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  1. Maybe? Yazdani doesn't just look for push outs with the underhook. It's where he generates most of his offense, and also how he took down Taylor. It's not like he's going to abandon that and start shooting from space if Taylor has a 2-0 lead.
  2. Awesome is right. Would they be joining the MAC?
  3. It's difficult to say. I think Snyder's work ethic is above reproach, so I have no questions about whether or not he did everything he could to be prepared. Even the Goleji match I don't think is too significant... Snyder has had close calls before. This is the first time though in a Snyder/Sadulaev match where Sadulaev looked like he had more gas. Maybe it's mental. Maybe it's just that Sadulaev was limited in Tokyo by the injury. Who knows. Snyder changed a lot of things in his life and committed the last 4 years to a single goal that he ultimately fell short of. Hard to say what that does to a competitor. Maybe the guy just needs a break.
  4. I don't think it's laughable. Of course Taylor can still beat him. But he's not the better wrestler at this moment, and with each passing year it's a little less likely, IMO.
  5. I think most freestyle proponents operate under the assumption that the vast majority of fans and boosters follow because of association with their respective schools. You make a good point though, a major change in style certainly doesn't come without risks.
  6. I asked a rhetorical question regarding handfighting to point out that the original poster's statements were inconsistent. I did not once say that wrestling is only handfighting. I thought that was pretty easy to understand, sorry for the confusion.
  7. I don't follow. The original poster framed Yazdani as "just a better handfighter" than Taylor, and that Taylor was the "better wrestler." Well, this isn't a newsflash or anything, but handfighting is a huge component of wrestling. If you're looking for support behind the "DT isn't way better than Yaz" argument, just re-watch their match in Oslo.
  8. When did I say it was? Maybe re-read the thread. I was pushing back on someone saying Taylor is a "way better wrestler" and that Yazdani is "just a better handfighter." If Taylor were actually a "way better wrestler," he'd blow Yazdani out every time. It's a ridiculous assertion.
  9. Yes, beats him ever again. Taylor is on the wrong side of 30 with a lot on his plate. Yaz has a few years left of his prime. It is what it is. We can circle back and bet on it if they do meet again next year. By the way, "Taylor is a way better wrestler" and "Yazdani just a better handfighter" are incongruous statements. Is hand fighting suddenly not wrestling? Are underhooks suddenly unfair or something? Maybe what you meant to say was "Taylor is a way better leg attacker."
  10. Taylor is: 1) 4 years older than Yazdani 2) just accomplished his life-long dream 3) has settled down and started a family 4) is running his own business I would be surprised if Taylor ever beats Yazdani again. He held on just long enough--and even then, only just.
  11. Fair enough. Given Yianni and Vito's relationship, and Yianni's outlook on competition in general, I don't see any way he would be upset by something like that (unless there was some sort of injustice done).
  12. This matchup is over 3 months away. Let's at least see what each lineup is before we do this.
  13. You really think Yianni is going to be upset if Vito forces his brother into a sub-optimal weight? That's ridiculous.
  14. From UWW: "I really wanted to win in Oslo, because five-time world champion sounds better than four-time champion." "Years of work pays off and thank God I won again. I always have tough matches with Snyder. I could barely get off the mat at the Olympics, today I was tired at the end, but everything went well." "In Tokyo, I immediately began to attack, but here in the first period I decided to see what he would do. I understood his tactics, and in the second period I did not let him take the lead." "I don't have any special tactic for the matches against Snyder. I know he is trying to wear me out. So I was trying to make him wrestle my way and not let him set his own rules. In the end, I noticed that he got more worn out than me." "Personally, I think [Snyder] was better prepared physically and mentally at the Olympics. I was more tired there. It was easier to win [for me] here." ___ Nothing too shocking, although I found the last sentence interesting. I expected Sadulaev might point to his knee injury as a reason for the closer match in Tokyo, but he pointed to Snyder being better prepared for that match instead.
  15. Reminds me of that other guy that was also an artist...
  16. Well... it's not just RTCs anymore. It's RTC + NIL opportunities. They go hand in hand though, considering the ability to form an RTC is contingent upon your ability to fundraise (in addition to having some actual wrestling success).
  17. I've heard the story a few times, but never heard this piece. Makes much more sense now... I imagine under normal circumstances Blubaugh would find somewhere else to run. Knight had a weird thing for the old school choke move.
  18. Great hire, and out of nowhere seemingly. He's a very strong coach on an individual basis, has great rapport with the current cadet crop. I would have thought he might look for another head coaching opportunity, didn't envision him being on the block for something like this.
  19. Could you point me in the direction of a freestyle wrestler in the modern era that's been able to maintain that level of dominance over an extended period of time? There are a slew of reasons that make it difficult. I'm not saying "change of approach" isn't one of them, but it wouldn't be #1 on my list.
  20. As time passes, Cael's "fluid motion" inches closer and closer to Paul Bunyan status.
  21. You said Ohio State underachieves, can't develop, peak as freshmen. On all of those points, I disagree. You also said they've struggled with mat wrestling. On that point, we can agree. Always happy to look cool, though.
  22. A Ferrari with go cart tires that's one of 3 programs to win a title since 2008, won 3 Big 10 titles over historically dominant Penn State teams, scored the most points ever as runner up, and averaged ~90 points a year at NCAA's over a 10 year stretch? I'd say it was more like F1 Ferrari trying to chase down Mercedes. I'm not being willfully ignorant, I'm well aware of where they've struggled, what their deficiencies are. They're far from perfect, but they're still quite good. Obviously no one is thrilled with Decatur's development. I'm not going to speculate what the issues are, but he came in with zero scholarship $, if that gives you any indication of what their commitment was. If you want to parrot the same Tomasello and Martin takes because they both won unlikely titles as freshmen, be my guest. You're only telling on yourself, as it's completely lacking in nuance. Willfully lacking, you might even say.
  23. JB is rare among wrestlers in that he thinks, A LOT, about everything. What's more, is he's willing to talk about it and let people know what he's thinking about. In doing so, there were a few years there where from the outside it didn't seem like he was all-in, with talk of what's next, should he hang it up, can he still be the best, etc. Listening to him today, I don't get that sense at all, which might worry me a little bit if I was Kyle Dake. Granted, by the time those trials roll around JB will be nearly 36 and Dake will just be hitting cadet eligibility.
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