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  1. Griff the BullRam

    Best wrestler to never win the Hodge?

    Didn't he win it in 2013?
  2. Griff the BullRam

    Pick 1 wrestler from your team who embodies it

    Mizzou - Gotta go with Michael Chandler. He's not necessarily the most decorated, but IMO, embodies Mizzou's Tigerstyle. Not a big time recruit coming out of high school, never won a state title, walked on to the team, finished as a 4 time NCAA qualifier with an AA as a senior, and FWIW, currently fights for Bellator. I don't know how they do it, but Smith and Co. seem to take these low-to-mid tier guys and turn them into qualifiers/AAs year after year.
  3. Griff the BullRam

    New Flo Rankings

    I don't know about that. I mean, I see a lot of employees from Track and WIN on here talking about their rankings, interacting with the fans, taking fan questions for their weekly wrestling show, etc. If anything, seems like Flo is behind the times on all this. Shoot, you guys didn't even cover the local high school tournament I was at this past weekend, nor are you covering the one this weekend. WHY CAN'T YOU GUYS COVER EVERY SINGLE TOURNAMENT AND AGREE WITH ME ON EVERY SINGLE ISSUE!!
  4. Griff the BullRam

    New Flo Rankings

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to us and giving us your rationale on the rankings. I'm sure it would be easy to just throw the rankings out there and say nothing at all!
  5. Griff the BullRam

    Flo Mic'd up

    https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6305476-micd-up-coaches/videos?limit=27 They just tweeted out a link to all the mic'd up videos, and I agree with everyone that all these videos are great!
  6. Griff the BullRam

    Brock Mauller

    There was a heavyweight state runner up in Missouri around 2000 named Conrad Slaughter
  7. Griff the BullRam

    Worst Dual ever?

    https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6251733-oklahoma-state-at-south-dakota-state-2018-ncaa-wrestling/videos?playing=6272149&limit=60 Sounds like Gross has a back issue that could keep him out a few weeks, maybe even a month
  8. Griff the BullRam

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    That was my understanding as well. As a wrestling fan, I hope he starts, but for the sake of this contest, I hope he starts after Oklahoma State!
  9. Griff the BullRam

    Last Man Standing - 2018/19 (Belated Edition)

    Starter: Austin DeSanto Backup: Brock Zacherl
  10. Griff the BullRam

    Missouri vs. Illinois

    I have to agree with Housebuye here. I'm a big Mizzou and Eierman fan, but I think Carr is the real deal. I'd still take Eierman in a rematch, but man, if I were an Illinois fan, I'd be pretty pumped about Carr.
  11. As a Mizzou fan, I can tell you that our top basketball recruit has gotten hurt both this year and last. I assume they're implying that plywood is tougher than our recruits (which might not be false). Maybe the original Reddit poster is a Mizzou fan who realizes that it's a better wrestling school than basketball?