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  1. This is awesome! I love duals! We need more of these types of events.
  2. Let me preface this by saying I'm an NC State fan and season ticket holder. That being said 4 out of the top 10 dual teams are from the ACC and that aint nothing. Yes, the conference has a long way to go but they have made great strides in recent years. We should be celebrating those strides and hope they continue because it's good for the sport. I think Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Louisville are great opportunities for D1 expansion. I hope somebody who has the money and loves the sport and school agrees. In the meantime the 6 ACC schools who do sponsor wrestling are going to continue to grow the conference and battle for dual titles and team trophies.
  3. The atmosphere for that 2016 dual win over Missouri was unbelievable. Best atmosphere I've ever experienced. I was legit worried the riser I was sitting on was going to collapse at one point.
  4. I'd like to see the ACC expand. If it's in my state then I'd go with Wake Forest. But I think Clemson or Georgia Tech would be great options as well.
  5. That was a really enjoyable article. I strongly agree with the comment about wrestling place bouts next to the finals. The EIWA made this change a few years ago and I hated it. I enjoy watching the finals match but if my team's guy is wrestling for 3rd or 5th I'm paying zero attention to the finals. And I enjoy watching the finals. Get the placement bouts done earlier!
  6. As an ACC fan I'd love to see the conference grow past 6 teams. My possibilities are: Syracuse: Former northeast power. Clemson: We need a team in SC to challenge all the NC programs. Georgia Tech: Atlanta is a big market and Georgia is a big state to have no teams. Notre Dame and Louisville: Both schools sponsor a lot of sports. Why not add wrestling? Outside of the ACC I'd like to see Yale restart their program. Could some of these schools sponsor both women's and men's wrestling to satisfy Title 9 requirements?
  7. For those watching the prices falling on StubHub be aware that due to the need to ship tickets the listing will expire on Monday. On a related note I've got 3 uppers available for session 2 if anybody is interested.
  8. Ah that stinks. Sorry it's not showing for you. I've been able to find Big 12 matches on there in the past that weren't shown in my area.
  9. Try searching for wrestling on the Fox Sports To Go App or website it might show up.
  10. I too wish Flo would put all their duals on the Roku platform as full event replays. I cant always catch matches live but being able to watch them later in full is great. Unfortunately, they don't post a lot of them on the Roku. Knock on wood, but I had no issues streaming all 4 mats from the EIWAs today. Thanks Flo and thanks Comcast.
  11. I've only been to Nationals a few times but I didn't think NYC was a great venue for it. As somebody else mentioned half the fun of Nationals is interacting with other fans, in NYC once you got a block away from the Garden nobody even knew that the tournament was going on. Last year in Cleveland it seemed like the whole downtown area was taken over by wrestling fans which was awesome.
  12. $235 for uppers from Ticketmaster when they went on sale March of last year.
  13. I think part off the criticism of Flo is related to the general unreliability of streaming a live event. There are so many factors that go in to streaming a live event, internet feed coming out of the venue, server internet feed, end users internet feed, ect. Can anybody name a LIVE streaming service that is perfect? I tried to watch the Rose Bowl and CFB Playoff championship game last year on WatchESPN and it constantly buffered and cut out, I was streaming an NHL game last night on Fox Sports and it cut out and buffered a couple of times. Streaming services aren't as reliable as cable. They are getting a lot better but aren't quite there yet.
  14. Keep in mind ESPN is losing money on ESPN+ which is fine for Disney but wouldn't make sense for FloSports. Also, I'll go out on a ledge and say that Flo has fewer subscribers than ESPN+. Link for ESPN+ losing money: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/05/disney-says-espn-has-2-million-paid-subscribers-but-is-losing-money.html Is Flo perfect? No. Are they a lot better than the alternatives? Yes. Is $150/annually a decent chunk of change? Yes. Do I think it is worth it? Yes. Are you tired of reading a post where the poster answers is own questions in this format? Probably.
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