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  1. red blades

    133 S. Parker

    Dr. Novak is messin' with us, Housebuye. I'm just playing along. Although, Cornell did have a wrestler a couple of years back who graduated, still had eligibility, and then went to Lehigh to wrestle as a grad student - so there is precedent for this.
  2. red blades

    133 S. Parker

    Can't wrestle for Cornell, he's already graduated; but he could wrestle for Lehigh!
  3. red blades

    133 S. Parker

    Lehigh 34-12 over Bucknell, looked pretty good. Looks like a couple of guys (Priesch, Jacobsen) sat this one out, we'll see if they are on the mat tomorrow.
  4. red blades

    184: The Cornell and Penn State Era

    Lehigh lost to teams ranked #1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 17, and 18 by Wrestlestats; in the loss to #18, they had TWO injury defaults. But yes, Cornell is "down" by comparison to a typical year - only 5-1, ranked somewhee about 10-15. (Jeez, I never thought I would be defending Lehigh's team! :-O )
  5. red blades

    184: The Cornell and Penn State Era

    Here's the lineup from the Lehigh match notes: LEHIGH PROBABLE STARTERS RECORD125 Luke Resnick (Fr., Chester Springs, Pa.) 1-7133 Brandon Paetzell (So., Phillipsburg, N.J.) 5-6141 Ryan Pomrinca (Jr., Annandale, N.J.) 6-7149 Jimmy Hoffman (Fr., Drums, Pa.) 6-7Cortlandt Schuyler (Sr., Lancaster, Pa.) 5-3157 No. 17 Josh Humphreys (Fr., Parkersburg, W. Va.) 6-4165 Gordon Wolf (Sr., Lawrenceville, N.J.) 5-2174 No. 7 Jordan Kutler (Jr., Sparta, N.J.) 8-3184 No. 7 Ryan Preisch (Sr., New Columbia, Pa.) 10-1Chris Weiler (So., Biglerville, Pa.) 11-7197 No. 15 Jake Jakobsen (So., Sciota, Pa.) 5-3Kyle Gentile (So., Sellersville, Pa.) 8-2285 No. 7 Jordan Wood (So., Gilbertsville, Pa.) 9-2 Let's face it, Cornell would be projected to win with bonus at 125 and 141 no matter who Lehigh sent out; I'm not sure why Paetzell would be projected at 133 rathere than Farro (who, IMO, is not a big step down from Parker). After that, from 149 up, that's pretty much all of the expected starters listed. I've got this one as a 5-5 split, Cornell taking it on bonus points; but about 4-5 matches could go either way. Should be a very good dual!
  6. red blades

    184: The Cornell and Penn State Era

    They tried that some years ago with Josh Arnone. He was 2007 NCAA 8th at 184 as a freshman, struggled with injuries the next 2 years, then went 285 his senior year. Lost to Zack Rey in OT at EIWA semis (finished 3rd), then went 0-2 at NCAA's.
  7. red blades

    Excape? WTF?

    I recall a former president who used to say "nukular".
  8. red blades

    Stoll #1?

    That's only because the arena is half filled with PSU fans.
  9. red blades

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Not to mention self control and discipline generally associated with Eastern cultures and martial arts. Or is that provincial arrogance, too?
  10. red blades

    Best Wrestling Forum

    Other than team specific fora, what other options are there now? TOM? Any others? Earl Smith used to run a site - D1CW - that had a forum, but that's pretty much a ghost town. Wrestling Report is pretty much just a Lehigh and Cornell forum, with a smattering of EIWA and EWL posting since Allen Brown passed away.
  11. red blades

    Hair Cut

    I it rule of law that you object to? Or just enforcement of law?
  12. red blades

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    This is pretty bad - does nothing to promote any sort of spirit of cooperation or understanding, on the contrary, seems to only fan the flames. Sadly, this is indicative of the attitude on both sides of the political spectrum these days.
  13. red blades

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    What if the guy is really injured after a match actually starts, and defaults out - that counts as a loss, right? And that would also have seeding implications, no? What I am suggesting is that we treat the entire tournament as a competition, not as a series of individual matches that wrestles can pick or choose if they want to compete. you can make dropping out in the middle of a tournament... or not. It really depends what the people want.
  14. red blades

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    And maybe the ref was thinking of just letting it go - but then maybe the opposing coach said something to the ref, and the ref had to call this. A lot of possibilities here that may not be reported, but should be considered before jumping to conclusions.
  15. red blades

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    I must be older than a lot of you guys - but back in the late 70's when I was wrestling, a lot of guys wore their hair long - and I saw a lot of impromptu haircuts given at weigh ins. It was no big deal back then, we'd laugh about it.