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  1. I still have that dream; and let me tell you, trying to make weight at age 50+ really sucks!
  2. Easy. Anyone living East of the Appalachians and West of the Sierras.
  3. Gee, I missed the last 18 pages of this thread... Did I miss much?
  4. Good question. Both Vito and Greg D are showing on the Cornell roster at 125. Speculation is one of them will move up, but as of now, no indication who. Senior Dom LaJoie may also have a say in the matter.
  5. There is a pretty good discussion of this, in layman's terms, here: Americans Are Losing Sight of the Pandemic Endgame - The Atlantic.
  6. Very different from what VL wrote - but yes, much better.
  7. You are assuming a 1 to 1 correlation between vaccination and rate of hospitalization, but there are lot more variables involved...
  8. Back when I was in high school (I know, way before most of ya'll!) a win by 12 or more points was deemed a "superior decision" and was worth 5 team points in dual meet scoring; it did not, however, end the match upon reaching that scoring margin.
  9. But I also think those expectations were not unreasonable given Dake's recent performances; losing to Kadimagomedov may have been unexpected, but losing so badly was just shocking, and not just to Dake fans. It's hard to explain it whether you are rooting for him or not. For my part, I do think we all try to overexplain things. Elite athletes are not robots. Sometimes even the best have a bad performance, or a bad day. There could be one reason why, there could be a combination of things. But as a big Dake fan, I am inclined to think that loss, while unfortunate, was something of an anomaly; at least I hope so! The big question now is - how will he move on?
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