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  1. Boompa

    Nickal and Nolf be like Honey Badger.

    Didn't look at the OP, I assumed this was another sycophantic Tbar post.
  2. Boompa

    Horrible Match (NS vs DF)

    There should've been a double stall call. That would've forced them to commit to a shot and the hands to the face call would've never happened.
  3. Boompa

    Indiana vs Maryland - Wow, just wow

    Varner. He is looking the "I wear a better suit than the other coaches and stand in during injury time with the 125 pounder because I'm looking for a HC position" part.
  4. Boompa

    Desanto Team Point

    He is a dork. He wears old man, all white, 90's era New Balance sneakers and a fanny pack.
  5. I can see Dake as the next HC at Cornell with Oliver as the assistant.
  6. I can guarantee you when it comes to recruiting the best recruits is that there is very little motivating in the PSU room, it's already there. I've heard it multiple times that the staff loved Retherford because he always showed up on time, worked really hard, didn't say one word and didn't hear from him again until the next practice. Also when it comes to recruiting the right kids, it does seem PSU lacks the egos to have to manage on a day to day basis.
  7. I agree pretty much here on everything. It's a perfect storm and I said it when he was hired. There is little doubt to prior to PSU that Sanderson was in the upper tier when it came to coaching and I do believe he would've eventually won a national team title at ISU, perhaps more than once and would be a perennial top 3 program. But...if he stayed at ISU, you would most likely have seen Cornell, Iowa, tOSU and Oklahoma State also win national titles. Geographics, tons of cash, and a rabid fan base without another true in state stateschool to compete with will make all the difference. P.S. I saw Tbar already had a response, I choose to ignore his drivel because he offers nothing to this conversation or any other conversation.
  8. Cael could be the public relations spokesman for any Fortune 500 company with his outstanding public speaking skills. Not.
  9. Boompa

    Midlands finals

    Yep. Pick you issue of the day and you will see/hear one thing on Foxnews and the totally opposite on CNN/MSNBC. They both can't be right.
  10. Boompa

    Cael Face

    Meanwhile Cody is saying, "man, I can't catch a break at 125-141".
  11. Boompa

    PSU looks horrible

    We? You part of the staff?
  12. He may have ended up the HC of Iowa if he kept competing.
  13. Gomez has a reputation for upper body, that isn't swinging for the fences, it's part of his repertoire. He made a great in match adjustment are started neutralizing RBY and started getting to his ties.
  14. Boompa

    Midlands finals

    What about other college coaches? I don't think the Brands are alone in this hypothetical.