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  1. Maybe we should petition to have Worlds moved back so we can get peak Dake.
  2. No I am against him wrestling in Spain this weekend. I think it is incredibly insane Dake wrestled in an international competition before he wrestled Ringer. My point, was even if you are okay with Dake wrestling this past weekend it is crazy to make Ringer wait another 6 weeks. I have no inside info but I would bet money Ringer would trade competing in Dogu for an earlier wrestle off with Dake.
  3. To me it has nothing to do with character of Dake. I like him and if he beats Ringer I will root like hell for him. I just think it is insane to put off wrestling Ringer for another 6 weeks after participating in an international tournament. Great move for Dake, not great for USA wrestling if Dake doesn't win.
  4. I disagree but I get it. However, by this logic there really is no date that is too late for a wrestle off as long as we get Dake at his best before World's. Again, this is great for getting the best Dake but does there come a point where if Ringer wins we aren't getting the best Ringer for World's because he has had to focus on Dake this long?
  5. I just think it is kind of crazy and ridiculous Dake is competing in tournaments when he is claiming he is too injured to wrestle Ringer for another month a half. If he can wrestle this weekend he can wrestle at Fargo. But people have different opinions on that and that is fine. I think it is really unfair to Ringer if Dake aggravates his injury. The general consensus seems to be if Dake gets hurt again then Ringer just gets the spot so no big deal to Ringer. But why do we assume that? Why wouldn't Dake just get another delay? Nothing prevents it. There is still time. This thing is pushed back so far it seems crazy to me to chance delaying it even further.
  6. If Dake is not training with people who have his health at the top of mind then that is just poor planning on his part. I would hope any senior level athlete who makes it this far is only training with trusted people who know his health situation and would never put him in a situation to comprise that. To not see a difference between training with your team and competing in competition is kind of silly, IMO. Pat Downey is not trying to make a name for himself in the wrestling room by taking out world gold medalist Kyle Dake. For some random European this weekend they can make a name for themselves by beating Kyle Dake. Do you think they care he is injured? Heck no.
  7. Ringer agreed to the date as far as this was the absolute earliest Dake would wrestle. They are not happy how late this is happening.
  8. Why is Dake SOL? By all the logic that all of this is fine why not push it back further? There is still time before USA Wrestling has to have a guy at that weight? Why can Dake push it back this far but another couple weeks is the breaking point? I get that this designed to aid the returning medalist. I just think at some point it becomes unreasonable, like when a guy is competing internationally but still won't wrestle his opponent for another month and a half.
  9. I think there is a big difference between practicing at your own OTC and internationally. Your training partners at your OTC know you, your body and your injury. Their main focus is going to be on keeping you healthy. Someone from Bulgaria doesn't give a flip about Dake's injury and trying to keep Dake healthy. In fact, it could be the opposite. Some dude from Bulgaria might try to exploit that injury.
  10. This is all great for making sure we have the optimal Kyle Dake for World's. If he wins the spot, there is no doubt we are getting the best Kyle Dake there is and I will root like hell for him. If Dake doesn't win the spot are we getting a fully-optimized Ringer for World's? Maybe not. My main beef is 1.) if Dake gets re injured there is absolutely nothing wrong with this logic and approach that says he shouldn't push back his wrestle off with Ringer even further. If that happens are we going to wrestle off in September? 2.) If Ringer gets injured waiting around for Dake to get 110% then tough luck. Ringer is out and Dake just gets the spot. I get this is all to help our returning medalists. However, there does come a point where giving Dake too much room on this becomes completely unfair for Ringer. At some point the process is designed for someone to earn the spot and not just there to make sure we have Dake at 110%. This is wrestling, no one is ever 110%. 3.) If JB did this to Dake a couple years back Dake would have lost his ever loving mind.
  11. I still haven't had a good explanation why Dake needs another month and a half after this weekend to be ready.
  12. Except, he is still sticking to the fact he can't wrestle Ringer until mid-August for medical reasons. He is apparently medically cleared to wrestle international right now but he is not cleared to wrestle Ringer for another month and a half. That's the rub. Ringer is also put in the position where he needs to wrestle at Dogu to stay sharp because of the long layoff but if he gets hurt between now and when Dake decides he is 100% SOL, no chance to qualify for the world team.
  13. At what point does Dake actually have to show up to wrestle before this becomes completely unfair to Ringer for you? If Dake aggravates his injury this weekend and wants to push it back another month would you be okay with that?
  14. I don't think Dake is a dirtbag. He seems like a good dude (besides being a hypocrite). I think he is breaking the rules though. The fact that USA Wrestling doesn't want to enforce them (by a 4-3 vote) doesn't mean he isn't breaking them. He delayed their wrestle off so he could get a practice tournament in, not because he is injured. Dake is not injured. If Dake is wrestling this weekend he clearly hasn't been injured in a while. End of they day, great for Dake. It is the best possible outcome for him. Going forward if this leads to rule changes that gives our returning medalists less injury protection it won't be a good thing for USA Wrestling.
  15. You are moving the goalposts here. No one said lawsuits were new. Your whole argument is that Dake is following rules. Threatening legal action and USA Wrestling backing doesn't make this within the rules. This is clearly outside of the rules.