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  1. And he has to face Russians and Iranians!
  2. PDIII has been a jerk in the past but make some negative comments on here about female wrestling.. watch out. Cancel culture will eat their own when there is no one else to eat.
  3. Keep in mind we may have no sports to watch this fall..HS, college or pro, there are no new movies, we have already burned through everything on our streaming services and with the high number of unemployed and collecting a paycheck from home...we are going to be bored and this fall is going to be a wild ride politically.
  4. Covid may actually finally reduce the bloated admins at universities too.
  5. I think there is a direct correlation between there being less recruitable males now in the population that are eligible for military service and lower numbers in wrestling (and other sports). The U.S. Army said over 50% of males were physically eligible for service in the 1990's and that amount is 35% now. Obesity is one of the main culprits of course (but wrestlers are getting bigger!) but lack of strength for non obese kids are as well which is a by-product of our soft, modern civilization. Another factor is single parenthood which is higher than 25 years ago. Blaming coaches is a lazy argument and continues to ignore the obvious problems when it comes to obesity, lack of normal physical strength and mommies who don't want their babies getting hurt.
  6. Not with Russia and Iran, same as freestyle.
  7. I have witnessed far more rascism in cities than rural PA.
  8. I am personally offended by that comment.
  9. What if there is never that promised "vaccine".?
  10. There is a big difference between the Swedish model and a measured approach...."NOW". I agree with the lock downs from most of the country from Mid March to the end of April. Right now, each of us know the risks involved and know who is at risk. We each have the right to choose our next course of action. If you are scared to death because a government funded or a 6 figure network consultant epidemiologist is telling you to be scared or some amateurish, incompetent 6 figure bafoon talking head is as well. Then stay at home.
  11. If you get pass the epidemiologists who are looking for government funding vs the ones who aren't, you get two totally different answers. The ones who are not looking for funding are looking for a measured approach to achieving herd immunity without devastating the elderly population, the hospitals and those with underlying health issues. But continuing shut/lock downs extends the crisis. If you take politics and talking heads on tv out of the equation, the measured approach seems like the right one. We know so much more now about covid than we did in March but there are those still out there who think it's still March 20th. Crazy thing is, in hindsight...NCAA'S could've been wrestled.
  12. Fumny, I thought the same thing when I first heard that. The big schools are taking a huge paycut this summer with no camps. It could affect tuition assistance, assistant coaching salaries and recruiting.
  13. I have heard from multiple people that camps are allowed on campuses this summer as long as the wrestlers wear masks full time and social distance. I'm not joking. That is what college coaches have been told.
  14. Personally, I think they have been over rated the past few years regardless of their end of season finishes. I think they are one of the top programs in danger of being passed over by other programs.
  15. I was just thinking the Mocco situation the other day as well.
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