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  1. osufan12


    Lehigh wrestled their backup 285 this weekend or the Sooners might have gotten shut out. What is going on? Is this the lowest the program has ever been?
  2. osufan12

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Unless it is another instance than the time I saw this is a definite "no". Smith was excited for the reversal and made a reversal signal.
  3. osufan12

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    I can't speak to OU but at OSU we've got two Kansas kids and around 20 from Oklahoma. Furthermore 6 of out 10 starters at the moment are from OK.
  4. osufan12

    Next OSU Coach

    There current basketball coach is black and the fans and donors love him. By the way he is the second black HC OSU has had in basketball. OSU was one of the first schools in the conference to hire black HCs in basketball and football. I have zero idea if they would ever consider Jordan to take over. I do know the color of his skin would play zero role in the decision. Personally, I don't think Jordan would get a look because he is not an OSU guy. Right or wrong OSU has a lot of proven, successful DI coaches out there and I'm sure they will go with someone like Coleman, Branch, Pop or an internal guy.
  5. osufan12

    Next OSU Coach

    I have no idea about most of it but I will say the racial aspect is 100% not true. We've had black HCs in multiple sports dating back to the 80s.