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    Team Race

    Not unreasonable at all. I think Pletcher does have an easier path than Jacobe. I just don't think it is that much easier that I would put him on a completely different tier than Jacobe. I'm really high on Bridges and Phillipi so I think that is a pretty tough path. IMO, what is going to make or break Oklahoma State's chances at second are how guys like Gfellar, Kaid, Joe and Greer do. Kaid and Joe have brutal draws so I'm not optimistic but the talent is there.
  2. osufan12

    Team Race

    I don't necessarily disagree. I honestly think it is a coin flip between the OSUs. However, you did leave out Weigel who is seeded 3rd for Oklahoma State. That gives them four guys seeded to make the top 4, the same number as Ohio State. I don't think Pletcher is on that much of a higher tier than Jacobe Smith.
  3. osufan12

    Rank the Rankers - 2019

    Are you trying to look at prediction or rankings? I could be way off but a ranking is not necessarily where a service thinks a guy will finish right? Like I think a lot of rankers would still pick Lee, Zhahid and Gable to win it all. It is just hard to rank those guys No. 1.
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    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    Chandler is one of my favorite OSU wrestlers of all time. I'm gutted for him. That being said he hasn't put an AA caliber season together this year. He lost to the only two top 10 guys he faced and didn't get a takedown in either match. He wasn't looking at a good seed come NCAAs. I'm a homer so I think he would have AA'd but he was facing a tough road to get it done.
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    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    Not according to John today. He said they all wrestled up because he thought it was their best dual lineup and he still thinks duals are important. He said all those guys have basically been light for the past month (including Joe). He specifically said Joe could have made 165 a long time ago but he didn't feel it was right for the team and he also didn't think it was fair with Chandler's injury. He said Joe has been weighing in the low 170s, high 160s after practice for a month now.
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    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    You are kind of ignoring the fact that Joe has been at 174 for the last couple months because the coaches wanted him there with Preston's injury. This would have been decided months ago if Preston never got injured. Joe to 165 has been the plan all along but the injury at 197 and lineup shuffling delayed it. Do you punish Joe and not let him wrestle for the spot because he has been wrestling at the weight the coaches wanted (174)? That doesn't exactly seem fair.
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    FLOwrestling is an absolute disgrace

    You don't like Flo so you don't subscribe. Cool. I find the content and streaming worth the money so I pay them. Cool. What is the problem?
  8. osufan12

    FLOwrestling is an absolute disgrace

    If you don't like FLO don't subscribe. Why is this a thing?
  9. osufan12

    Is Flo Growing Wrestling?

    My own personal view point: I've always been simply an Oklahoma State wrestling fan. My FLO sub has definitely grown my knowledge of wrestling and has made me more of a fan of the sport as a whole and not just Oklahoma State. IMO, that is growing the sport but it is hard to quantify. End of the day, it doesn't matter and the whole argument is pointless. If you are like me and you find FLO's content worthwhile great. If not, fine, don't get give them your money. It baffles my mind this has been a week long debate.
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    Lehigh wrestled their backup 285 this weekend or the Sooners might have gotten shut out. What is going on? Is this the lowest the program has ever been?
  11. osufan12

    Gfeller v. Ashnault

    Unless it is another instance than the time I saw this is a definite "no". Smith was excited for the reversal and made a reversal signal.
  12. osufan12

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    I can't speak to OU but at OSU we've got two Kansas kids and around 20 from Oklahoma. Furthermore 6 of out 10 starters at the moment are from OK.
  13. osufan12

    Next OSU Coach

    There current basketball coach is black and the fans and donors love him. By the way he is the second black HC OSU has had in basketball. OSU was one of the first schools in the conference to hire black HCs in basketball and football. I have zero idea if they would ever consider Jordan to take over. I do know the color of his skin would play zero role in the decision. Personally, I don't think Jordan would get a look because he is not an OSU guy. Right or wrong OSU has a lot of proven, successful DI coaches out there and I'm sure they will go with someone like Coleman, Branch, Pop or an internal guy.
  14. osufan12

    Next OSU Coach

    I have no idea about most of it but I will say the racial aspect is 100% not true. We've had black HCs in multiple sports dating back to the 80s.