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  1. SI had an interesting article that discussed the preeminence of Ossetian wrestlers back in 1996. At that time, the Russian freestyle roster was typically half-filled with Ossetians. Russia's Greco wrestlers, on the other hand, were drawn from all over the country. https://vault.si.com/vault/1996/07/22/first-war-peace-sons-ossetia-fight-good-fight-fight-good-fight
  2. Some suspect that Wallace was behind the "accident" that lead to KMF's demise.
  3. Say, that's too bad. Just think, their fans could've chanted, "WE ARE...US"
  4. Robin Reed won 4 titles in 4 different weights at the 1924 Pacific Northwest Olympic Team Trials.
  5. I think one of them was a lurker, but never officially registered as a forum member.
  6. No, but a woman recently died of Coronavirus 102 years after her sister died of the Spanish Flu https://people.com/human-interest/woman-dies-coronavirus-102-years-sister-spanish-flu/
  7. But ya gotta go down Unicorn Lane to see de Unicorn...
  8. Great article. On a related note, I recently discovered an old 8mm film from the 1940s of Lama Milaraspa teaching a technique similar to the Granby roll series. He covers many advanced moves that have been lost through the years. I've taught these to a few of my middle school wrestlers and they're now beating the high school starters, which includes several state-placers. I've decided to convert the film to DVD and plan on marketing it as a service to the wrestling community. I'll only be charging enough to cover my production costs. Since I only plan to produce a limited run, I'll be offering forum readers an opportunity to reserve a copy for a minimal fee. Watch this space for additional information.
  9. Well, I enjoyed your post - except for the misspellings of the word "mastodon."
  10. Sorry, but they're not the champs. They're just the guys that were seeded # 1 for the tournament. Last year there were six wrestlers seeded # 1 who were unsuccessful in winning the championship. Rivera was the # 1 seed at 125, but # 3 seed Lee won the national championship. Fix was the # 1 seed at 133, but # 3 seed Suriano won the national championship. Marinelli was the # 1 seed at 165, but # 8 seed Lewis won the national championship.. Hall was the # 1 seed at 174, but # 3 seed Valencia won the national championship. Martin was the # 1 seed at 184, but # 6 seed Foster won the national championship. White was the # 1 seed at 285, but # 2 seed Cassar won the national championship. Also, back In 1943, 1944 and 1945 the NCAAs were cancelled (due to WW II). That resulted in no individual or team champions being crowned for those years. And, unfortunately, we have the same circumstances in 2020.
  11. It's Gorriaran, not Gorrian. And you can't award it this year because it's presented to the wrestler who records the most pins in the least amount of time at the NCAA tournament. That said, the rest of your post is correct.
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