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  1. insidecradle

    Battle of the Italians

    Luca Brasi would rule the heavyweight division today!
  2. insidecradle

    National Tickets

  3. insidecradle

    Nebraska at Penn State

    I think Chad Red beat Yianni in a high school all star match at the end of their senior year. I thought Red was gonna light it up in college. Still could I guess.
  4. insidecradle

    Fave non-favorite teams

    My favorite team is my local team , UB( Buffalo). Close drive so I make as many home duals as possible. Some of the big boys have come to town over recent years( Iowa, Missouri, Cornell). I wish they would get some more high level recruits, but it is what it is.Support your local team! 2nd favorite, Cornell. Love to cheer them on. Favorite non fave_— Penn st , of course
  5. insidecradle

    Folkstyle moves that should be banned

    Lol. Good one!
  6. insidecradle

    Folkstyle moves that should be banned

    I’m not a big fan of any pinning combination that involves trapping the arm behind the back. Seems like a shoulder injury waiting to happen.
  7. insidecradle

    Cornell vs UNI

    How did Yianni look? Is he wearing a big leg brace and looking a little stiff? My daughter tore her ACL , I know 8 months could be pushing it.
  8. insidecradle

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Team NY 125 - Nick Picc #4 Ok. st 133- Vito... Lots of potential 141-Bryan Lantry U Buffalo #11 149 -Yianni bumps up for the team #1 157-Andrew Shomers Ok. St...was ranked in the high teens recently 165 Maybe Alex Smythe, Buffalo. Did good in freestyle 174- not sure, maybe LI Marty can help 184 - Shakur Rasheed PSU #5 197-Lou Deprez bumps up,currently ranked 10th at 184 285- Hemida, Maryland #5
  9. insidecradle

    The bow and arrow should be illegal

    Interlocking fingers
  10. insidecradle

    The bow and arrow should be illegal

    My so used to use the 3/4 from top posistion in high school and jr. college. Clenched both hands so his thumb knuckle pressed into the neck. I let him do it to me , ouch.
  11. insidecradle

    Cornell's Logjam at 133

    Was it Yianni ?
  12. insidecradle

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Cool ! Only five months to go! Last year was my first finals and the atmosphere was unbelievable.
  13. insidecradle

    Downtown Pittsburgh

    I’ll be attending finals and staying at the Omni on William Penn. It looks like its within walking distance but I’m not positive. Anyone know? Also, is there a lot of bar/restaurants in a close area like in Cleveland last year. That setup was great.
  14. insidecradle

    Favorite team moments/performances

    Gregor Gillespie hanging on for his national title. Nowadays though, they probably would have called 2 against him at the end.