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  1. Obviously Coach Dresser is a multitasker.
  2. One more peep outta you, Cinnabon, and I'm gonna frost your icing.
  3. Yeah, but you gotta admit "King Vak" has a nice ring to it. Maybe he should change his name. BTW, there's a "King Vak" mentioned in the Mahabharata. He was the king of Kasmir during the first three decades of the 30th century BC. According to the Sanskrit text he was the most powerful king of antiquity for the initial two decades of his rule. Unfortunately, he faded badly in the third.
  4. These coaches need some fashion advise badly. The Brands' shoes, Smith's pants, those sleeveless sweaters Manning always wears, etc. No wonder we can't attract more casual fans.
  5. No, that other Hawkeye is. I forget his name...little guy...always fades badly in the 3rd. But he's great in the 1st and 2nd and very likable!
  6. Little known fact: Uetake was a friend of Walt Garrison and regularly worked out with the OSU football team. Garrison said that Yojo "was one of the greatest athletes I ever saw."
  7. They only appear that way because those old black and white films have deteriorated over the years and no longer accurately show the athletic prowess of guys from 60 years ago. Actually, they were much better than today's stars. Just ask any of us old guys who were around then.
  8. After winning his first NCAA title as a sophomore at Oklahoma State (freshman ineligible during that era) , Uetake defeated four time world champion Huseyin Akbas of Turkey to win his first Olympic gold medal in 1964. Four years later in Mexico City, Uetake separated his shoulder in his final match while trailing 2-0. Despite the injury he came back to earn a 2-2 tie that was enough to win his second gold medal. Above write-up taken from a theopenmat.com article titled "The Top 10 Men’s Freestyle Wrestling Olympians" (with my correction to when Yojo won his first NCAA title).
  9. Iscored2onu, You may have already seen this article, but if not, it's an interesting read: https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2019-09-23/all-time-dream-college-wrestling-matchups-every-weight
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