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  1. Saw it this morning on the “Today” show. If it had happened to my son, I probably would have just yelled something like “slam” or “illegal return”. All parents are different, some over react in all sports.
  2. NYS high school champ from the early 80’s was named Matt King
  3. Did a quick look at Intermat top 20 rankings, these are other guys listed. Mike D’Angelo, Jesse Dellevechia and Thomas Lane. All Long Island as far as i know. Throw in Busiello and Hofstra could have a helluva team.
  4. Off the top of my head, Nick Picc, Rasheed, Teemer and Vito.
  5. I went to my first finals 2 years ago in Cleveland and went again last year in Pittsburgh. Unbelievable energy in the building. Unfortunately, I’m just not feeling it for this years event. I hope I’m wrong, but it seems like the distance from seat to mat will be to great.
  6. Anyone know how much Big Bruce weighed? From the picture i’m guessing 235.
  7. Buffalo loses most local talent to Binghamton or Cornell. Yianni D probably lived an hour away from the UB campus. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are three hours away, but they dont seem to get much from those talent rich areas.
  8. In the early 2010’s, I think Ian Paddock beat Hunter Steiber in a wrestle off. Steiber got the spot though. Just going off of memory, could be wrong.
  9. Gregor Gillespie and both of Yianni’s. Western NY homer picks!
  10. He had a tough match in the NYS finals this year. Only won by a couple points. I think his opponent was a 7th or 8th grader, so that kid could be on the PSU radar as well.
  11. Are they even as far as the strength category is concerned? I was under the impression Gwiz had freakish strength.
  12. Gissendanner is supposed to be wrestling for Niagara County CC this fall. From what I gather on WNY wrestling forum.
  13. What is the toughest thing to do in sports? USA Today ran a series on this a few years ago, and I think they ranked hitting a fastball as #1. I would argue that wrestling is the toughest overall sport to participate in, but nailing a perfect dive off the 10 meter platform seems like one of the toughest things to do in sports, IMHO.
  14. For,NY, Maybe Jesse Jantzen could make top 3. (dnp,3,3,1). Somewhat similar to Nickerson.
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