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  1. Your exact words were they had no idea who John Smith is. Which is all sorts of crazy. I have no idea where he ranks on the influential scale verse Dake/Snyder with kids today but he is still very well known and yes high-level kids do watch his matches. It is like saying high school kids today are influenced by Michael Jordan.
  2. So you are moving the goalposts? Earlier it was kids have no idea who John Smith was and now it is they would rather wrestle for someone younger?
  3. Acting like the young crop of wrestlers has no idea who John Smith is is about as insane as acting like he has to win a national title by the time his stud class is done with their true freshman year. Actually it is a lot more insane.
  4. Insane to act like John has to win a title by the end of this classes' true freshman year. As an OSU fan I would be open from moving on from John if you can give me the list of all the other coaches we could snag who have been reeling off national championships this past decade.
  5. AJ posted pics from each visit where he was extremely complimentary about every school and he live streamed his commitment. I guess I don't see the scandal.
  6. Who knows? Odd are he won't. That being said, before you write him off remember their recruiting has jumped a ton the last couple of yeears. Their 2020 class is a monster, monster class and they could still add one of the two top pound for pound kids in that class. Assuming Fix, redshirts this year he will lineup with those kids. If they can get this new wrestling facility built soon that should also help their recruiting.
  7. Agreed 100%. It is an NCAA issue. That is why I would hope the NCAA would come to the table before the coaches decide to burn the whole system to the ground. Has the NCAA every said anything about RTCs? There are a lot of things that RTCs allow that are blatant NCAA rule violations. Have wrestling coaches been give the green light by the NCAA on this stuff? Or are they in the position where they "hope" the NCAA doesn't care. I honestly don't know and am asking.
  8. No that was exactly my point. It is not about dollars. Some schools will always spend more on certain things. You can't fix that and probably shouldn't want too. If X school wants to spend their resources on wrestling or the chess club that shouldn't be a problem. However, the rules should be all the same for the competitor schools whether they are spending nothing or millions. With no NCAA oversight, not all the schools are playing by the same rules. Compliance departments ultimately control all of this. Since the NCAA hasn't gotten involved each school is left to interpret the RTCs in their own way. That leads to different sets of rules. More oversight shouldn't be a problem with anyone really. Just make sure everyone is following the rules. If there is no oversight then eventually the rules will be broken (if they aren't now).
  9. I think whether you believe cheating is happening or not it is kind of pointless. RTCs have become critical to NCAA success. It is comical to have something be that critical to the success of NCAA wresting with no oversight from the NCAA. Hopefully they can find a solution without burning the whole system to the ground but there has to be some kind of oversight somewhere. You can't just trust everyone will be on their best behavior. People keep talking about "level playing field" as resources. To me it is about compliance. Some compliance departments are perfectly happy with going all in on the RTCs, others have been less enthusiastic. That creates a system where not every college is playing by the same rules. That is why the playing field isn't even, not money. The same schools will always spend the most on wrestling, RTC or no RTC.
  10. You can't do that in lieu of scholarship money though. The RTC can't be a work around of the 9.9 scholarship limit and a lot of coaches seem to think this happening. End of the day, the list of well-respected coaches who have come out, on the record, saying the system needs some kind of reform is impossible to ignore and should show everyone it is a discussion at least worth having. it has nothing to do with sour grapes and blaming successful coaches for being successful. That is just silly. Tom Ryan is as successful at this stuff as anyone and even he says there needs to be reform.
  11. But that is the point. The line between the school and the RTC is basically non-existent. This setup would never fly in basketball or football. The NCAA would kill it in a heartbeat if Alabama Football set up an RTC for football. Now maybe you can make a good argument that NCAA wrestling should be handled differently than other sports. I would probably agree with you. That being said, until the NCAA actually weighs in one way or another you've got to understand why there are a lot of well respected coaches at schools big and small who are apprehensive about the current setup. Personally, I'm well past the point where I think John Smith needs to dive head first into having a top-flight RTC in Stillwater. The support is there to make it happen. However, I'm also not the one who has to deal with the fallout if the NCAA ever starts to care about NCAA wrestling violations.
  12. You absolutely can blame schools if they are using that pay and loan forgiveness to skirt NCAA scholarship limits. That is against NCAA rules. I'm pro-RTC but I also don't see any real issue with the discussion and them having some more oversight.
  13. John Smith has dedicated his life to growing the sport of wrestling on every level. I think his opposition to some aspects of the current setup are a lot more nuanced than the FLO guys put out there. College wrestling is governed by the NCAA but the RTC system isn't. That means there are tons of opportunities for cheating. To me that is the rub a lot of schools have. Not fundraising but the chances it gives programs to skirt NCAA rules on scholarship allotments. I think if the NCAA was clear on the RTCs a lot of the criticism would die down. Right now they live in a grey area and if the NCAA started really poking around a lot of them probably wouldn't hold up to much scrutiny. The RTC system as it is currently set up would never fly in a sport the NCAA paid any attention to.
  14. No clue where he ends up but he really, really likes Oklahoma State.
  15. Maybe we should petition to have Worlds moved back so we can get peak Dake.
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