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  1. Yep. Nothing screams "I want to make sure my son is ok" more than a full grown adult hitting an devastating downfield block on a teenager in the middle of a wrestling mat, and potentially causing harm to said teenager.
  2. There was a state finalist heavyweight in Missouri about 15 years ago named Conrad Slaughter. Definitely one of the best wrestling names I've ever seen.
  3. After each of his UFC losses, Askren went on the Ariel Helwani show the week following each fight and was very honest about his performances. For as much as he would talk trash leading up to his fights, he was very open and honest about losing and completely owned up to it. Here's his interview with Ariel just 2 days after the Masvidal KO. Whether you love or hate the guy, it's hard not to respect that he's willing to talk about it on a nationally watched show.
  4. Didn't Boo beat Bryce Meredith 2-3 years ago at Reno (or maybe Vegas) as a backup? The guy is obviously talented, but for whatever reason, it seems like he can't put a whole season together
  5. Big test coming up this weekend with Wisconsin coming into Carver Hawkeye, assuming DeSanto stays at 133.
  6. If I recall correctly, J'Den Cox wrestled the entire 2015-2016 NCAA season, and didn't even announce his Olympic run until after NCAAs. Personally, I wouldn't read too much into Lee not going to the Bill Farrell.
  7. Mizzou https://mutigers.com/schedule.aspx?schedule=3494
  8. Weren't people doing this after Imar's freshman year when he was gonna be the next Cael? Or after Vincenzo's second title? Turns out, you can't put someone on an all-time list when you don't know what their all-time accomplishments are yet. However, I'm going to contradict myself and say that when it's all said and done, Jimmy Cinnabon will go down as one of the worst all-time posters.
  9. If Yianni (or Zain) wins, should Jimmy Cinnabon retire from posting?
  10. Per Mizzou Wrestling's Twitter, their new assistant coach is Kendric Maple. Nice pick up for them
  11. By this token, Myles Martin did not win Big Tens as he did not wrestle in the Big Ten finals, since Rasheed defaulted. Does that mean the third place finished should've been given the opportunity to wrestle in the finals?
  12. Let's supposed there's a high school sophomore, 16 years old, who suddenly drops out of school (maybe it's to help out on the family farm, maybe they have a serious illness that forces them out of school, whatever the reason). A few years later, this person decides they actually want to finish high school and enroll again at 19 to finish their sophomore year, on track to graduate at 21. Should this person be allowed to still complete in high school sports? I realize this is outside of the NCAA umbrella, but just posing a general question/scenario.
  13. He lost to Gadson and Wellington as a freshman. Lost to Snyder and McIntosh at NCAAs as a sophomore. Lost to Wellington (by DQ) his junior year, and went undefeated as a senior. I'll be wearing my Mizzou gear when J'Den and Bo (almost certainly) meet up, but regardless, we'll have a solid representative at this weight!
  14. When Smith became the coach is about the time I really started getting into wrestling, including following Mizzou wrestling. I remember when he kicked Barker off the team. It sounded like Barker had been a cancer in the room (for lack of better team) and didn't want to do thing Smith's way. I may have been fairly young at the time, but I remember thinking to myself that this new coach has the same standards for everyone, regardless of how good of a wrestler they are, and there's a reason he did this. A few years ago after Lavallee made the NCAA finals, he said in a press conference that he kicked Lavallee off the team just the year before for not doing things the right way, and made him make a list of 10 things to change if he wanted to come back on the team. Living in St. Louis, I used to go to Mizzou's first dual of the year against Illinois every year, until Mizzou beat Illinois and "coincidentally" they stopped dualing. There's no doubt whatsoever that Smith completely changed the culture at Mizzou, and if Clemsen has learned even a shred of what Smith has done, it could be fun to see him do to Maryland what Smith did to Mizzou.
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