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  1. https://www.houseofnames.com/koll-family-crest
  2. Assuming this article is accurate, Jake Varner did not lift weights. http://blog.trainheroic.com/fact-or-fiction-wrestlers-jake-varner/
  3. Maybe, but perhaps the Great Depression was the primary factor that limited the Kansas Whirlwind's competitive opportunities. The article also points out that Mehringer experienced a very similar problem in high school. "As a high school sophomore, he began coaching his school’s wrestling team and met with a good deal of success. The young coach’s victory as a competitor in the final of the state tournament helped his team secure a fourth-place finish. Economic times proved too dreary to allow Kinsley High the chance to improve upon their placing in Mehringer’s junior and senior years, although as a senior the ambitious youngster hitchhiked to the state tournament where he won his second state crown." Mark Palmer, in an Intermat Rewind article on the 1932 Olympics, noted how the Depression affected the Games in which Mehringer won his gold medal: "Los Angeles was the only city to place a bid to host the Games of the X Olympiad. (The city had put in a bid for the 1928 Olympics, losing to Amsterdam.) Many athletes and nations were unable to afford the trip to California. Fewer than half as many athletes competed at the Los Angeles Olympics as had in 1928."..."One of the most heartbreaking stories about poverty and sacrifice involved the Olympic athletes from Brazil. Severely impacted by the Depression, the only way Brazil could afford to send its athletes to Los Angeles was to put them on a barge loaded with 25 tons of coffee, with the expectation that profits from selling the coffee at ports along the way would fund the $1 per person head tax to enter the U.S., and the $2 per athlete entry fee for the Olympics. Sadly, they were able to sell only $24 worth of coffee by the time they reached California. The athletes' last hope: the Brazilian consulate in San Francisco, which sent a courier to Los Angeles with a check for $45 U.S. However, in the time the courier was traveling south from San Francisco, Brazil's currency devalued … and the check was worth only $17 when it arrived in Los Angeles. To add insult to injury -- the check bounced."
  4. He claims you're the one who scurried away.
  5. I once hit a blast quadruple on my dog.
  6. “I have always loved Oklahoma. Every time I come back to Oklahoma I look down at the red ground through the window of the airplane and think, ‘Oh boy, I am back in Oklahoma.’ I scream in my heart every time. I get off the plane and I smell the Oklahoma wind, and see the big land. What a beautiful country it is.”
  7. Is Yianni Diakomihalis the Second Best Ever? No, his name is too ethnic and hard to spell in order to be listed among the greatest ever. I'd suggest he change it to a more Americanized, but similar sounding name. Something like Danny Maharis should do the trick. New Cornell bio should be amended to read: • Danny Maharis is the son of Bob and Gina Maharis and has two younger brothers.• Danny is also the great nephew of actor George Maharis of the hit 1960's TV show, Route 66.• He is enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  8. Agreed. An oil check is bad enough, but a complete oil change takes things to a whole other level. If we're going there, we need a rule change to require synthetic oil (gotta minimize the number of changes needed).
  9. I think the Exeter kid might have gotten away with the "butt drag" until he told the ref that his opponent was about a half-quart low.
  10. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/3103/Rev-Rewind-NCAA-on-Demand-DVDs
  11. Wallace is now posing as Mudflap to destroy his reputation - this after embezzling the roofing payments and stealing the Flap's girlfriend. Oh well...you get what you earn.
  12. Widows: Women who have lost their spouses by death and have not remarried. SHOWL: Acronym for "Shoving My head on wall laughing."
  13. Things are unraveling for the Nittany Lions. During the past week, a PSU chemistry professor was charged with 35 counts of child pornography. Then Jeff Byers was placed on leave for asking students to calculate how much gas would be a lethal dose for usage in a Nazi gas chamber. News articles at https://tinyurl.com/y3vtk8e8 and https://tinyurl.com/y6p7qfzg
  14. Yes, but blue kryptonite only effects Bizzaros.
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