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  1. You mean Kinesiology. But you are right, he is a smart kid and I'm pretty sure his dad is a doctor. It would be a smart path.
  2. Wasn't Dean's dad head of FLWC for a while?
  3. This opening is a year too soon with so many senior level athletes who may be hanging it up this year (although with no HC experience).
  4. The first 30 days in a college room is usually the biggest leap, even HS studs can get hammered on a daily basis by the backups. Then they adapt, learn what it really takes to get off the bottom, increase their reaction time and physicality. After that, comes the technical improvements by room observation and actual competition which is why redshirts are preferred and can make all the difference in a wrestlers career.
  5. Entry level guys make around 20K which are low level 1-2x AA's. Mid level can get anywhere from 35-50K, that would include your random recent NCAA champ who just graduated. Top level guys can get over 100K. Add in their endorsements and what they earn medaling and they are doing very well which they should so they keep competing.
  6. He is kind of a strange bird if you know what I mean. He wears old man New Balances and fanny packs. But in all seriousness, I do believe there is some social awkwardness with him.
  7. I've thought the direction hasn't looked good for tOSU for the last few years because what is clearly obvious. There seems to be little developmental growth in their wrestlers. Their AD is almost guaranteed to be looking closely and if ACC teams continue to finish higher, there is going to be a problem in Columbus but as for other Big 10 teams, aside from Iowa and PSU, I just don't see another teams consistently finishing higher than Ohio State. Nice new facilities though.
  8. Cunningham can make a serious argument as being the top assistant/upper weight coach in the nation and has Cael right behind him as an upper weight guy and is a much stronger combo than T&T with lightweights. But I do not think it was a stroke of coaching genius when it came to Eierman vs Lee and Kemerer vs Starocci. The PSU guys were patient, picked their spots wisely and let the Iowa guys push forward and shoot (no change from their Big 10 strategy). The difference between PSU pulling that off while no other school could is they had the guys/athletes to pull it off. For example, everyone knows what Spencer Lee is going to do on top but 99.99% of wrestlers at 125 cannot stop it.
  9. Oh I get it. Folkstle season is over which attracts the vast majority of fans so now the freestyle fans are out crying to merge the styles. This happens every spring. If they let girlfriends and siblings in for Covid NCAA'S, it would've looked like a normal WTT in Lincoln.
  10. Ok...bore us with more unathletic fat kids. You do realize, you get zero sympathy from anyone who wrestled HS under 180lbs right? There is a massive difference in the competitiveness. But maybe you were one of those fat tweeners. Too lazy to lift up to a weight, too lazy to cut down to the next.
  11. You do know you are in the minimum 10% of wrestling fans in the US?
  12. No no no no no Big guys have their sports that despite being better athletes, the little guys cannot do.
  13. This.... The adjustments Lee and Starocci made were not higher level things. This stuff happens with HS coaching. The difference is Lee and Starocci are high level wrestlers who can pull off those adjustments with success. Eierman and Kemerer had no adjustments of their own. No predicting from a coaching standpoint on how their opponents are going to adjust. In D1, it is very hard to push forward and then do a straight on shot with success.
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