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  1. That 589K is wrestling revenue? I am assuming that includes fundraising because only a handful of wrestling teams reach that amount.
  2. I always thought they should close some, merge the rest and make another PA super state university. Keep some as future satellites.
  3. The police and department of health were there to monitor that the facility did not exceed 650 people.
  4. Or have fully endowed programs exempt from Title 9.
  5. Agreed but still doesn't help wrestling in any way. 20k+ fans at NCAA'S is nothing.
  6. PA governor is recommending no sports until January 1st. PIAA was in executive session all afternoon and will again tomorrow.
  7. Once upon a time in the 1980's, almost every PA school had 30+ kids on their high school roster and everyone of those kids wrestled since elementary and were not dragged out of a hallway to go out for wrestling. And there were 12 weights.
  8. On a side note, the mini mart I stop into every morning and does not require masks has not had one employee get sick and they see over 1000 customers daily. The entire automobile repair industry has not shut down for one day and no one has tested positive that I know of. Employers are trying to hire people but the $600 extra for the unemployment are causing people to stay home and make more money. Lowe's has been packed since the beginning of the pandemic but I'm not hearing of outbreaks with their employees but good luck trying to buy pressure treated lumber, there is a serious shortage. We are now facing a steel shortage as well. True story and I cannot go into detail because of hipaa rules but 5 employees were exposed to covid. They went for testing and were stuck in a long line but had a meeting shortly afterwards. They got tired of waiting and left before being tested. The results of the "non test" came in 2 days later. They were all positive with covid. There are legitimate concerns with this virus but there are also a lot of scams going on out there....politically and economically and our hospitals are involved. There is zero leadership anywhere. In the WH, governor mansions and the U.S. Congress (both aisles).
  9. The Governor of PA just said if schools are doing virtual classrooms, there cannot be any fall sports. This is something the teacher's union has been pushing for.
  10. Shot clock is arbitrary which has no business in folkstyle wrestling. The current push out is working with a guaranteed stall call. The oldest sport in the world and we still cannot figure out how to do it.
  11. I understand where you are coming from and do agree with you. But it's a perfect scenario. Club coaches who rely on their club for a living and are not eligible for unemployment or even the PPP (no employees besides themselves) and wrestlers who are determined to be a success and want to win at all costs. None of this makes any sense. On one hand there may be no college football this fall and D1 wrestling has been pushed to after January 1st (if at all). But here in PA, the PIAA is allowing fall sports with no spectators and the PIAA is not a "conservative" organization and I suspect they know there is a good chance there will be no winter sports so they are forcing fall sports so they don't have to grant "age eligible" athletes another year of eligibility because spring sports were shut down so some athletes will have missed an entire year of their sports.
  12. You kind of have a point here. It's like taking your son to a tournament and he has an automatic bye to the quarters and you have to wait 5 hours for the 1st match. Oh wait.. I just described PA freestyle.
  13. Yep, I've been booted out too.
  14. Former Army special forces guy on Joe Rogan who was at the time involved in recruiting for the Army.
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