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  1. Parris is not overrated by Flo. He's a stud with power, speed and desire. He just needs to keep adjusting to D1 comp. I don't think Singletary will beat him very often but I was encouraged that he beat him this time. Singletary took a calculated risk early and got a nice four pointer off a shot counter. Singletary is a fine technician but lacks horsepower. He will have ups and downs but his upside is much higher than Gary Traub. I'd be shocked if he wasn't the starter moving forward.
  2. Micah was obviously not going all out but Sasso probably wasn't either. Sasso has great countering skills and slick re-attacks. He's going to be excellent.
  3. silvermedal

    Another Wrestler in Congress

    Triggered much (although I agree that the Chinese have been scrwing us)?
  4. silvermedal

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Yeah. He looked like he was wrestling with one arm by the middle of the match. What a shame for him and his team.
  5. silvermedal

    Penn State vs Kent State Thread

    Kent is awful. Jim Andrassy did his team no favors by scheduling two top three squads to start the season.
  6. It's early. Some of you should be smarter than to make these snap judgments about who he will or won't beat based on a couple first weekend duals.
  7. Desanto had a tougher than expected match against Tim Rooney from Kent. Rooney's power threw him off early but Desanto wore him out with Pace. Desanto reminds me of Nico Megaludis. He's not a pretty wrestler but he's going to battle all out every second he's on the mat.
  8. Watched Desanto on Flo and it seems clear the competition in the Iowa room has made him much better. He's going to be a tough out for anyone at this weight.
  9. silvermedal


    1984 Olympic Champion should be worth the same as an NCAA title. 1980 Olympian should be worth something as well. I might add in one point for each world team made.
  10. silvermedal

    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    Greco remains an Olympic sport. The medals earned in Greco will be respected by the university as widely as the medals earned in freestyle.
  11. It's a shame as it has been a great event in the past.
  12. silvermedal

    Ohio State vs. Navy

    Nolf is going to make mincemeat of everyone at the weight. Why would Hayes be an exception?
  13. silvermedal

    Ohio State vs. Navy

    One of them made the finals of the MSU Open and lost a decision to teammate Malik Heinselman. Ryan seems to like them along with fellow Wisconsinite Fritz Schierl. All three are being groomed to compete for future world teams in Greco.
  14. silvermedal

    Ohio State vs. Navy

    Bucks will be led this year by the four M's--Myles, Moore, McKenna and Micah. Add in Pletcher and you have five solid AA types and 3 guys with legit national champ aspirations. Hayes remains a talent but he is overranked to start the season and will struggle against bigger, stronger 157's. (sort of like Jason Johnstone about ten years ago). Campbell remains solid but unspectacular...and he's already limping. Romero has athleticism and power but a long way to go to contend for AA honors. He's a project but the talent is there. Mead and Traub bookend the lineup and while they'll give an effort, they are only modestly competitive especially in the BT. Look for Heinselman and Singletary to enter the lineup sooner than later and possibly Ethan Smith as well at 174 if Ryan tires of Campbell. This Buckeye squad is in transition but still has a good shot to finish in the 3-5 range at NCAA's. The good news is they have Sasso, Hoffman, Kinner, Heinselman and RoJo in redshirt and an amazing group arriving in the fall (Kirkvliet, Kharchla, Jo Decatur and Super 32 champ D'Emilio plus Ja Decatur). Their new facility is almost finished and their RTC has added Dennis Hall as they look to expand their Greco presence. Tom Ryan loves to talk and takes a beating for it in some corners but he backs it up with fundraising, recruiting and program innovation. Bucks are currently the standard bearers when it comes to showing how much more a D1 program can be than just the team on the mat.
  15. Michigan is crazy if they don't start Parris. Having good seasons repeatedly is their next step. If they want to plan for one great season, it's more than likely they still won't win it given the talent being accumulated at Ohio State and Penn State.