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  1. You're definitely right about the different conditioning demands of folkstyle vs freestyle. You may be right about how common it is. Do you know what percent of the general population has defects which would impact cardiovascular capacity (obviously there will be a natural spread of variation among everyone, but I'm talking about genetic variations which would result in a significant impact)? I was just saying that Heskett's case was rare because that's the word Ohio State used to describe it at the time. Regardless of how common it is, Muszukajev's laying on the mat between whistles contradicts the idea that wrestling requires one to be well conditioned (even freestyle and greco require above average conditioning). If I was showing some of those videos to a newbie I'd be embarrassed to tell them that's he's a world bronze medalist. Even if it is really common, I still think a world class athlete, regardless of style or what country they're from, should strive to have respectable cardio. That's all I'm trying to say.
  2. It's possible that that may be part of it. The first example that comes to my mind is Joe Heskett and how his heart condition went undiagnosed until after the 2007 World Championships. After it was discovered I'm pretty sure his college coach Bobby Douglas said something to the effect that had he known he wouldn't have been so hard on him (Douglas always just assumed that Heskett wasn't training hard whenever he looked gassed). But Heskett's case was both rare and extreme - if a credible source verifies that Muszukajev has a similar condition, I will cut him plenty of slack. But even Heskett, despite this condition, never looked anywhere close to as gassed as Muszukajev did. Genetics do play a part in it, but we always have some level of control over our conditioning, so a world-class athlete absolutely should have their conditioning at a respectable level.
  3. "So, he’s been tapped out twice by his mother in public with both an armbar and a choke." I lol'd. Great interview. It's always nice to see the human/personal side of someone's story.
  4. Seriously, does this guy do anything other than drink Russian brewskies when he's not practicing technique (however long that might be)?
  5. All week I've been thinking that they got dream draws. I would not be surprised at all if it was hand picked, but it still blows my mind that these sort of things are allowed to happen.
  6. From what I've heard/read, some Muslims keep their beard but shave their mustache. But I don't know if those particular wrestlers are Muslim.
  7. He had a good draw, but yes I was a little surprised that he won more matches at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS than he had at each of his trips to NCAAs.
  8. From what I can tell their common opponent was Khadzhimur Gadzhiyev of Azerbaijan. Carr beat him 10-0 in the semis of Juniors, and Burroughs beat him in the quarters 8-1. Obviously the transitive property doesn't always hold water in Freestyle, but I think it shows that Carr could be a threat to anyone at the weight next year.
  9. Unfortunately we will be losing at least 2 world champs from 74 through 97, unless Snyder moves up as NJDan suggested above.
  10. As one poster pointed out, "the whole court case Lindland debacle was something that was brought up when they tried to boot wrestling from the Olympics." For that reason, I really hope that the IOC forgets about the Zain/Yianni situation (I'm assuming they have or will catch wind of it)...
  11. Probably because there are less spots per weight class (16 in 2020 vs 19 in 2016), unfortunately.
  12. 1:42 ET and pre-match coverage still hasn't started.
  13. Wow, that is a pretty cool. Idk how much flights to/from would be, but very impressive that his parents were willing to invest in that. Would have been an interesting cultural experience on top of the wrestling. If you don't mind me asking, who was this wrestler?
  14. Good points. Regarding Hazewinkel, I think I read somewhere last year that he was following a different training plan than the rest of the Greco team since he was 35. I'm guessing that his regimen focused more on technique, mental aspects, and keeping his body healthy as opposed to conditioning and hard drilling or live.
  15. Cox never took a redshirt, right? Very impressive.
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