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  1. Is it possible Nolf bumps up a weight for next year?
  2. For me...Zuckerberg's politics wouldn't be a concern to me if he were to donate money. My concern is that most billionaires either start off as killers who want to control everything or they become that way. If MZ was to give a sizeable amount to wrestling (NCAA or in international), who is going to stand in between MZ's and him eventually starting to use his money and influence to change things. Sure DuPont was a paranoid schizophrenic and I don't think MZ would go down that road, but I see too many problems in the future if just 1 person became a major donor. I look at another tech geek who has become a billionaire in Bill Gates. I have no problems with Gates' foundation, but lately he has been controlling things he has no right controlling.
  3. Everyone works. Even hedge fund billionaires. The percentage of people born with so much money that they never have to entertain the prospect of ever working is so small you can't even really put them in a certain class.
  4. Someone who did fencing as a teen and whose parents were a psychologist and a dentist is working class? Wow....
  5. Cael would've never left ISU for Cornell but Koll did want to leave Cornell for PSU. If Cael stayed at ISU, he would've won several national titles there. If Koll went to PSU, he would've won a couple there, especially since some of his Cornell studs would've probably followed him there. Big difference to following Koll to Stanford than following him to PSU. There would definitely be more parity and team races would be a lot more fun because ISU, Iowa, PSU would always be in the hunt.
  6. You can be like some and go on his ex-wife's Twitter or Instagram.
  7. In the past...many of the top guys today abstain from drinking totally. We are in a totally different sport than just as recently as 20 years ago. It's hard to beat guys who always get good sleep, always get good nutrition, always get good grades and are in a top program with great coaches and a zero tolerance policy. Heck, I know a recent AA and he wouldn't even eat in the school cafeteria. Everything he ate he made at his place and it was all good stuff.
  8. I think what most people here are missing is that the top high school talent going to the top schools are no longer considered "wrestlers". They are serious "athletes" to actually want to succeed in their sport. Many are not going to touch alcohol anyway.
  9. Anyone who thinks our star senior level guys would not retire at the chance for a guaranteed 250k+ HC position at the most storied program in NCAA wrestling history are delusional. Go outside the program.
  10. OSU fans...take a look at PSU. Go outside the program for a new HC. I also don't care about talk of who is still competing and wouldn't be interested. Throw 250k+ a year and camp profits (maybe even extra money from donors) and then we will see who is interested. OSU is one of maybe 5 or 6 programs that would make any current competitor think twice.
  11. It's one thing I guess to follow JB on Twitter but it's strange to follow his wife. Kinda like following a freshman in HS.
  12. Scholarships are little to none and very tough admissions, not a good combination for a D1 wrestling program.
  13. In the "Terry" Flo doc, Gable talked about that specifically and how he needed to get back in the game and personally start recruiting again instead of having the assistants do it and how he went after the Brands bros himself. Sure ASU won it in 1988 but where were they and the entire western part of the country after Gable retired and left a void for Minny and Oklahoma State to move in?
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