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  1. The girl from China who hit Hildebrandt with a 4 pointer yesterday. That was pretty clutch.
  2. I can’t believe what I just saw! Maybe the best end to a match i’ve ever saw!
  3. Smith should’ve just shortened up her opponents name, called her doo doo.
  4. I’m watching on nbc app, the guy commentating during the medal ceremony sounds like Tom Brady.
  5. Mine would be a recent one, Yianni over Bryce Meredith. Big Yianni fan and got to see it in person.
  6. RoboCop should be fully operational by March 2022
  7. Let’s go Dellavechia, get one for NY!
  8. Great call to go neutral in the 3rd.
  9. 2 great matches to start!
  10. I think Nick Lee needs to do some tanning
  11. I’d rather watch axe throwing than NIT basketball
  12. Yianni vs Eireman for the title in 2022? Can’t wait! ( I know , assuming they’re in the same weight class)
  13. Some huge shoulders on Stephen Neal !
  14. And here I thought only pro wrestling was scripted !
  15. As most probably know, he did play lacrosse. On an ESPN show about him, one of his old teammates said something along the line of” Oh God, now they’re gonna put a stick in his hands”
  16. The Smashing Machine— Mark Kerr. Dude was built !
  17. Anyone know where Marcus Robinson might end up? He was looking good for Buffalo. Sorry to see him go.
  18. Read that Willie Mcdougald, #17 at 145 committed to Oklahoma. Gonna wrestle for native WNYer Lou Roselli. Congrats. What’s up with Adam Busiello? Did he finally make a choice on where to go? Guys got loads of talent.
  19. Wasn’t Austin Meys derailed by injury too? I think he lost to Ed Ruth something like 5-3 when they were college freshmen.
  20. I was reading the top 10 from your state thread and saw the name Jesse Jantzen come up. I remember watching his win in the NCAA finals and thinking “ that guys got the biggest shoulders for 149 lbs guy I’ve ever seen!” Who else comes to mind for biggest arms, chest , legs etc. I know its all relative to weight class. Yes, these trying times have me bored.
  21. Ankle pick was my take down( I wrestled up a weight and didn’t wanna get caught under a fat guy). Pinning move was the inside(nearside) cradle. A college guy alumni came back to our HS practices and told me to grab the chin and turn to make neck muscle resistance from your opponent decrease. I don’t think it was legal 40 years ago, but it worked.
  22. Favorite Lacrosse movie— Crooked Arrows!
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