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  1. So much for that. Cass beats Gremmel 8 or 9 times out of 10 anyway, IMO. Without those two there's basically a zero percent chance.
  2. How close is Gomez to getting down to weight? I don't really see a path to this being a close dual without him in there. Very slim chance... but maybe something like this is possible? 125) Lee dec. Mackall -- 3-0 Iowa 133) Gomez pin Glynn -- 6-3 ISU 141) DeSanto dec. Parker -- 6-6 Tie 149) Degen dec. Lugo -- 9-6 ISU 157) Carr dec. Young -- 12-6 ISU 165) Marinelli dec. Straw -- 12-9 ISU 174) Kemerer dec. Coleman -- 12-12 Tie 184) Colbray dec. Wilcke/Brands -- 15-12 ISU 197) Warner dec. Shapiro -- 15-15 Tie 285) Gremmel dec. Cassioppi -- 18-15 ISU
  3. I could see Ben being tempted down the road if a dream job opened up. I wouldn't want to work for anyone other than myself if I were him at this point, though.
  4. Great win for Tech. More of the same from Ohio State--way more question marks in this lineup than answers. Could knock off some really good teams, but also lose to plenty of lower ranked teams as well.
  5. I'm a little tied up today, if I get some time later i'll update the entries and list of who's left.
  6. Article posted a couple of hours ago: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/November/15/Anthony-Echemendia-feature Most notably says that he's expected to wrestle 141.
  7. This board has shown 1,000 times over that we're incapable of having religious/political discussions without the conversation devolving into a complete dumpster fire. Why are we still having these?
  8. I think I would, particularly if the power programs were to get involved. That would add an extra layer of intrigue. It's a little tough to get excited about a Lindenwood / Colorado Mesa dual. I follow our women now around trials and at World's, pretty sure I would at least do the same if there was a legitimate D1 scene.
  9. You know what... I'll retract what I said, that's a good point. I suppose he could have signed up for the minimum number of credits online that would allow him to transfer later without a sit out period as a precaution, or perhaps he could be doing partial online and flying back for midterms. There are a lot of intro classes that have an online lecture component and online homework/quizzes, but in-person exams.
  10. That's an asinine assumption on your part. He wouldn't even be taking classes if it weren't for NCAA eligibility requirements. He's using a few online classes to hit his minimum credit hours and then he'll jet.
  11. You realize virtually every university offers online courses, right?
  12. I figure he's had enough knee troubles that he can probably pull off a medical redshirt whenever he wants
  13. At this point they can probably both fit at Minnesota. The overlap with him and Gable is what caused the whole triple commit saga in the first place. 2019/20 - Gable (Sophomore), Kerk (Olympic Redshirt) 2020/21 - Gable (Junior), Kerk (Redshirt) 2021/22 - Kerk (RS Freshman), Gable (Redshirt) 2022/23 - Gable (RS Senior), Kerk (Medical Redshirt) 2023/24 - Kerk (RS Sophomore) 2024/25 - Kerk (RS Junior) 2025/26 - Kerk (RS Senior) And as an added bonus, he can complete his doctorate while competing as a student athlete.
  14. Of course it won't be easy. But he will have considerable resources at his disposal, both as a student athlete and as a Cuban refugee and first-generation student. He will also have a support system in place that will hold him accountable. I have no idea what kind of student he is, but if he applies himself in his studies I have no doubt he can pass. His English has improved leaps and bounds even just from Fargo to now. And trust me, there are students with even worse English skills getting degrees from colleges all across the country every year. None of that guarantees success, but the path is there.
  15. Right, I'm sure nobody would have taken a screen shot of that.
  16. Alright, I'll accept your explanation. Good thing, too. Almost had to drop the T word on you. Kids these days would have long since done that.
  17. He looks huge I don't disagree with that, but how big could he possibly have gotten? He wrestled 145 at Fargo and 65kg (with some allowance) in his WNO exhibition.
  18. Five straight posts with zero replies... russell my man...
  19. Not that it's a realistic scenario anyway, but Echemendia isn't that big. Sasso would have to bump to 157... winning that weight is a tough ask.
  20. This is a huge get for Ohio State. Kid is the real deal. Cautiously amped, but also keeping in mind that there's a long road ahead for the kid in terms of making it to the mat and navigating the life of a college athlete.
  21. Well he can probably wrestle second half of this season, right? He also didn't compete in 2017 so maybe he can get a waiver there and wrestle his 6th next season.
  22. My opinion of DeSanto is that he scares me.
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