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  1. Ah, there's a good mindset - someone levels a legitimate criticism so you resort to calling them a liar with no basis. Jason.......you are an apologist and an idiot. I booked my flight and took off work on September 7th. I am more than happy to post a receipt for my plane tickets if you don't believe me. So I bought my ticket and submitted for time off 8 weeks in advance of the event - is that good enough for you? See, I have a big boy job, and big boy jobs require you to take off time well in advance so arrangements can be made for meetings, obligations, etc. I actually spent 7 years running a wrestling website in Michigan called MichiganGrappler as well as doing a ton of work for the Associated Wrestling Press and Dave Dean, the guy whose name is all over that press release you seem so proud of linking to. In all my time I spent in that role, not once did I accuse someone of being a liar simply because they leveled criticism towards me, and not once did I try to pass the buck to fans if I failed to deliver on what was expected of me. I guess all I can say is man am I glad to be working in the real world now and not with people like you.
  2. Trying different things is great, but there needs to be some level of transparency. As a fan whose followed this event for many years, how am I possibly supposed to know it's going to be half of what it usually is when I buy tickets, make travel plans, and take time off work months in advance? That's a straight up carnie move that I'd expect from Vince McMahon, not the NWCA.
  3. So the NWCA just released their "final" lineup and it appears there are only going to be 6 men's matches? I'm flying in from Michigan and taking PTO for this, and honestly I wasn't the least bit bothered that we weren't getting any #1 vs #2's or anything like that. I love the sport, I've never been able to go to an NCAA's, so just seeing 10 really quality college wrestling matches was enough for me. ...but to just not fill out the card? That's absolutely embarrassing. Like, how were customers even supposed to know that was an option? Is there any precedent for that whatsoever? The women's numbers are down too, it looks like just half the amount of matches they had a year ago. I realize how cheap and whiny the wrestling community can be at times and I really try to not to be one of those guys, but this level of administrative incompetence coupled with a total lack of transparency is brutal for the sport.
  4. I've thought this about a number of kids over the years and just about every time I've been proven me wrong. The most recent example being Rayvon Foley. With college weight training programs as good as they are nowadays I'm starting to feel like they can build just about anyone into an adequately sized 125 as long as they're willing to put in the time.
  5. I could see Tariq vs Lizak being an absolute blast at 133
  6. That's a good point. I'm also not sure if Mattin will still be able to make 125 by then, however. He wrestled 61kg this spring. Thinking next year may be a good opportunity to redshirt him then take over for Micic at 133 the following year.
  7. As good as they are going to be this year, I think the upside for next year's team is even higher, especially if they decide to go all-in and start McHenry right away. 125: McHenry 133: Micic 141: Silva 149: Storr 157: Lewan 165: Massa 174: Amine 184: Embree 197: Striggow 285: Parris Obviously a lot of those guys are still unproven at the college level and we will learn a lot more about them in the coming months, but either way it's a pretty exciting time in Ann Arbor. Bormet is the man.
  8. I am very interested to see if Smith can hold 125. He has been darn good at 133 the first two years of his career and was even pretty solid up at 141, competing with guys like Gfeller (10-7 loss) and Storr (6-4 loss). Could be a game changer for Missouri at what will otherwise be a very weak weight for them.
  9. At 125 my guess is that they would like to redshirt Mattin and start Assad, but that hinges on Assad being able to hold up for a full college season which is a big if given his injury history. I think Mattin will be able to hold the weight for at least another year, but he wrestled 61KG this summer and with McHenry coming in next year I gotta think he’s headed up 133lbs sooner or later. Despite pretty mediocre results during hid redshirt season I still think Ben Freeman is a guy to keep an eye on. He had a 12-2 FS win over Nick Lee about 18 months ago and definitely has a the skillset to have success at this level if can get stronger and more physical. With Silva likely to take over the reigns at 141 next year I’d like to see Ben move up and compete to be the 149 of the future. Jelani Embree is really intriguing. His biggest issue in high school was that he had a really hard time creating his own offense when he was trailing against elite opponents. The dude is an absolute MAC truck, though, if he can develop a go-to folkstyle takedown he is gonna be a serious problem for people at 184.
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