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  1. My guess is that Coach Ryan will end up moving guys around and pulling a few redshirts to create the best possible lineup. He doesn't like to put a lesser team on the mat when he has the talent to be a top tier team. Personally, I think he needs to learn patience but this is how he rolls. 125: Heinselman 133: Decatur 141: Pletcher 149: Hayes 157: Sasso 165: Ethan Smith if he can make it. And eventually they put Kharchla out there after he destroys everyone in opens. 174: Rock Jordan or Ethan Smith 184: Gavin Hoffman 197: Moore Hvy: Singletary or Kerkvliet. The big moves will be Pletcher to 141 and Sasso to 157. The question, of course, is will either of these moves cost either wrestler a national title?
  2. Sorry but the best line is "I met her on Monday, it was my lucky bun day."
  3. He's faced many of the same issues that Micah had with regard to weight class and hasn't performed as well. I would love to see him finish strong and believe he has the talent. But he has to learn how to eke out wins over quality guys.
  4. Milkovich is Mt Rushmore in Ohio. Taylor and Stieber are the weakest selections mentioned. Lots of folks to consider who have gone unmentioned. Go to ohiowrestling.net and read the comments on this topic. Some fine folks got overlooked who deserve mention.
  5. Assuming we are only picking four, Ohio's might be: Lee Kemp---Ohio's most accomplished international competitor Logan Stieber--One of the finest preps in US history and an accomplished international competitor Bobby Douglas--Accomplished competitor and ground breaking collegiate coach including an NCAA title at Arizona State and the finest collegiate competitor in history, Cael Sanderson Mike Milkovich--Most influential prep coach in Ohio history and certainly one of the finest in the nation during his era.
  6. If you've ever been fortunate enough to talk to Geoff Stieber, you understand why the son's are such good people. He guided Logan and Hunter (as well as Cam Tessari and Chris Phillips) to be successful in this sport and never allowed them shortcuts. At the same time, he kept them in their tiny community and created a source of pride for their hometown. Think about every wrestling Dad you know and ask how many would have sent their incredibly talented sons to a program without any other great training partners or a stud staff? The Steibers learned values beyond winning from their father. Mom is fabulous as well.
  7. As Steveson matures emotionally, he'll dominate. Cassar had an outstanding season but my bet is on Gable moving forward.
  8. Cael is 99% of it. Ask every Bill Belichick assistant who was hired away from New England and failed elsewhere.
  9. I think the OP's point is valid in the sense that we have no wrestling media offering opinion pieces in the immediate aftermath of the match. I looked--Flo and Intermat had nothing. The opinions are provided by fans on forums but the concrete thoughtful analysis we'd like to see was not to be found for a few days. Tomorrow TR Foley will likely weigh in but that's too long after the fact. Logan Stieber makes an excellent point in his recent Flo interview. He points out that the three guys in charge of making a call had three different opinions so how do they end up going with the one that changes the outcome?
  10. Wouldn't shock me if Pletcher redshirted. Bucks are planning to redshirt Kharchla and Kerkvliet both of whom are better than the wrestlers who will start. Why not shirt Pletcher and just concede the season while getting ready to put a stud lineup on the mat in a year?
  11. Evidently, he's wrestling without an ACL in one leg and he still tore through the field at U23's defeating a very good Jordan Wood and ripping a solid AJ Nevills in the process. In the post title interview, he said he's redshirting so he can lift and get bigger but he has serious man strength right now. If I'm Ohio State, I have him wrestle a Kyle Snyder type schedule for all four years with emphasis on key duals and post season. I would do everything possible to reduce wear and tear as he is so good right now that he could actually challenge Cassar and Steveson. I didn't realize how incredibly talented he is. He and Kharchla--wow! Thoughts?
  12. Claxton was up one with 5 secs to go in a blood round match his senior season. He got reversed. He is now an undefeated MMA competitor and has told me he's driven by the disappointment he felt over that loss.
  13. Since 1999, it's Nolf or Dake. Burroughs was the greatest talent but he was more cut out for free than folk.
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