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  1. Ok boys, better late than never. Quick refresher on the rules: Procedure 1) Pick the wrestler (any weight) you think will go farthest into the season without a loss. 2) Pick a back-up, same criterion. Rules 1) Your choices must not have been previous All Americans (not just last year). 2) Your choices are out: a) if they lose, forfeit, or default; b) if they do not compete in one of the duals or in tournaments in which at least five starters from their team are competing. (beginning now, for example, RBY skips the Keystone open but the rest of the team goes, he's out) 3) You cannot pick the same two wrestlers in the same order as someone who has already picked. 4) A loss to a non-collegian does not count. Standings/Elimination 1) If your starter loses, you are eliminated if any remaining starters are still alive. 2) If your backup loses, and someone else has both their start and backup still alive, you are eliminated. OFFICIAL PICKS BEGIN TODAY (11/14) AT NOON EASTERN. PLEASE DON'T POST YOUR PICK BEFORE THAT TIME. PICKS CLOSE CLOSE TOMORROW, 11/15, AT 5:00PM ET.
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    Hands to the Face Penalty - New Emphasis

    I say we slap one of these bad boys on everybody and consider hands to the face fair game from here on out:
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    Depends on how deep they're able to dig... The obvious best choice would be Tom Ryan, but I don't see that happening. They'd have to offer something like $500k+ per year in total comp, and that might not even do it. Pat Pop is probably the next best choice, but I don't see the link. Question is whether he will hold out for the Oklahoma State job, or just keep building in Raleigh. Both are more likely than him heading to Iowa IMO. Maybe Brian Smith could be a sneaky good hire, but again, I don't see the link. There are some great assistants out there, but firing Brands and hiring an unproven commodity is just asking for trouble. And... since they already hired Littlefinger to run their club... is he not the most obvious possibility?
  4. steamboat_charlie v2

    Howard commits to . . .

    Sure, but simply taking an average of recruiting class rankings over the course of a decade isn't the best predictor of success. For a number of reasons. I liked your article though, good work on that one.
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    100% Bonus Rate

    Zahid already has two regular decisions...
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    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Ohio Weight Wrestler Ranking 125 Drew Mattin 10 133 Tariq Wilson 4 141 Dom Demas 15 149 Matthew Kolodzik 1 157 Micah Joradn 3 @ 149 165 Alex Marinelli 4 174 Kaleb Romero NR @ 165 184 N/A 197 Kollin Moore 3 285 Kyle Conel 2 @ 197
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    100% Bonus Rate

    More or less agree with your assessment. Nolf and Lee are the two that have a chance, although it's obviously unlikely. Deakin, Hidlay, Pantaleo, and maybe Berger could avoid a major. Nolf should see all of those guys (except Hidlay) prior to Big 10's. If Lee wrestles like he did vs. Mackall, there are a decent number of guys that could avoid bonus. If he's at full strength, the only guys with a chance are probably Bresser, Rivera, Picc, and maybe Fausz. And there's no guarantee he runs into Bresser or Fausz.
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    Evaluating Iowa after the ISU dual

    This has been a really strange/unfortunate start to the season for Iowa. It's not like the sky is falling, but a lineup that we (at least I) thought was going to come together nicely is now full of question marks. The most alarming thing is the new guys. I think most of us expected to see some improvement with a really good training situation for these guys, and "high level" light weight coaching, but Austin DeSanto and Pat Lugo look like.... Austin DeSanto and Pat Lugo. Who can you really count on on this team? Now with Kemerer out I only see two sure things: Lee and Marinelli. You know what you're gonna get from those guys every time out. Maybe throw in Stoll, he's a consistent performer when healthy. The rest of these guys, though? All of that being said, the potential is still there for this to be a really tough lineup.
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    The bow and arrow should be illegal

    The bow and arrow is one of history's greatest and most reliable ranged weapon systems, and has been around since the Mesolithic era. Entire civilizations owe their survival to its existence... I don't see how making it illegal will be helpful. If you ask me, this country should tackle its gun and drug problems before turning to the sacred art of bow hunting. We have enough enemies as it is, we don't need more. Here's me and Pa just last week.
  10. steamboat_charlie v2

    I Really Enjoyed the "Tommy Thorn placing at CKLV" Era

    I think it's time for young Tommy to re-brand himself. It wasn't Danny Gable... Stevie Mocco... Johnny Smith... or my personal favorite, Zainy Retherford... it's Dan, Steve, John, and Zain. If "Tom Thorn" shows up at the South Beach Duals, we'll know he means business this year.
  11. steamboat_charlie v2

    Deakin vs. Hidlay

    Give me Deakin over everyone except Nolf.
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    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Don't bother. These are the same people that leave angry replies in the comment section of articles from The Onion.
  13. steamboat_charlie v2

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    Great idea, let's run off one of our only posters putting forth solid effort on original content.
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    Cliff Keen - Toughest Tournament? (Nov 30-Dec.1)

    Anyone mind doing a copy paste job? Blocked by the old office firewall over here.
  15. steamboat_charlie v2

    New Feature in WrestleStat - Prediction Results!

    Nice, interesting stuff. Looking at a couple of the duals, it seems like the prediction algorithm's bias is toward a closer than what should be expected result, and very rarely calls for bonus. Makes sense I suppose, always going to be least accurate toward the tail. Might also explain why guys that rack up bonus climb so high in the wrestelstat rankings...
  16. steamboat_charlie v2

    Tommy Brands Challenge of a Lifetime

    There's only one man for this job. It's time to turn the keys over to the wartime consigliere....
  17. steamboat_charlie v2

    Kemerer done: season-ending surgery

    T's & P's to Kemerer. Tough break. Team race basically already required a PSU injury or massive hiccup. Now it requires divine intervention.
  18. steamboat_charlie v2

    CKLV Predictions

    I like O'Connor to continue improving as the year goes on, but I expect him to take some lumps along the way. We've already seen some crafty vets like Finesilver and Maruca slow him down. Guys like Jordan and Ashnault are likely to expose a few more weaknesses and potentially run up the score on him.
  19. steamboat_charlie v2

    Cliff Keen - Toughest Tournament? (Nov 30-Dec.1)

    I mean... if Penn State, Iowa, Oklahoma State, and NC State attended this would essentially be nationals, and also would effectively kill Midlands and the Scuffle. It's fine that not EVERYONE will be there, it lends itself to a lot of interesting matchups that we won't get to see otherwise. Question -- is Cornell not sending their full lineup / do we know if Yianni will attend? Been waiting to see McKenna / Yianni for a while now, but it's understandable if they hold him back for now.
  20. steamboat_charlie v2

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    By way of a quick update--no eliminations took place over the holiday weekend. This weekend should be more interesting.
  21. steamboat_charlie v2

    tOSU Signees

    Beating PSU's 2014 recruiting class is a tall task. It's possible, but odds are it won't happen. Don't forget, that class also includes Rasheed and Cassar. PSU's 2014 recruiting class has scored the following at NCAA's each year: 2016: 40 points 2017: 64.5 points 2018: 64 points If Rasheed and Cassar/Nevills place highly this year, which they are likely to given their respective weight classes, they should break 64.5 points pretty easily. Like others have mentioned, Bo and Nate were in a different class than Snyder. If you want to count them as the same class, they scored: 62, 58, 56.5, 57, which is an insane total four year tally of 233.5. PSU's 2014 class will need 65 to break that total, which they should get this year.
  22. steamboat_charlie v2

    Can PSU break the scoring record this year?

    YOU WANT A COMMITMENT? NO F*#!ING CHANCE. Seriously though, they have an outside shot. I'd give them a... 10% chance? IMO you should subtract about 5 pts from your upper bounds for each of their guys from 133 - 149, as well as 184. That leaves very little wiggle room, outside of finding points at 125. Regardless of whether they break it or not, they're going to go down as one of the greatest lineups ever.
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    Was about to say the same thing. The issue isn't occasional use of recreational drugs, it's the lack of discipline. Underage drinking and weed are against the student athlete code of conduct at every school I've ever heard of. If your discipline is so poor that (1) you get caught, and/or (2) it begins to affect your performance in the classroom or on the mat, there's clearly an issue of maturity that needs to be addressed.
  24. steamboat_charlie v2

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Since I already lost BOTH of my original selections, I'll go with: 1) Rayvon Foley (MSU) 2) Daniel Bullard (NCST) Could be back out quick...
  25. steamboat_charlie v2

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    There's hardly any mid-week action given the holiday, so let's say Friday COB is the deadline.