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  1. Banned words and acronyms in the Bryant Household: Monarchs ODU Pinfall
  2. Under the picture, the article you reference states: Among the times that David Taylor (left) and Kyle Dake faced each other as kids was just five years ago when the current 165-pound Penn State All-American beat the current two-time champ and 157-pounder from Cornell for the 98-pound freestyle championship in the 2006 Cadet Nationals.
  3. According to a 2011 WIN magazine article they faced each other. -and-kyle-dake-have-seen-sons-stay-pals-since-childhood/
  4. You left out his 2006 loss to Taylor at Cadet Nationals. Taylor also went on to beat Dake 17 more times in fantasy matches.
  5. Apparently, we've regressed in athletic prowess over our evolutionary history. Please note the below article which compares a modern Olympic freestyle wrestling champion with one of our ancient ancestors, Paranthropus Robustus. Scientists predict that Mr. Robustus would defeat Olympic champion Vladimer Khinchegashvili (although the former might be disqualified due to his ability to tear Mr. Khinchegashvili to shreds). https://www.sciencefocus.com/the-human-body/the-hominin-games-could-we-beat-our-ancestors-at-athletics/ All this talk about modern wrestlers being superior due to better technique, etc., is just a bunch of hooey. They would simply be unable to overcome ancient humans' much greater physical prowess. I'm surprised that the otherwise intelligent members of this forum even entertain the notion that we're getting better at wrestling. (Just watch any of Mr. Robustus's matches on Youtube if you still disagree.)
  6. Google says that... Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier attended the University of Michigan School of Public Health. It is interesting that the University of Michigan Alumni Association does not list Papa Doc among its famous or infamous alumni. The Association also does not list another infamous honorary degree alumnus, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, late Shah of Iran. Here are the infamous alumni on the Michigan Alumni Association list: Infamous Alumni DR. HARVEY CRIPPEN, 1883, killed his wife and buried her in the cellar of their home. HERMAN WEBSTER MUDGETT, MD1884, is believed to be America’s first serial killer. RICHARD A. LOEB’22, he and his friend Nathan Leopold, tried to commit the perfect murder in killing 14-year-old Bobby Franks, but their carelessness eventually led to their arrest. JOHN LIST, ’50, MBA’50, murdered his mother, wife and three children, left a written confession and disappeared for 18 years. JACK KEVORKIAN, MD’52, MDres’58, known as “Dr. Death” for his role in assisted suicides, was tried and acquitted several times before being convicted of second-degree murder and sent to prison. JOHN Z. DELOREAN, MBA’57, president of the DeLorean Motor Company, was caught in an FBI cocaine sting operation that led to a high profile trial for federal fraud and racketeering related to money he stole from the company. JOHN BUETTNER-JANUSCH, PhD’57, was convicted of making and selling LSD and methaqualone and was sentenced to five years. In 1987, he was charged with sending poisoned candy to the judge in the drug case. TED KACZYNSKI, MA’64, PhD’ 67, began sending bombs around the country, targeting mainly universities and airlines. After more than 15 years with few clues, he finally was caught when his own brother recognized his peculiar phrasing from the published “Unabomber’s Manifesto.” CAROLYN WARMUS, ’86, was accused of killing her lover’s wife, and her trial became known in the press as the “fatal attraction” murder case. https://www.roadbikereview.com/threads/infamous-alumni.238424/
  7. Next year's Iowa lineup will be the oldest, ever and forever Relax, Jimmy. It's called "delayed adolescence." Its all the rage now.
  8. Incorrect, it's Happy Valley for Mr. Carr. In fact, he's already downstairs drilling in the NLWC facility right now.
  9. Hmm...you actually have supper with Iowa fans? I've been known to have a drink at the bar with 'em, but I draw the line when it comes to sitting down and breaking bread with 'em.
  10. Well, of course, there's all manner of lesser imps 'n demons, Simple, but the Great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail and carries a hayfork.
  11. @HurricaneWrestling - r u my daddy? @HurricaneWrestling2
  12. Hated him when he was a villainous Hawkeye, but now he's a genuinely nice guy. Go Gilman!
  13. Correct on both points. Dake has two world golds and was good in college - almost as good as Taylor.
  14. The 1904 USA Olympic team swept all the medals (7 gold, 7 silver, 7 bronze). However, Norway claims 2 of the golds, Germany claims 1 silver, and Switzerland claims 1 bronze. (Several members of the USA team were recent immigrants who did not yet have US citizenship.)
  15. Shoudda won the Hodge outright - but he handled it with class.
  16. There are many lawyers who like to see the door opened to all sorts of allegations of discrimination. It's good for business. (I'm not implying this is Vak's motivation in this instance - just making a general point.)
  17. Lee's a little ACL-less, tilt-obsessed, let's-give-him-an-extra year, twin dwarf loving Keebler-elf-goatee smurf. I don't care who you root for or against, that's some good stuff! LOL!
  18. I still say we gotta nip it in the bud. It's a slippery slope. Hell, we could end up with guys posting about their dogs on cat-lovers' boards and stuff.
  19. On the other hand it might be better to nip posting to the wrong board in the bud...
  20. Agree. Doubtful that Taylor would go - but PD3 could work with the heavier weights.
  21. Yeah, I missed that upon my first glance at that particular post. And I might add that you make up for your lack of empathy with an abundance of verbiage. ;>)
  22. Thanks for clarifying, pal. When you said "most recently," I assumed you were talking about their most recent performance.
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