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  1. Anyone know if the dual is in Rec Hall or Bryce Jordan?
  2. Congratulations - what weight is he projected to wrestle?
  3. I suggest you also consider floppy socks. "Pistol" Pete wore the same pair of gray wool socks for every game during his college and pro career. He believed if he didn't wear them, he'd play his worst game ever. In fact, T-Bar, I'm confident that if you wore the same floppy socks every day for the next 7 - 8 years, Cael would surpass Gable's NCAA team titles record. Then you could gift the socks to MSU 158. (Don't bother to wash them.)
  4. Hope Gross is making a comeback while the stream is down...
  5. Moose is always pulling a rabbit outta his hat...
  6. What time (Eastern) do the men's freestyle finals start tomorrow? Thanks in advance.
  7. You didn't mention anything about veterans being unlikely to wrestle for Liberty in the post I responded to. Rather, you simply guessed that Liberty doesn't have many veteran students. (Specifically, your post said "Guessing Liberty doesn't have many Veterans attending using their VA Education Benefits.") However, the data shows that Liberty has a substantial number of veterans enrolled. And, since I never received a reply from Liberty's Veterans Center about the percentage enrolled residentially (as opposed to online) that issue remains an open question in my mind.
  8. Larry Owings: DNP, 1, 2, 2 (3x finalist) Career Record 87-4 47 wins by fall (52% of all matches)
  9. No, Ferrari's Durango ended up in the bed of McKee's pickup as a result of his collision with Durango's Ferrari. However, as the accident was inaccurately reported in the newspapers, there's a lack of knowledge about the true facts of the accident. But, you can trust my version as I got it straight from Bob Durango - - over beers at a small dive on the outskirts of Perkins, OK - - ok?
  10. AJ Ferrari was driving his 2019 Dodge Durango with Cowboy track athlete Isai Rodriquez as a passenger when the wreck occurred. The vehicle AJ hit was a 1972 Ferrari 246 GT Dino driven by Roberto Durango of Perkins, Oklahoma. In short, Ferrari's Durango collided with Durango's Ferrari...and things have been going downhill ever since.
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