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  1. PSU is throwing out whomever can garner the most points at NCAA'S. Cael cannot allow Iowa to win which is why no one is taking a redshirt, olympic or otherwise...
  2. He always had the frame for 174 and has had two years to fill it. He is top 4 if he stays healthy.
  3. Taylor, Cox, JB and Dake are all in the 150K range just from their RTC. Molinaro was offered 50K right out of college to stay with NLWC and that was pretty much common knowledge at the time. The salaries are correct.
  4. Didn't PSU offer JB 175K a few years ago and caused Manning to scramble a bit to match it? My source is pretty much in the know when it comes to RTC athlete salaries. Right now we have several 150K a year athletes and if you ask me, if PSU has the cash, it is in their best interests to drive up the market value on these athletes to drive them out of certain "competitors" markets. Very shrewd.
  5. I'm hearing 250K a year for Snyder.
  6. Iowa and OSU now need about another 500k+ a year now to throw at RTC athletes to stay in the game. Good luck with that.
  7. The Strittmatter pipeline to Iowa is just getting stupid. If Iowa doesn't pull it off, can we start seeing our great state talent go somewhere that could actually knock off PSU someday? A place like NC State? Half the distance as Iowa and better weather.
  8. I swear there is a returning national champ in their room.
  9. If Dake can pull off an olympic gold next year, Koll has to step down or lose Dake to a big program (despite Dake never leaving Ithaca). If Grey wants to stick around, he will still be the associate head coach.
  10. This basically my opinion. Numbers are down nationally and still dropping. PA is going to 12 weight classes next year to help "mask" the problem. I do believe Flo has helped boost attendance to college matches which continue to still go up by making the sport more accessible. But I also believe the average head coach out there today is more intelligent than the average coach 20 years ago and have learned how to market their programs.
  11. I'm more interested in what happens to Cornell "if" Dake qualifies for the Olympics and can then "maybe" bring home a gold. If he does that, then he will almost automatically be the next HC (Koll gets a sweet admin job) and Grey, JO and Dean are the rest of the coaching staff. Pretty sweet staff that will attract top recruits nationwide.
  12. Rutgers is probably very "coach friendly" when it comes to dorm, facility and food service costs for their summer camps and Rutgers probably does well there.
  13. PSU homer who never wrestled for, never attended and never goes to home PSU events. What's not to like? He is irrelevant.
  14. Tough go. Dake was a 4 timer and was enrolled in an Ivy League academic program and he did it as a true frosh. Most people who attend state schools don't understand the academic rigors of elite private schools and Dake pulled it all off at 4 different weights. Yianni is in the SUNY Ag school program and it looks like he is taking an Olympic redshirt. Both are arguable against Sanderson because he never wrestled the NCAA tournament as a true freshman. Plus, and this I can guarantee you, Cael never had the academic rigors Dake did....period. It not like Cael was in engineering while at ISU and like I said...I've done both and most people don't understand the difference between normal state school academics and elite private schools.
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