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  1. It was so polarizing. They must just avoid it in the future.
  2. I get it, but you also said they made "all-state" and "all-american" as proof of their success. I agree that the accomplishment itself is not the source of pride, but it is validating and something that is almost universally recognized as a sign of success.
  3. Yes, but your perspective is that of someone that was able to see your loved ones accomplish their goals, not of someone that had something torn away from them. It is much easier for you to look back and say it is not that big of a deal when you know these accomplishments will never be taken away. You state that your children made "all-state" and "all-american" as a source of pride. How did they get these titles? What criteria did they meet?
  4. It will never be the same as earning it on the mat, but 20 and 30 years down the road, it will mean something to these wrestlers and their families. It identifies them and recognizes their success instead of simply being "another dude." It will matter on resumes and job applications as well. It is not the same, but it absolutely does matter and is just as legit as any basketball or football "All-American."
  5. Can't even make a Lugo post without people trying to knock him down in his own thread.
  6. The seeding committee sat down with a goal of identifying the top wrestlers in the country in each weight class based on who earned which position based upon their performance during the regular season. One could argue that this is even more legit than how football and basketball All-Americans are determined, which is by the media. I see this as the equivalent of the "coaches poll" in other sports. College football awarded a national champion without a tournament for 100+ years. I can see how you can argue that we should not award individual national championships, but Iowa is as deserving of the team title as any of these football programs.
  7. It doesn't matter if it is only two per weight class, the fact is universities do not want to be responsible for their athletes and employees traveling and potentially being exposed and exposing others to illness. Nothing is going to change.
  8. This is a good point. Moore and Pletcher are two others that come to mind. Moore had a clear path two years ago and blew it by getting tossed by Conel. He is essentially the same wrestler now as he was then. Pletcher is a good example though. He was hammering people and looked like a completely different wrestler from past seasons where he was content to hang on. The improvement he showed in knocking out Lee was huge. Poor guy.
  9. Of all the wrestlers, my heart breaks the most for Pat Lugo. Despite being a Fargo finalist, he flew under the radar going into college. He took a chance by transferring from Edinboro to Iowa when many said he could not make the line-up. He worked his tail off to become a starter and then an AA. This year he looked like a completely different wrestler. He opened up on his feet and improved on the mat. He looked poised to take home the title. I can not believe that this is how his year will end. Dude is a hammer.
  10. 100% they should award AA's and National Titles by seed. It is not ideal and can never be the same, but these guys have absolutely earned it. Iowa should also be awarded the National title. As crazy as this may seem in the wrestling world, this is how football named a national champion for 100+ years and how sports like basketball and football have always named their All-Americans. It's not perfect, but it is better than nothing.
  11. You're right. So because we don't do it for the flu, we should just continue to act negligently rather than run the risk of appearing hypocritical.
  12. No, but that is not the point. The point is that they want to take steps to stop the spread. The healthy 20 something athlete will probably be fine, but what about the people they might come in contact with, and what about the people those people might come in contact with?
  13. Whatever happened to Ronnie Bresser? I saw him at the Florida state tournament this weekend.
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