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  1. Agreed. While some of the pro stars had the body builder look, others who didn't were nonetheless popular due to their persona/gimmick/ (whatever you wanna call it)...
  2. The Good Book says otherwise: A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Ecclesiastes 10:19
  3. In 1962, Jim Raschke (Nebraska) was the Big 8 heavyweight champ and seeded # 2 at that year's NCAA Tournament but DNP. Wikipedia lists his amateur career as follows: 1958 Nebraska State High School Heavyweight Championship (Omaha North High School) 1962 Big Eight Conference Heavyweight Championship (University of Nebraska) 1963 World Games Bronze medalist 1964 Olympic Team qualifier 1964 Amateur Athletic Union Freestyle Championship 1964 Amateur Athletic Union Greco-Roman Championship 1965 Worldwide Interservice Wrestling Championship (United States Army) 1985 inductee to the Nebraska Scholastic Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame He wrestled professionally as Baron Von Raschke:
  4. Hatta revenged his loss to Gable in 1967 ( in freestyle) at the AAU Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  5. I didn't think so either but Google says: of·fi·cious assertive of authority in an annoyingly domineering way, especially with regard to petty or trivial matters. "the security people were very officious" intrusively enthusiastic in offering help or advice; interfering. "an officious bystander"
  6. ^ This. You get great commentary plus a coaching clinic simultaneously. Awesome!
  7. Deja Vu? Taylor with the gold and Dake with the bronze (maybe)
  8. He does make it look easy - and he gets good height. I also like the way he lays out (not all tucked up) in the air. And I agree that a roundoff does look similar to a cartwheel. I've even heard it described as a kind of "half cartwheel/half handspring" (or as a "front handspring with a half-twist").
  9. Agreed - or how about something like this? While the video is captioned "Gymnast Does 14 Backflips," he really does a roundoff into 5 back handsprings, then he does 5 backflips, before finishing up with 4 more back handsprings. I think Darrion Caldwell had the above in mind before that dastardly Hawkeye shoved him. ;>)
  10. Disagree. What you're calling a handspring (or cartwheel) is actually a common gymnastic move called a roundoff. The move Steveson does is a "roundoff into a backflip" (or just a "roundoff backflip"). A back handspring is a different trick. Here's a video of a guy doing 57 back handsprings in a row:
  11. I agree Gable is very athletic, but I assume you meant back flip instead of back hand spring. I haven't seen him do the latter, which most gymnasts will tell you is a lot harder than a back flip. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but if he also does back hand springs I'm even more impressed.)
  12. Dake did look kinda like he's sucked down too much... ...that said, Kadzimahamedau is no slouch and may be a live underdog against Sidakov.
  13. Agree - hopefully, we'll see a healthy Lee battling Gilman and the other 57 kg Americans for a spot on our world team.
  14. If the US had as many Olympic medalists as San Marino on a per capita basis, we'd currently lead the pack with over 110 million medals.
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