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  1. JRE is probably the most listened to or watched anything out there. On a daily basis. ESPN should hire Rogan to work NCAA's. I am not an MMA fan either.
  2. I think you are imagining things in your head.
  3. Today. What about next week?
  4. I find it strange that people follow wrestlers on social media.
  5. Which is why we need more 10th-12th grade trade schools. These kids don't even want to go to school at 16 years old. I hire these guys and all say they wished they had a 3 year trade school to go to instead of the 1 year they went to. Keep in mind 10-12 trade schools still teach the basic fundamentals like english, math, etc...
  6. For the kids who only go to college to continue playing their sport, decades ago those same kids usually went into the military and the military is having a hard time recruiting physically qualified kids right now. We are sending way too many kids to college right now and less investment into our universities and more funding for HS and post HS trade schools are needed. Western Europe has no school sports and it doesn't hurt them. In fact, Europe is far more educated than we are, whether it is a college degree or a trade/skill.
  7. I agree with you but in my area, it is not uncommon to see a JH/HS wrestling budget exceed $20,000 a year when you factor in all expenses like coach/trainer salaries, table workers for home matches, officials, uniforms, mats, travel expenses. But that same wrestling program at best brings in only 10K a year so taxpayer money is being used to support the program. In PA, it also isn't common to see a teacher just a few years from retirement take up some menial assistant coaching position from a more obscure sport because they take those last few years of coaching salary into their retirement (which is being paid for by taxpayers for maybe the next 30+ years).
  8. It will have to do with how many schools are actually wrestling. If 50% of schools are out, there will be a 16 man bracket.
  9. If any sport is funded 100% by a private endowment, Title IX should not apply.
  10. I'm a little surprised I'm the first to post here about it. Pretty much takes out Boro, Clarion, Lock Haven and Bloom.
  11. I have heard privately owned jewelry businesses have been hurting while Walmart jewelry sales were way up. The whole thing is insane.
  12. For once I agree with Tbar. PA isn't all lost I guess.
  13. Some wrestling programs actually bring in some money but none profit.
  14. That 589K is wrestling revenue? I am assuming that includes fundraising because only a handful of wrestling teams reach that amount.
  15. I always thought they should close some, merge the rest and make another PA super state university. Keep some as future satellites.
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