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  1. I thought they are the Mountain Buzzards?
  2. He's got the Cornell Lawyers on his side. Good stuff, Scribe! ;-)
  3. I like it - we can title it "Hail, All Hail Cornell"! That'll fire up some of the haters! }:-)
  4. Bob, that's a little disconcerting; although Bruce always did seem to keep a low profile. Hope it's nothing serious. And maybe he just got tired of keeping it up? Have to wait and see about EIWA's - High School Musical is the same weekend, and that is a BIG deal in our house - and the last one for us, the youngest graduates this year. Lehigh is a daytrip for me, though, so for sure I can sneak out there for day 2.
  5. Bob, any word? Seriously, I'm more concerned all is OK with Bruce.
  6. I hope you remembered to turn off the light as you left the room... On to Elynah?
  7. No, KJ gave Long a second chance with strict rules about behavior. Cael gave Long the opportunity to circumvent those rules.
  8. We're all Bad Company over there.
  9. Responses like this... And we wonder why we don't get more wrestling coverage in mainstream media?
  10. I also like the current rule that allows wrestling to continue so long as at least part of one wrestler is in the cylinder; a lot of good action occurs in this situation, and we see takedowns instead of pushouts.
  11. Grey went to Delbarton, not Blair; that said, he's got pretty good ties to New Jersey all around. If Koll was going to pick a Jersey guy, I'm just glad it was Grey, and not NJ Dan! :-P
  12. So many things to question in just that one sentence. Suffice to say I think Mike Grey is the right choice at this time; he's learned the system, obviously has earned the trust of the wrestlers, and this is a good move to show him some love and also assure recruits that there is a vision towards the future. Dake meanwhile has his focus on competing - as he should. Good move by Koll & Co., IMO.
  13. That's too bad - I wanted to post the news about Mike Grey.
  14. You still have Intermat, TOM, Wrestlestat… Is there really that much difference?
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