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  1. You kind of saw that in the Perry Flo/doc when Chris Perry was hugging older brother Mark and crying while saying, "I did it". The pressure they must feel has to be insane and is probably why none of the Sanderson kids wrestle.
  2. You should be thanking Google or maybe he went on Yelp. He is a fraud.
  3. No one has said Hall is a bad guy and I do believe he fits the PSU mold. But so does Kemerer but Hall was the bright, shiny object in the room but Kemerer was the kid only 2 hours away that couldve netted Spencer Lee at the same time. Bad move.
  4. Hey Tbar typed in, "what are the best restaurants in State College" on Google! Not really high end but I love Otto's Brewpub but Nitt Lion Inn is a good choice, especially for breakfast. My family meet there one Sunday a year before Xmas.
  5. Based on his pedigree, age, choice of school and the fact Flo did a doc on him years ago called, "The Prodigy"....absolutely! Even worse is if he loses this year to a PA kid who really did fit the mold at PSU when it came to work ethic, faith and demeanor who was never really considered by PSU.
  6. That is because one Lee has become a flat out stud in the sport and the other is looking at the bench. Poor comparison. Nevills should enter the portal by April if he had half a brain.
  7. Any wrestler choosing PSU, tOSU, Iowa, OSU and a very small handful of other schools is not thinking of graduating in 4 years. They are going to those schools to wrestle and wrestle only. They have world's and olympic aspirations. Some may choose MMA but most are looking at being involved with wrestling for life. They will defer enroll, greyshirt, redshirt, olympic redshirt, medical redshirt to the max to achieve the goal of NCAA champion. Let's face it, once upon a time NCAA champs became surgeons, lawyers and engineers. There may be a few today but that's all there is, a few.
  8. Wright wasn't injured, he was having a personal issue or a distraction. Wright was also an AA as a true frosh with a redshirt year. Wright was also a guy who showed up on the biggest stage. 9th seed to champion and 6th seed to a runner up finish.
  9. I like the fact that people say Kemdawg won't be able to handle the talent at 184 when he just beat Mark Hall! Mark Hall! He jumps 17 pounds in 2 years very nicely but can't jump 10 in a year? I'm not saying Kemerer wins Big 10's and NCAA's but he is right there with one of the best. Mark my words. 2021 you will see Brands at 174 and Kemerer at 184 and Assad redshirts. That is more points. Plus, I don't see Lugo as finalist material. AA again? Sure. Eireman is an upgrade. They will be better albeit just slightly.
  10. That is the thing about severe concussions. You can appear to have recovered and look great in the room but when you have to wrestle a real match, things just don't click the way they normally do. Maybe he gassed, it could still be the concussion but a wrestler of Berge's caliber even not in the best of shape should've won that match, he should've been able to gut it out like we see other really good wrestlers do when they aren't looking their best. There was no gutting it out, he was done in the 3rd. I'm leaning towards the concussion still.
  11. I once heard that he doesn't want the responsibility of being the head coach and that he wants to just work with the wrestlers.
  12. The difference is Iowa fans go back for decades, the PSU fans are much more recent. I know some older die hard fans that have been going to Rec Hall since the 80's and they are embarrassed of the new fans who couldn't care less when PSU was just a top 10 team.
  13. You must be one of those guys last year who doubted he was going to be big enough for 174.
  14. Expect to see Nevills there in 2 months.
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