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  1. Thank you for clarifying. I hadn't watched the match yet, but an earlier post in the thread referred to it as a "push out stall" so I incorrectly assumed it was neutral out of bounds stalling.
  2. In situations like this a lot of people say things like "he was taking all the shots; how can he get called for stalling?" What they forget or don't realize is that the out of bounds stall calls are not based in any way on who the aggressor is or time between other stall calls. Each time the wrestlers go out of bounds in the neutral position, the ref HAS TO make one of three calls: action, backing out, or pushing out. Basically, if you are "forcing" the action out of bounds then you get called for stalling. Certainly there is an element of subjectivity to the out of bounds stall calls, but I like that it keeps guys from gaming the edge too much.
  3. Thank you; that was the Scuffle match I was looking for. And yes, I should have referred to it as a kickback rather than a cutback. Sorry for the confusion everyone! Although in my defense, Flo called it a cutback at least once as well, so it's one of those moves that a lot of people misname.
  4. I know there were at least a few illegal cutback calls at the Southern Scuffle, and there was one in particular where one of the teams challenged and I believe it went to a video review. During the review the Flo announcers were saying that the officials are calling it more strictly this year and that "if you can screenshot a moment where both feet are off the ground" then it is illegal. I wanted to show that clip to my team to demonstrate how it's being called this year but I can't seem to find which match it was. I thought it was a middleweight match on day 2, but I rewatched the ones that I thought it might have been and didn't see it. If anyone knows what match it was it would be much appreciated.
  5. I watched the dual on Flo and it was pretty good - Purdue taking the first three matches, the crazy finish at 133, Carr's pin off a tilt, and ISU sweeping the last 4. I just have a couple questions: -Did Purdue lose a team point? The box score showed two decisions and two majors for them, which should have been 14, but it said 13. -The Pudure heavyweight has a really interesting story - wrestled at the Naval Academy from 2012-2016, then served our country from 2016-2021, and now is pursuing his PhD in Chemical Engineering. I'm guessing he must have gotten a clock extension due to serving in the Navy?
  6. In addition to Iran, Mongolia, and certain regions in Russia, I would also mention Turkey. Not only are they strong in international competition, but they also have their traditional wrestling festivals (as do many cultures throughout the globe). Random story but when I was a kid we had a book about holidays throughout the world, and there was one page where it talked about a holiday in Turkey where kids dress up, and the kid featured on the page was dressed in a red Turkish wrestling singlet because he admired their wrestling team/tradition or something like that.
  7. Anyone else notice that in the quote from Desanto he refers to Coach Brands as just "Tom?" I'm sure different coaches have different preferences, but in an official statement I would've thought he'd at least call him "Coach Tom."
  8. Will this be streamed anywhere? Trying to decide whether or not to buy tickets.
  9. Completely agree. I find it funny when people say things like: "If it weren't for the 118 pound class back then, wrestler X couldn't have wrestled in college." As you mentioned, the weigh in rules were different, and everything except heavyweight shifted up 7 pounds. So 118 pounders back then walked around about as big (or bigger) than 125 pounders now.
  10. Unfortunately it looks like there won't be spectators?
  11. Wow, I didn't know Rowlands started that light. It's been years since I read Kurt Angle's autobiography, but I think he followed a similar weight trajectory in high school.
  12. Chamizo should definitely be on this list. Also has World golds at 65 and 70, plus Olympic bronze at 65. Medals in four weight classes at the senior level! Has anyone else done that at four weights (not including small changes such as when 96 changed to 97)?
  13. Thank you JHRose and Lurker for the responses.
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