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  1. Jeremiah Reno of Nebraska is in the transfer portal. He was a 4x undefeated state champ from Missouri, and Mizzou has a track record of transferring in Missouri kids that initially went out of state - Connor Brown, Matt Schmitt, Grant Leeth, Connor Flynn all come to mind right away.
  2. Seth Duckworth (OSU wrestling writer) said on Twitter than even if Fix got the fall, Mizzou would've won on criteria, which I assume was most match points. Couple interesting/funny takeaways from that 133 match. Crawford took top in the third to presumably make the tech easier for Fix, and then once Fix was up by 14, the Mizzou crowd was calling for stalling on their own guy!
  3. Drew Foster won a title for UNI without having won a state title
  4. 1. Globe Life Field has a retractable roof and is climate controlled, according to MLB.com 2. I don't know, but it would make sense to use in stadium screens 3. This will be streamed on Flo
  5. Completely agree here. The six guys you named alone (Hilger included) have very high credentials on their own, and there's tons of talent behind those 6 as well. I know heavyweight is generally regarded as big slow and boring, but it's somehow become one of the more interesting weights as of late. Let's suppose Gable does leave (although rumor has it he's coming back), Parris is the front runner, but he's by no means a lock, and there's definitely wrestlers who make it an interesting match. If Gable does come back, it's still interesting to see who all ends up on the AA stand and who ends up in the finals. Going back to the thread topic, I'd pick Ferrari over Amos in a folkstyle match at this point
  6. https://twitter.com/stalematesshow/status/1428031052082257925 Bravo Stalemates. Bravo!!
  7. Not only did he eliminate UNO wrestling, he called Coach Denney they night they won their third consecutive D2 team title and broke the news to him that way.
  8. Jimmy Sheptock to be his VP, and their campaign slogan is "Headlock Sheptock" Already got my vote!
  9. I don't think I could do 7 years myself, but kudos to Kemerer and anyone else who takes advantage of any remaining eligibility. How often do you hear someone post college (or even post high school) talk about how much they miss wrestling and how they would do anything to get another year? Well, Kemerer is the living embodiment of this. Sure, he could still wrestle freestyle, but I'm not sure that's the same as wrestling for a team like Iowa and being around all your buddies day in and day out.
  10. Went back to rewatch the beginning of this match. Downey got a takedown early near the edge, ref blows the whistle and calls them out of bounds, and Downey hits a gut wrench (note: gut wrench was after the whistle, albeit half a second). They put 4 up on the scoreboard, but the mat official notices it and eventually they put it back to 2. There's another exchange about 20 seconds later near the edge where Downey is controlling the center, they get into some hand fighting and shoving, and Bo gets off balance to where he actually puts both hands out of bounds. When I looked at it again, Downey actually put his hand out of bounds at virtually the same time. Seems a little odd there was no call either way, but maybe the said it was a straight push? For anyone who wants to watch this themselves, it was on Mat 3 on Peacock yesterday, match starts at the 2:43:00 mark.
  11. I can't believe Tom Ryan would let Hunter Steiber wrestle with as hurt as he was. Shame on Tom Ryan for destroying H. Steiber's body! I can't believe Brian Smith let Grant Leeth wrestle these past few years when he has to wear a neckbrace to wrestle. Shame on Smith for destroying Leeth's body! I can't believe Rob Koll let Yianni wrestle at nationals when he tore his ACL in the middle of a match. Shame on Rob Koll for destroying Yianni's body! I can't believe Cael let Jason Nolf wrestle at nationals when you could see his knee pop a couple years ago. Shame on Cael for destroying Nolf's body! Maybe I'm late to the party, but I've just realized that these message boards are the internet version of trash reality shows: it's cringy, it's petty, it's a slow motion train wreck, and half the time it doesn't make any sense, but for whatever reason, I keep tuning it to see what happens next
  12. The more complicated you make the rules, the more wrestlers will game them. I don't know the answer, but I don't think adding rules for each situation is the answer
  13. This was posted on Twitter. Looks clunky to me, but given that we had absolutely no tournament at all last year, I'll take this over a complete cancellation. And yes, there are indeed more drinking sessions!
  14. Seems like there's really only one way to beat Joseph, and I bet Peyton Mocco or Kennedy Monday would have figured it out last year!
  15. Daniel Lewis pinned him at a dual during the 18-19 season.
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