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  1. Obviously Cael is the biggest reason behind their success, but we haven't been able to see if any of his pupils are able to take the lessons they've learned from him and apply them to a new team.

    What if the genius of Cael was some combination of sports psychology and practices with more play wrestling and less drilling. I could see that being adopted by other teams and PSU losing their competitive edge.

    Conversely, if the secret sauce is Cael being the best identifier of talent in the country, or a unique motivator of high level athletes, then these moves won't mean much and PSU will remain among the top 2 or 3 teams in the nation.

  2. None of us know the exact reason Penn State has been so dominant for years, but it is safe to assume that having almost no turnover was a big part of it. The staff has remained intact through the entire time, only once even being rumored to be considering another job (Casey Cunningham at Michigan). However this offseason something changed and finally some Cael alumni are joining the college coaching ranks. I'm not saying this is the end of the Penn State dynasty, but I believe this is the beginning of a gradual decline in PSU's dominance relative to the field. Ruth, Joseph, and Hall all joining well funded programs and if they can convert blue chip recruits into bonus point monsters at even half the rate that Penn State did it will level the playing field dramatically.

  3. The Intermat job board shows two open positions for assistant coaches in the Big Ten. Coach Chandler posted about the volunteer position at Michigan State and said a middle weight would be preferred. Can't remember what thread it was but I remember reading that volunteers get paid by reduced tuition and fundraising so I assume most candidates will be recent grads. Any guesses who might be a good fit? MSU has had a great recruiting pipeline from California recently, and the previous volunteer was from CA (Javier Gasca) so maybe they go back to the well there.

    The Indiana Assistant coaching position was also posted, although the team website still shows Wendland and Tsirtis on staff so I'm not sure which one is leaving. As a whole they are a very young staff, so maybe they go in another direction and add someone with a little more gray haired wisdom to round out the staff. Just spitballing here but someone like Dave Bolyard (former EMU head coach, now on staff at UofM as an assistant) would maybe bring a different skillset and add lots of experience to the staff.

  4. Where is your team's "pipeline state" for recruiting and how did it start (if you know).

    For example, I root for Michigan State and a large part of our lineup Cali. Coach Chandler did an interview where he said the pipeline started when he did a trip out to California with Dave Dean to talk to coaches about the NUWAY system. From the relationships he built then he's been able to recruit several hammers from California (Omania, Enriquez, Saldate, Lujan, etc)

  5. I was reading an article in the Economist reviewing Grigory Rodchenkov's (Icarus) new book. Buried at the end there was a tie to wrestling...

    "In one case, when a well-known biathlete's sample tested positive as inspectors from WADA looked on, he manged to switch the paperwork, leaving an unknown wrestler take the fall."

    Anyone have any guesses who the wrestler might have been? I always assumed that the wrestlers that have popped were guilty, I didn't consider they were sacrificed to protect the reputation of a biathlete.

  6. Honestly I think the main reason people "clown" him is because his progression hasn't been linear. He came in good as a freshman, and wrestled at a low AA (not title contender) level since then. People expect you to have a career like 8-4-2-1 or X-Q-R12-8, and interpret any year where you don't improve your NCAA placement as a regression. When in reality, NCAA's is just one day and luck (whether it be draw or key exchange in one match) can play more of a factor than us fans would like to admit.

  7. 22 hours ago, Gantry said:

    Yeah I don't consider Amine one dimensional at all - slick, somewhat varied neutral game, sneaky good top game (ask BoJo), good motor, will to win etc. 

    Is it for sure that Storr is going 141?  Was curious if he was getting too big for that weight...

    Storr is tall for sure, but I think having a long reach and being able to pull in that high-crotch from far away is a big part of what makes him so successful. I doubt we'll see him go up to 149 for that reason.

  8. 13 minutes ago, hammerlockthree said:

    Your post about amine makes no sense. Him doing something you don't think he can do is as impressive as him doing something you think he can? Or are you saying he can't spread the gap on Kulter?

    Regardless, I say Amine never makes the finals, he's too one dimensional. 

    The key word in my post was almost as impressive. It would obviously be amazing if he could beat Mark but being able to consistently beat and/or bonus other All Americans is no small accomplishment and definitely possible with his improvement trajectory.

    Also he's one dimensional? To be fair I haven't watched all of his matches but he struck me as a well rounded wrestler, the only thing that really caught my (uneducated) eye was he has a very good gramby roll for a big guy but other than that no "signature" move like Mark Hall's duck or Daniel Lewis's top game.

  9. 125) Consensus seems to be that Matten is redshirting. I'm bearish on him progressing much past the 9-15 range though. I think he'll perpetually be a "Solid" wrestler and will never threaten to AA because he's not an elite athlete and doesn't have any unstoppable technique that will push him into the top tier.

    149) I think Malik Amine comes out on top here. He's crazy enough to think he is going to win a National Championship at this weight. He won't, but that absurd confidence will help him hold off the challengers who will bump up after losing to K. Storr in the preseason challenge tournament.

    165) I honestly thought Massa would struggle in college because it doesn't seem like he sets his shots up at all.... then he took 3rd as a Frosh. Next year I was all aboard the Massa train and he had a down year (probably just injuries but who knows). Honestly I have no idea how he'll do other than I am sure I will be wrong.

    174) Everyone wants to see if Amine will beat Hall or Zahid if he stays at 74, but I'm curious to see if Amine can separate himself from the rest of the pack. Beating a mutant like Mark Hall might be too tall of an order but getting comfortably ahead of guys like Kutler and Daniel Lewis would be almost as impressive in my mind.

    197) I felt bad for Striggow, it seemed like he would beat Beazley in matches but coaches went with Beaz either because he would do better against other competition, or because they used the scholarship dollars on him as a transfer and couldn't not wrestle him. Either way I hope Striggow has a good year to reward his patience.

    285) I think people are underestimating how green Nemec and Read are. I wouldn't be surprised if they start the year, and if a window opens where Michigan could conceivably get a trophy they pull Parris' redshirt.

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