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  1. He is not better than Beard. Beard is a freak. Beard will win multiple NCAA titles.
  2. I don't agree with most of these predictions. It blows me away that so many people are counting out Spencer Lee. If he was close to 100%, even 90%, he wins no problem. I would say he wins close to a major, if not a major in the finals. He has VISIBLY looked off this year. This is the same dude who is a three-time world champ and put a beating on NaTo and Suriano in route to the title last year. What was the score of the last time he wrestled Rivera healthy? I just don't see how this isn't an obvious thing. Ya'll act like he just started to suck all of a sudden. He is not that type of guy. Coming from a PSU fan.. He is next level and will prove it once again. Fix knows how to win the big matches. I think Suriano finishes 2nd. Micic 3rd. 141.. Wouldn't be surprised at all to see Nick Lee in the finals eventually losing to Yianni Ashnault wins.. Marinelli over Joseph? Bold pick. Very bold. Good wrestler, but Joseph ALWAYS steps up when needed. 197.. Don't count out Rasheed. Again, PSU knows how to get it done at the tournament. I guess the rest seems OK. Final results anyway. Don't necessarily agree with some of the analysis.
  3. CTex

    D1 vs D3

    Obviously D1 is D1 for a reason, but are there any D2 or D3 wrestlers that could place at NCAA's in D1?
  4. You guys are crazy.. If you know anything about wrestling and have watched Spencer Lee at this best, you will agree that wasn't Spencer Lee yesterday. I am a Penn State fan, and I was bummed to see what happened. Not because he lost, but because that might have been only a 50% Spencer Lee. You think he get SHUT DOWN from Rivera on a normal day? This is a multiple time world champion and NCAA champion. I am not saying he doesn't have a chance at losing to Rivera, but he barely wrestled him, and he looked like he was at 30% against Glory. And guys, he wrestled AWFUL (For whatever reasons I am unsure of) and he still won 12-6 over Glory, so lets calm down there. I am not sure what he is dealing with, but I hope it's something he can shake off and get back to being 100% I wouldn't disagree he has a gas tank problem. It's pretty funny to hear some of you guys saying, "I hope Brands can figure it out" - If he has an issue gassing out in the later periods, there isn't anything to "figure out" - Get on the treadmill and run intervals, hop in the pool and swim laps, spend a lot of time on a Concept2 rowing or SkiErg machine. There isn't anything more frustrating when wrestlers don't have the ability to wrestle at 100% for three periods because they get tired. Spend more time on your cardio! With that being said, Lee didn't gas out last year at NCAA's and while I don't think he has a motor like Nolf or Desanto, he only had about half of his usual tank yesterday.
  5. This dude who started this post is just trying to troll on David Taylor. Then he shoots himself in the foot when he brings up Burroughs because Jordan has dominated Dake the same way he has dominated Taylor. Some wrestlers just have contrasting styles and don't match up well with others such is the case with Taylor against Dake. I wouldn't say Dake is head and shoulders the wrestler Taylor is. In fact, I would put them on the same platform right now.
  6. Right on. Good info. I am just curious on if DeSanto has improved visibly wrestling with guys like Lee and Gilman. Or do they even train together? Haven't seen or heard anything. DeSanto doesn't have social media from what I have gathered. Lee is always posting about Pokemon, so not always sure what his thoughts are either.
  7. I saw an interview posted on Flo where Gilman talks about training with Clark, Lee and DeSanto. Did anyone see the interview? What were his thoughts on each one? Just curious what level Lee is at compared to Gilman and where DeSanto is at right now since training in Iowa. I know there have been some topics about this already but haven't seen anything regarding the interview that was posted last week.
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