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  1. Arnold only lost one match in four years at Latrobe High School in Pennsylvania. He almost ended up wrestling for Penn State, until Wake Forest offered him a free ride to play golf for the Demon Deacons.
  2. Maybe, but I heard a rumor that HokieHWT was recently seen purchasing a cattle prod at the Blacksburg Tractor Supply. I hope his wife doesn't get wind of this...
  3. Hey, this is the college forum. That little Hokie only appears to be as smart as a 16 or 17 year old. I'm gonna have to request that the moderators move this thread to the high school forum.
  4. I'd do a few stretches, then levitate above the mat for a few minutes - psyched out many opponents that way...some refused to take the mat claiming I had demonic powers.
  5. Lee Kemp was the 74-kg world champion in 1978 and 1979. Shortly after the 1980 Games, he beat Olympic gold medalist Valentin Raychev (Bulgaria) in a "Super Champions" freestyle title match in Japan. The score was 1-1, with Kemp winning by criteria. "You can win the Worlds for 20 years, but if you don't win the Olympics no one's ever gonna hear about you." - Lee Kemp, the United States' first-ever three-time world freestyle champion. https://nypost.com/2020/06/14/1980-olympic-boycott-still-stings-for-those-who-lost-shot-at-glory/
  6. Yes, and the wife is really excited by this trend. She opines that red shirts are bold, bright, warm and energetic, and that the fiery red hue exudes confidence and unquestionably makes a sartorial statement. As a matter of fact, after noticing your thread topic, she rushed out and bought me two shirts, along with about a half-dozen red tops for herself. I'll send you the bill...
  7. OK, but don't let it happen again. ionel is the Captain Woodrow F. Call of this forum and won't tolerate it.
  8. They omitted Lee Kemp, who won in 1980. ...eh?...you don't say...well, never mind...
  9. He took a leave of absence - reportedly to search trash cans for discarded medals.
  10. I'm offended by your characterization of the late great Cletus Tucker as an "evil radical." He was just a hard-working hog farmer doing the best he could. Other than the one instance cited above, however, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. Bravo!
  11. According to the Urban Dictionary, there is such a thing as an Alabama Crab Dangle (as well as an Alabama Crab Dangler).
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