike Russo (9-4) vs. Marshall Keller (11-10) or Pat D'Arcy (4-6) 149 #25 Hunter Richard (17-7) or Mike Russo (9-4) vs. Josh Breeding (5-8) (No D'angelo?) 157 Adam Santoro (10-12) vs. #4 Quincy Monday (17-3) or Jack Lang (1-3) 165 Jake Brindley (5-7) vs. Grant Cuomo (11-4) or Dale Tiongson (4-1) 174 Andrew Berreyesa (6-1) or Milik Dawkins (9-8) vs. Kevin Parker (10-6) or Nate Dugan (7-7) 184 Jonathan Loew (19-9) or Jonah Barley (5-6) vs. Travis Stefanik (6-4) 197 #10 Ben Darmstadt (20-5) vs. #3 Patrck Brucki (14-2) HWT Brendan Furman (14-11) vs. Aidan Conner (6-12)
  13. BTW, not to get too far in front of things - here are the projected matchups for the Cornell vs. Penn dual: 125 Dom LaJoie (13-13) vs. #8 Michael Colaiocco (15-5) or Dan Planta (2-2) 133 #5 Chas Tucker (23-0) vs. Carmen Ferrante (13-9) 141 Noah Baughman (18-9) or Mike Russo (9-4) vs. #19 Doug Zapf (20-5) 149 #25 Hunter Richard (17-7) or Mike Russo (9-4) vs. Lucas Revano (12-10) or Jon Errico (7-3) 157 Adam Santoro (10-12) vs. #13 Anthony Artalona (14-6) or Cam Connor (13-10) 165 Jake Brindley (5-7) vs. Jake Lizak (7-11) or Brian Krasowski (5-10) 174 Andrew Berreyesa (6-1) or Milik Dawkins (9-8) vs. Neil Antrassian (10-13) or Jake Stefanowicz (2-2) 184 Jonathan Loew (19-9) or Jonah Barley (5-6) vs. John Stout (3-7) or Jalen Laughlin (0-0) 197 #10 Ben Darmstadt (20-5) vs. Cole Urbas (14-8) or Greg Bensley (2-6) HWT Brendan Furman (14-11) vs. Ben Goldin (12-9) or Nate Hoaglund (3-8)
  14. Mank, I'm going! Sent you a note...
  15. I think he's a bit put off at some things that were said a while back. And while I've tried to fill in during his absence - I must face it, I'm no Scribe, just as Dan Quayle is no Jack Kennedy.
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