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  1. UsedToBe103

    Should I quit?

    I kinda see your point but I stand by his statement because a match is 6 (or 7 in the case of college) minutes, roughly the amount of time to run a mile, give or take. Running a mile as fast as you can mimics the energy system needs of a wrestling match more closely than jogging 5 miles.
  2. UsedToBe103

    Blair at the Midlands Tournament

    I hadn't heard about this. What wrestler and what tournament?
  3. UsedToBe103

    Should I quit?

    I would ditch the 5 mile run and do some shorter, more intense conditioning workouts in its place. Many wrestlers still buy into old school conditioning techniques, but there is a lot of evidence that higher intensity training such as sprints (the best being hill sprints) or intervals is more efficient for weight loss. When you do long distance cardio, your body stops burning calories shortly after stopping, but when you do sprints your body has an after-burn effect for several hours. Not to mention that you can get your conditioning done in less time - most wrestlers would need at least 30 minutes to run 5 miles, whereas a sprint workout could be done in 10-15 minutes. Imagine that, you'll spend less time running and less time cutting weight. And if that weren't enough, sprints and intervals more closely mimic the energy systems needs of a wrestling match than long distance cardio does. Jogging is good for building a conditioning base when you're getting back into shape or doing active recovery, but after that it has diminishing returns. As one NCAA All-American told me: "It [a wrestling match] ain't no five mile jog - heck, it's a friekin' one mile sprint!"
  4. UsedToBe103

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    I agree that he still would have been successful at ISU, or elsewhere for that matter. David Taylor was originally committed to ISU before Cael took the job at PSU.
  5. UsedToBe103

    Foxcatcher Movie

    I watched the movie in the theater shortly after it came out and was disappointed by it. The dialogue was painfully slow - there were a lot of pauses added, presumably for dramatic effect, but they seemed overdone and annoying in my opinion. The trailer made it look action packed, but that's because nearly all of the good parts were in the trailer, and the majority of the scenes were slow and dreary. The movie didn't explain some of the details that it should have, and myself and another wrestler in the theater both agreed that it would seem like a pretty boring movie to someone who doesn't know anything about the real story or about wrestling. When the murder scene happened, most of the people in the theater gasped when the gun was drawn, as if they had no idea that was going to happen, so it seemed like many in the audience were not familiar with the story. The movie is supposed to be based on Mark Schultz's autobiography, also called "Foxcatcher" but there were many differences. The book was WAY more entertaining in my opinion and I recommend it to anyone on this forum. The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, "The Prince of Pennsylvania," and the "Team Foxcatcher" documentary are worth watching.
  6. UsedToBe103

    Weight Cutting Education

    This is a good step for an MMA organization to make, but I agree that it would be too costly for most high school and college programs. Matside weigh-ins would be much simpler.
  7. UsedToBe103

    Weight Cutting Education

    Couldn't agree more. One of the best philosophies I've ever heard was to spend all your time and energy at practice on becoming a better wrestler, rather than spending your time and energy on cutting weight. It makes complete sense, but it's almost too simple for some people to understand, especially if they've always bought into the old-school weight cutting.
  8. UsedToBe103

    Enjoy the current US overall lead...

    Wait, what happened to Hancock?
  9. UsedToBe103

    An Olympic Solution

    People that understand Greco understand the beauty of it, but unfortunately the IOC doesn't understand or appreciate Greco because they just see most of the high level matches as low-scoring, 6 minutes of pummeling, and another 6 minutes of challenges.
  10. UsedToBe103

    Our singlets - yuck

    Saw some pictures of Gwiz and Cox wearing the dark blue as well. I'm surprised there isn't a rule saying that all team members have to have the same singlet?
  11. UsedToBe103

    RTC discussion on Flo

    I think he coaches football and wrestling back home in Michigan, because after Eastern Michigan dropped their wrestling program, he told the football coach that they were no longer welcome to recruit from his school.
  12. UsedToBe103

    Next OSU Coach

    I see a little bit of that in Dake from time to time, but according to his bio on Cornell's site (https://cornellbigred.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=33432) he only won 2 state titles in high school. Pretty impressive that he won more NCAA titles than state titles (I'm sure there are others that have done so, but that's a different topic). Did Dake actually win 5, or was that an exaggeration for the sake of argument?
  13. UsedToBe103

    U23 freestyle team line-up changes

    Understood. But the registration for U23 WTTs should have verified the age/eligibility of each entry before the tournament.
  14. UsedToBe103

    BYU Dropping Wrestling Club - Sign Petition

    They competed at the club nationals the last two seasons, but it sounds like it may have been under the table (without their school sanctioning it). The students say they formed a club 6 years ago, and the University says they haven't chartered a wrestling club since April 2016. I don't know one way or the other, but it's possible that they were non-compliant in some way and the school shut them down.
  15. UsedToBe103

    U23 freestyle team line-up changes

    How was Macchiavello able to compete at U23 World Team Trials if he was too old? The article says he turns 24 this December, meaning he was born in 1994. This year, U23s was for those born in 1995-1999.