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  1. I hate agreeing here but have to agree. While Willie was in HS, we all talked about how PSU could be the powerhouse it once was, it just takes the right staff. Sunderland's results are similar to Pop's at NC State but Pop is considered some kind of super coach. Sunderland was a good coach, he just wasn't one of the greats. When Sunderland got the job, everyone was saying, NO! PSU is not Iowa. The wrestling throughout the entire east is better and there is a lot more money here. PSU is the marquee state school here with no competitor. This isn't Michigan, NC, Iowa, Virginia or Oklahoma. PSU is the end all, be all to a significant percentage of the population. Cael energized that population. I know several former college wrestlers who donate nothing to their alma mater and never attend home matches but they give to PSU and are at everyone of their home matches (and some away). I'm no PSU fan but I knew the moment Cael got the job, things were going to change but I also believe Cael was not the only option because I'm not a sycophant. PA is not the midwest and too many people believe wrestling flows through the midwest...but it doesn't. It's the mid-atlantic region. Talent and money. There is no special sauce. Geographics, the best wrestling territory in the nation, money and a very good staff.
  2. Strange. During the trials a few weeks ago when I noticed the non stop, constant camera close ups if her just sitting and seeing the constant commercials of her during the breaks, I mentioned this very thing that she was running the risk of what happened to JB. The pressure these athletes go through is insane but there comes a time that someone in their inner circles has to tell media, fans, etc to back off. I love that olympic athletes can make some decent money on endorsements but the Olympics is their priority and they need to relax and focus.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. No one wants to see fewer D1 programs but I've thought for years that PA needs some state school consolidations. Would I want 4 "severely" underfunded programs or two well funded programs that will actually be viable? I'll take the two programs. 99% of people on here don't give Clarion, Bloomsburg or Edinboro now that Flynn is gone a moments notice. Create two potential power programs in PA? YES!
  4. Where did Yianni train the last 14 months?
  5. Probably but doesn't really need it now with actual redshirts who can actually train with the team during the NCAA season (unlike greyshirts).
  6. Recruiting kids whose parents do well financially (about 250K a year) is incredibly hard at an Ivy which Stanford doesn't have to worry about and most people are surprised how many stud wrestlers in HS who come from pretty good financial environments.
  7. I see Dake eventually following him out there when he is done competing. Grey will be the H/C for two decades while Dake can become the H/C of Stanford in 5 years.
  8. Schools like Stanford and I have even heard Princeton now lowers the admissions for athletes.
  9. I still cannot figure out why NC as a state is not really getting better at wrestling at the younger ages. I think the state only sent 5 guys to NCAA's this year and is a rapidly growing state in population. But proof that 7 D1 programs and a growing population proves that has nothing to do with in state talent (old PA vs Iowa argument).
  10. All good but Middlesworth is the best. Don't forget Hanovers. They also make a great sourdough pretzel.
  11. Potato chips also help me sleep at night. There is just something with the crunch and salt. But if you get your hands on a properly seasoned bag of Middlesworth BBQ chips, there is nothing better. I would actually consider walking barefoot through a field of their seasoning. If Tbar actually was ever in PA, he would know what I'm talking about.
  12. Not only does beer make me younger, the more I drink, the more it makes me smarter.
  13. There are coaches out there that truly believe when they recruit and tell a high schooler that they want them to be "the guy" at a certain weight for 5 years and hang with them, especially after a 7th place finish in their "technically" freshman year.
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