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  1. Not a lot that I know of. But hey, he's been on a roll since the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.
  2. Good question. I had to go back and look, but it seems chatter on the Cornell Forum was that Handlovic just couldn't make the cut to 141 second semester of last season; expect him to maybe go up? Saunders was also inexplicably MIA after January. 141 was manned second semester by 133 lbers JJ Wilson and Philip Moomey. Saunders was expected to be the guy until... well until he wasn't. I haven't heard any word as of yet who may rise to the top, but typically Binghamton's Kalaust Open is where we get our first look at how contested weights may shake out.
  3. Not according to him - I spoke to him during the phone-a-thon a couple of weeks ago. Nice kid!
  4. At Cornell, 125 could see Greg D, Brett Ungar, and Dom LaJoie fighting it out for the spot. 141 could see Josh Saunders challenged by Vince Cornella
  5. Koll sucks at fantasy wrestling almost as much as Dake.
  6. Senior Ruth struggled to beat Freshman Gabe Dean. Notwithstanding Dake's horrible fantasy results - nah, I'm not buying it.
  7. I didn't think Ruth did have four titles?
  8. Indeed, Cael's shadow has never darkened Ithaca. After losing to Cornell 22-15 at National Duals in 2009, Cael has refused to wrestle Cornell in a dual meet. WeightCornell WrestlerOpponentResult 125Troy Nickerson vs Clark W 4-2 133Mike Grey vs Fanthorpe WOT 7-5 141Corey Manson vs Gallick, Nick L 2-4 149Daniel Meaghervs Mueller L 4-11 157Jordan Leen vs Sanderson, Cyle WMD 13-5 165Mack Lewnes vs Reader W 6-5 174Steve Anceravage vs Pursel WBF 2:45 184Justin Kerber vs Ward W 10-5 197Cameron Simaz vs Varner LDF 285Taylor Moore vs Zabriskie L 0-6
  9. Somewhere on the streets of Philadelphia...
  10. He lives in Brooklyn, somewhere? Are you sure it isn't Frank Mills?
  11. Yeah, they've been stuck in a rut. ;-)
  12. I thought I was seeing a ghost with that post from "Stove Pipe".
  13. I can't see how an Ivy school which only provides financial aid strictly based on need can make anyone an "offer"; but then again, since no Ivy is a LOI school, I don't see how any "commitment" is very meaningful either. Kid wants to go the Cornell. That's great; but let's see how things shake out in a couple of years. Move along now, nothing to see here. ;-P
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