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  1. HurricaneWrestling2

    Threatened by "College Wrestler"

    He claims you're the one who scurried away.
  2. HurricaneWrestling2

    I think Downey can do it

    Thugmaster vs. Magic Man
  3. HurricaneWrestling2

    Yianni final scoring sequence

    I once hit a blast quadruple on my dog.
  4. HurricaneWrestling2

    Watered Down Olympics

  5. HurricaneWrestling2

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    “I have always loved Oklahoma. Every time I come back to Oklahoma I look down at the red ground through the window of the airplane and think, ‘Oh boy, I am back in Oklahoma.’ I scream in my heart every time. I get off the plane and I smell the Oklahoma wind, and see the big land. What a beautiful country it is.”
  6. HurricaneWrestling2

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Is Yianni Diakomihalis the Second Best Ever? No, his name is too ethnic and hard to spell in order to be listed among the greatest ever. I'd suggest he change it to a more Americanized, but similar sounding name. Something like Danny Maharis should do the trick. New Cornell bio should be amended to read: • Danny Maharis is the son of Bob and Gina Maharis and has two younger brothers.• Danny is also the great nephew of actor George Maharis of the hit 1960's TV show, Route 66.• He is enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  7. HurricaneWrestling2

    you be the ref...

    Agreed. An oil check is bad enough, but a complete oil change takes things to a whole other level. If we're going there, we need a rule change to require synthetic oil (gotta minimize the number of changes needed).
  8. HurricaneWrestling2

    you be the ref...

    I think the Exeter kid might have gotten away with the "butt drag" until he told the ref that his opponent was about a half-quart low.
  9. HurricaneWrestling2

    1996 NCAA finals video sought

  10. HurricaneWrestling2

    Hawk Talk with Mudflap - Busted Hombres

    Wallace is now posing as Mudflap to destroy his reputation - this after embezzling the roofing payments and stealing the Flap's girlfriend. Oh well...you get what you earn.
  11. HurricaneWrestling2

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    Widows: Women who have lost their spouses by death and have not remarried. SHOWL: Acronym for "Shoving My head on wall laughing."
  12. HurricaneWrestling2

    Why I think Penn State is about to decline

    Things are unraveling for the Nittany Lions. During the past week, a PSU chemistry professor was charged with 35 counts of child pornography. Then Jeff Byers was placed on leave for asking students to calculate how much gas would be a lethal dose for usage in a Nazi gas chamber. News articles at https://tinyurl.com/y3vtk8e8 and https://tinyurl.com/y6p7qfzg
  13. HurricaneWrestling2

    The Day Cael Sanderson Turned College Wrestling On Its Head

    Is Charles the older brother of Doug and Mark?