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  1. Joe Williamson

    Reno Worlds

    I am at the event. Everyone here seems to be having a great time. Not one person is forced to come. Jack and his team are a great group of people. Of course there are people here that are over the top. There are coaches that are not using best practices. I see things that I struggle with. But I see these same things at any youth event I ever go to. There is considerably more good happening here than bad.
  2. Pumped for some freestyle/greco action. Blue Chip and GroWrestling will be hosting 3 events in the Kansas City area. Divisions support youth through high school ages for boys and girls. More information is available at www.growrestling.org. Feel free to email me as well joe@growrestling.org . March 30 - Black and Blue (Freestyle Only) Olathe West High School April 20 - Fight or Flight (Freestyle and Greco) Staley High School April 27- Ultimate Freestyle (Freestyle Only) Blue Springs High School
  3. Joe Williamson

    WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes

    So who draws the line on what flex is legal and what flex is illegal?
  4. Joe Williamson

    Kansas City Stampede

  5. Joe Williamson

    Toughest High School tournament

    MO - Kansas City Stampede
  6. Joe Williamson

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    Here is an interview with Mauller discussing his movement to the starting lineup as well as a few other topics. It would be great if you guys would subscribe to this youtube channel. It will become quite a bit more active in Jan.
  7. Joe Williamson

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    I predict that Mauller will AA for Missouri. He is legit.
  8. Joe Williamson

    J. Cox Olympic Weight?

    Since we are talking about Cox.
  9. Joe Williamson

    #7 Mizzou vs #10 Virginia Tech

    Jarrett Jacques will have his redshirt pulled. He is wrestling tonight for the tigers at 157.
  10. Joe Williamson

    What Redshirts are making some noise in the “Opens.”

    Brock Mauller beat Cole Martin in semi and Jarrett Degen in the finals of the Harold Nichols.
  11. Joe Williamson

    Sadulaev by pin little over a minute

    Wrestling is such a tough sport. Looking forward to III.
  12. Joe Williamson

    Fall Brawl In Kansas City On October 20

    Fall Brawl Registration list. Check it out. https://arena.flowrestling.org/event/0ee7b38d-1ed2-b6b4-49cd-c3b9b2db603e
  13. Joe Williamson

    Streaming options for worlds

    I just want to say that I am so glad that we have the option to watch so much wrestling. These streaming services are huge for wrestling. They are creating fans, making wrestlers bigger stars, providing another source of revenue for events, etc. I have the the option to watch wrestling most nights during wrestling season and almost every weekend of the year. These services are also able to keep us entertained with news and content around wrestling that is updated daily. Subscription and ppv fees will only make these services better. It is money well spent in my opinion.
  14. Joe Williamson

    Fall Brawl In Kansas City On October 20

    Five days out. Eight states are competing at this point with over 100 teams represented. Thanks to everyone that is supporting the event as we move into the arena setting. There are a few days left to register.