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  1. Burden of proof is on the person making the claim, not everyone else to prove you wrong.
  2. This again? We've hashed this out. There is no evidence that suggest Flo is growing the sport. Flo is great at what they do, but they are not "growing the sport."
  3. Interestingly, Mark Cody is listed as the "Director of Wrestling" and not the Head Coach. The head coach is Tony DeAnda.
  4. Seriously? What about the states and schools that have no issue? As an outsider, it sounds like PA has gotten so good that it has created a barrier for new wrestlers to enter the sport at the high school level.
  5. I can confirm, I am Brah.
  6. LOL This is pathetic. He was just found guilty, but because the accusers are poor, they must be lying. You're scum.
  7. Good. That solves that.
  8. Anyone have any info on him? Heard he is not at Iowa State. Heard the same about Nick Raimo at ASU.
  9. This. I've never been so excited and then let down.
  10. Interesting topics. Two thoughts - 1) Are upper weights more likely to have played another sport (football) which may have slowed their development? 2) Strength may be a larger factor in the upper weights. It is easier to build strength as you move into your 20's.
  11. Probably would have made the team in 2008 and won gold.
  12. Wear a kneepad on my lead leg because that knee takes a beating on penetration steps. Lots of high crotches = swollen knee.
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