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    CTex got a reaction from BLT in I really enjoyed the Spencer Lee is a going to be at 4 time National Champion era   
    You guys are crazy..
    If you know anything about wrestling and have watched Spencer Lee at this best, you will agree that wasn't Spencer Lee yesterday. I am a Penn State fan, and I was bummed to see what happened. Not because he lost, but because that might have been only a 50% Spencer Lee. You think he get SHUT DOWN from Rivera on a normal day? This is a multiple time world champion and NCAA champion. I am not saying he doesn't have a chance at losing to Rivera, but he barely wrestled him, and he looked like he was at 30% against Glory. And guys, he wrestled AWFUL (For whatever reasons I am unsure of) and he still won 12-6 over Glory, so lets calm down there.
    I am not sure what he is dealing with, but I hope it's something he can shake off and get back to being 100%
    I wouldn't disagree he has a gas tank problem. It's pretty funny to hear some of you guys saying, "I hope Brands can figure it out" - If he has an issue gassing out in the later periods, there isn't anything to "figure out" - Get on the treadmill and run intervals, hop in the pool and swim laps, spend a lot of time on a Concept2 rowing or SkiErg machine. There isn't anything more frustrating when wrestlers don't have the ability to wrestle at 100% for three periods because they get tired. Spend more time on your cardio! With that being said, Lee didn't gas out last year at NCAA's and while I don't think he has a motor like Nolf or Desanto, he only had about half of his usual tank yesterday.
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    CTex reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Suriano interview s   
    It seems to me that Mr. Suriano is too much about ME and not enough about WE.  Maybe if he focused a little more on his team instead of filming documentaries about his work ethic, Rutgers would do something other than woefully underachieve... just kidding, sort of.  
    Seriously though at a minimum it appears this dude is operating in a bit of an echo chamber.  He was hurt, we get it, mind over matter... that's all good and well, but when you do these sort of interviews, like "look how much will power I have, and I can overcome anything, and I was so hurt but it didn't matter because I'm such a tough guy," it just comes off as incredibly lame.  I'm sure he's a nice enough kid, but we all need someone keeping us in check.  
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