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  1. If Snyder doesn't qualify for 2020 you'll probably see him in a cage before you see him in a chair.
  2. I'm buying all the Tom Ryan stock that's available if you guys are selling.
  3. Can't blame him for making the move. I thought for a while he would consider this even before world's. Hope it works out for him. Big blow to Ohio RTC but they still have a lot of talent.
  4. Easy there Willie. This was already put to bed.
  5. Good to see the PSU / Iowa bickerers already in mid-season form...
  6. I'll never understand why this stuff bothers people so much. Flo and ESPN are quite obviously not peers, but they are competing for streaming rights nonetheless.
  7. By all accounts Teasdale is doing great so far. I think he can stay out of trouble. I mean, this is Iowa City we're talking about after all--shouldn't be that hard to avoid shooting yourself in the foot...
  8. If they really want to juice the numbers, they should consider spicing up the "showmatch" a bit. I'm thinking maybe a polar bear vs. 2 silver backs? Something of that nature.
  9. Yes. It's highly common in international soccer. We've had that work in our favor as well as against us (more often in our favor). It can be a bit of a free for all in Europe especially. I can think of multiple examples of sets of brothers that play for different countries.
  10. You're getting at a much more fundamental question as to whether we ought to be taxing non-governmental 501c3's that are providing a service most would agree is for the common good, in place of something that would otherwise be provided by the state.
  11. Echemendia and Zeke met in Cuba when ASU's team visited--he was well aware. I think part of the reason he stayed under the radar is because nobody expected him to be bound for NCAA wrestling, and there was an understood that if he does it'll be at ASU. The fact that it became a more open recruiting process was a bit of a shock. Whether he can step in and dominate right away I don't know... I want to see him wrestle more folkstyle first. But his strength, athleticism, and positioning are all outstanding, and those translate to any style. The only person that's beaten Saunders that bad is Pletcher. If we can do a little transitive property there, it doesn't seem absurd to suggest he's in the same realm as Pletcher, and if he is he's certainly in the title conversation.
  12. I think with Kinner it's his freestyle results that people are looking at. He took some bad losses. To your point, he's good on the mat and you might be able to write those off as, "he's just a folkstyler," but getting smoked by career backups on other teams... hard to spin that. That said, if Pletcher is back at 133 he's certainly in the conversation to start at 141.
  13. WNO is a great event, I just wish it would have existed much sooner. With the all-star classic going by the wayside, it's cool that this event has taken off in the way that it has. To be able to get this many of the top guys in the country to show up to a preseason exhibition event--and not just show up, but care and take it seriously--is very impressive. Job well done.
  14. Echemendia man... kid is a beast. Still haven't seen him get challenged. Also doing his post-match interviews in English and doing a pretty good job of it. There were a number of other guys that were impressive. O'Toole is just a winner. That kid always finds a way.
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