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  1. HurricaneWrestling2

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Where's Shak?
  2. HurricaneWrestling2

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Labriola is game.
  3. HurricaneWrestling2

    Nebraska at Penn State

    Rematch of Indiana state finals coming up, right?
  4. HurricaneWrestling2

    WrestlingByPirate D-1 Week in Preview, January 14-20

    When I need to know who's wrestling, I just run up my SHP flag. He's the man!
  5. HurricaneWrestling2

    Separated at birth?

  6. HurricaneWrestling2

    Suriano screwed up

    Little known fact: Snooki is Judge Jeanine's daughter...
  7. HurricaneWrestling2

    Stoll #1?

    Anyone else notice that Stoll was sporting a new tattoo? Good to see that he's being recognized for his gunshot wound.
  8. HurricaneWrestling2

    Separated at birth?

    Terry getting down with the "Funky Chicken"...
  9. HurricaneWrestling2

    Separated at birth?

  10. HurricaneWrestling2

    Separated at birth?

  11. HurricaneWrestling2

    Who is college wrestling's top heel in 2019?

    Mr. DF has exclusive rights to the use of the word "antihero" on this forum.
  12. HurricaneWrestling2

    Separated at birth?

  13. HurricaneWrestling2

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Of course. Suriano's feelings may have been hurt by that all that yelling. He deserves a safe environment in which to compete. I'm writing Gary Barta a harshly worded letter suggesting that CHA needs to be more welcoming. This is 2019 you know.
  14. HurricaneWrestling2

    Rutgers vs Iowa

    Yeah, but will he ever place his ankle bands neatly and perfectly parallel back down on the mat?