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  1. silvermedal

    Penn State 2019-29

    Did he mean at every weight class?
  2. silvermedal


    You don't want one of the finest collegiate wrestlers in the history of our sport? Well, I'm sure a lot of people agree with you on the Jersey Shore forum. Not sure about a wrestling forum but that's just me.
  3. silvermedal

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    Tervel runs the Ohio RTC which will have a top of the line training facility next season. It would take a lot for him to leave as he has a great situation in Columbus. McCoy can't recruit and that is killing Maryland. He needs an assistant who will be an attraction and who can talk some of that NY, PA and NJ talent into coming.
  4. silvermedal

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    I thought the Ashnault went overboard with the six shooters and ticked off Gfeller. Gfeller shouldn't have shoved him but I don't blame him for being ticked. I just don't know how anyone can behave that way towards John Smith. To me, he's an icon.
  5. silvermedal

    Desanto Team Point

    Fair or not, Desanto has set himself up as the guy everyone loves to hate and the crowd will cheer when he loses at NCAA's.
  6. silvermedal

    Cameron Caffey (Michigan State)

    Yep. This kid has serious talent. He just couldn't keep the pace with Martin but who can?
  7. silvermedal

    tOSU 125

    True that Ryan has sometimes kept his true frosh in redshirt. But he hates to have holes in the lineup. Too bad there isn't a national duals this year. PSU would be a clear favorite but the battles between Ohio State, Oklahoma State and Iowa would be fantastic. Maybe Mizzou belongs in that conversation. Cornell possibly as well. Heinselman will do well against opponents who can't physically overwhelm him. He's a terrific wrestler but a bit undersized.
  8. silvermedal

    tOSU 125

    Tom Ryan likes to have his best possible lineup on the mat. He has consistently wrestled true frosh when they are the best option. Good luck to Heinselman. He got off to a nice start tonight.
  9. silvermedal

    Missouri - '18/'19

    Zach Elam was beating the hell out of Singetary in Vegas until the latter's knee got tweaked and he defaulted. He impressed the heck out of me. Brian Smith might do a better job of teaching his guys to wrestle than anyone in the country with the exception of Sanderson.
  10. silvermedal

    Is Cael that much better a coach than all others?

    One huge factor in Cael's success seems to be the experience gained as coach at Iowa State. He seems to have developed insight into what did and did not work in Ames and brought improved methods to PSU. Add in the recruiting advantage, rabid fan base and a rare knack with technique and we see what has taken place. I'd also point out that Cael remains remarkably adept at keeping his program focused on their task at hand. He gets a lot of criticism for not doing more to grow the sport via National Duals, All Star Meets, etc...but his sole purpose seems to be training his wrestlers to be prepared to dominate at NCAA's. He reminds me of Belichick in this regard (without the cheating). One poster wrote that the entire staff is responsible for the success of the program. I am flabbergasted that anyone would fail to see that Cael informs every aspect of how his staff functions.
  11. silvermedal

    NC State vs Ohio State 1/6/19 6:00 EST on ESPN2

    I don't think anyone should give up on Romero. But with all due respect (and I mean it), Kharchla is a better wrestler than Romero or Smith...or Campbell...or Rocky Jordan. The moment he arrives on campus, he starts if that's the plan. Kharchla reminds me of the PSU studs in that he makes the sport look easy.
  12. silvermedal

    Steveson’s Behavior

    My personal opinion is that Steveson is wasting his time with college wrestling and should consider going straight to the Olympic Training Center. He's going to dominate most of his competition for four years with only a handful of guys capable of giving him a match.
  13. silvermedal

    NC State vs Ohio State 1/6/19 6:00 EST on ESPN2

    Buckeyes need a sports psychologist for Micah and Romero. Micah is one of the most exciting wrestlers in the country and a great technician. His struggles in bottom are mostly in his head. I have seen Romero get in on shots at the collegiate level that I believe he would have finished in high school when he expected to score. He seems intimidated by the expectations of being an AA caliber starter at this level. It's a shame. The talent is there. I hope he can figure it out.
  14. Kent and Ohio U have sunk in recent years as has the rest of the once rising MAC. I'm told constantly that the admins/AD's at these schools aren't interested in improving and the fact they haven't changed coaches would seem to back up this info. Ohio has plenty of high school talent but neither of these programs seems capable of landing any major in state studs.
  15. silvermedal

    Bo’s Gesture of Sportsmanship

    If you don't like Bo Nickal, you don't like wrestling. He broke my heart in last year's finals match but he's a brilliant performer and seems to be a very decent human being. Same for Nolf.