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  1. I've never seen an eye sneeze. But medical staff do wear face shields to protect themselves.
  2. So many nominees for the Darwin awards here...
  3. Yes, a number of people - and several who have died from it.
  4. Cary, I see N. Carolina is posting its highest daily increase in positive cases just today, at 1017 - and the day isn't even over yet. https://www.newsweek.com/north-carolina-reports-highest-daily-coronavirus-infection-increase-state-enters-phase-2-reopening-1506194 Keep your head down buddy. Don't be a hero.
  5. No. There are a lot of things I will do, but attending any kind of entertainment event - sports, theater, concert , and especially indoors - is something that should not be considered at this time. We'll see about 6 months from now.
  6. No doubt that is the case, but the question is, do you really want to wait until you have a lot of people dying, and your hospitals overwhelmed, before you take precautions? That's what happened here. This is a deadly sneaky bug - it can spread for weeks before anyone realizes, and then - it's too late to stop it. So... Are ya feelin' lucky?
  7. Same here - we know quite a number of people who had it, and a few who have died from it, including our family doctor. I'm beginning to wonder if I had it myself in mid-February. I had what I first assumed was a mild flu, but it had a wicked sort of 2nd phase after the fever was already gone and I thought I was recovering. At that time there were no known cases in NY or NJ, and I had not travelled at all, so I really did not think it was Covid (and when I tried to research the symptoms, the published list at the time was laughably short and generic). But when I did return to work, walking up the stairs at the subway had me seriously sucking wind - it felt like 3rd period in a match, first week of wrestling season.
  8. Means nothing to a lot of people. I asked my wife, and she says, "listen, if they didn't get at least one Tony Award nomination - they are nothing to me." But it will mean something to most serious wresting fans.
  9. Yeah, Dake sucks at fantasy matchups.
  10. And then the more realistic among us say - we all need to make some sacrifices to save hundreds of thousands of lives; and we will still see a high death toll, in spite of the sacrifices. But even if we don't make those sacrifices, we will still pay a price economically, perhaps just as high.
  11. Yes, I get that the number of actual cases is greater - and probably significantly so - than the number of confirmed cases, but at this juncture, confirmed cases are the only ones measurable. I haven't seen any credible numbers on unconfirmed cases. Ultimately, the question I'm looking at is where will this level off here in the US? 100,000 dead, as last suggested as a best case by the Trump administration? or 1,000,000 dead? Or something in between?
  12. More discussion of this: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-concealed-extent-of-virus-outbreak-u-s-intelligence-says/ar-BB121FtR?ocid=msedgntp
  13. We will hit 1 million confirmed cases worldwide, and 50,000 deaths before the end of the day today. That's a death rate of about 5%. And the number of cases is still accelerating. Who knows where it levels off, let alone ends?
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