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  1. Wonderiing the same thing? 141 is open next year at Ohio State unless Echemedia gets down.
  2. Best wrestler doesn't always win but he does when the ref decides he should. Terrible job by the official all match.
  3. Best advice I've read so far. Thank you Nerd and Ionel. I am printing out both posts to give to customers at my store.
  4. Taking away nothing from Rivera, I thought the MOW was Alex Marinelli. The 165 finals was epic. And defeating three time finalist Joseph to win was an incredible feat.
  5. Clearly, you're not paying attention to women's wrestling. They compete harder than you ever did.
  6. Wrestlers know how to handle a health crisis. Defense Soap.
  7. Such a fine post. You sum up how many people feel on a tricky topic.
  8. There has been mention more than once that Desanto is mildly autistic (Aspergers). Is that true?
  9. And you're confident Kerkvliet will actually take the mat? My guess is Nevills will remain at Hvy. Otherwise, PSU reloads.
  10. If you're a PSU fan, you're happy the team won but discouraged by what you saw. If you're a Buckeye fan, and have seen your team repeatedly beaten down by PSU, you felt there was a moral victory this evening with the exception of the result at 141. I vividly recall the Bucks blowing it a few years ago when PSU--sans Nolf--got great efforts out of the rest of their lineup and squeaked past tOSU in front of a blazing home crowd. That was the dual where Nate only won by MD after giving up a headlock, Myles Martin went to sleep and gave up 2 late backs and got majored and Kyle Snyder was forced to look for big moves all match because they needed a pin. Also, Cassar "upset" Moore at 197. Last night, I saw better fight and more overachieving by this much less talented version of Ohio State. GTG lives!
  11. If you don't compete in the Big Ten, it's hard to know how good you really are. Sorry....not sorry. Zahid Valencia is the one huge exception.
  12. I am dumbfounded. Has the OP ever watched a college match?
  13. RBY is a major reason why some of us are thinking the Nits might sneak past Iowa. He's no shoo in to win 133 but he's right there with Gross and can crush Desanto.
  14. I know you're referencing a specific match but I can't remember which one it is!
  15. No one thinks he faked injury. We just think he could have continued and quit when he was about to get stuck. stop overthinking it. Most obvious answer is usually correct....Ocam's razor.
  16. It was probably the best big move I've seen this season. I think having double unders made it too difficult to control when they hit the mat. You may be right that Hall wins moving forward. I'm sure he's going to be very smart about what he does and doesn't do. I'd expect low scoring bouts.
  17. Agree. Hall nailed that throw. Would have been worth 5 points in freestyle.
  18. Ok. You make that call. But will you publicly own being wrong when Hall gets beat again? I am sure Cael will help Hall make adjustments. But Kemmerer is a bad-ss when it comes to reacting to good attacks. And he made some beautiful adjustments as the match went on. This wasn't an overconfident Logan Stieber getting caught on bottom vs frosh Retherford. This was one guy having a lot of answers for everything his opponent did. I think you're underrating just how good Kemmerer is. I didn't know either until I saw this match. He's made a big leap in my opinion.
  19. He might win it this year. His win over Hall was not a fluke. His situational wrestling skills might be the best in the country.
  20. Excellent breakdown. I'd show your analysis to young wrestlers as a great learning tool.
  21. silvermedal


    WIN has Sasso 5th. WIN's rankings must be done by the scout from Moneyball:
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