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  1. Exactly, there is no mention of the protest on the UWW database; as in the case of the Karelin match. It is virtually impossible, other than long memories, to even say that these things happened. That is my predicament - knowing something happened and being unable to prove it.
  2. In fact the UWW database lists the match time at 0:00. so it clearly is a forfeit.
  3. They were word documents taken from news articles. It is over 20 years ago now but I am sure the informati9on is out there somewhere - I just can't find it.
  4. The UWW database is not very useful as it lists only list the final result and not if a match was overturned. I am sure most people know about Cary Kolat having wins overturned but there is nothing in the database about it.
  5. Actually the final result was 2-0 to Karelin. However I think it is the that very match that Mureiko was initially declared the winner before the result being overturned. Thanks for looking.
  6. " He was a hero , not cool to drag his name through the mud" As I said, pure hero worship on you part. I am not dragging his name through the mud at all. Facts please not unthinking praise.
  7. This is the problem - there is so much mythology surrounding Karelin that it is almost impossible to get the facts. For example Karelin's Wikipedia states that Karelin had not had a point scored on for six years before the Gardner match. The information link is to comments by former Greco-Roman National Team Coach, Steve Fraser. However in in just the year before, 1999; Karelin dropped a point to G. Saldadze. I think Fraser was too busy believing the hype rather than looking at reality. If this helps but I think that the overturned math was against Mureiko. However I am not sure.
  8. "His only loss prior to Rulon's 2000 victory" I did not say that he lost - only that Karelin got a result overturned in his favour.
  9. "Some folks assume he lost a match because he placed second in a world cup, but that was a team effort. " I am not talking about that. It was a single effort at either the worlds (more likely) or the Europeans (less likely) that Karelin challenged and won. As I said to the pervious user my statements are completely true - I was wondering if someone could link to some verification.
  10. That is not true. He lost a match in 1998 0r 1999 and got the result overturned. I know that they is a lot of Karelin Worship but many of the headlines are false (no one had scored on Karelin for 6 years before his match with Rulon; Karelin had not be scored on for 10 years etc), as I said I had these results on my external hard drive but it died. They are true recorded facts I was hoping someone had a link to verify.
  11. ALEXANDER KARELIN; is unquestionably the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all time so please don't take my questions as disrespectful. The following are facts but due to a catastrophic failure on an external hard drive I have lost my proof of the facts. 1, Karelin lost a match sometime several years before losing to Rulson Gardner, in the worlds, to another wrestler. However, he managed to get the result overturned. Can anyone link to a story that confirms this fact. 2, Karelin tried to get his loss to Rulon Gardner overturned. Again, these are completely true facts I would just like to have confirmation to show others.
  12. Put Taha Akgül Snyder in you search engine. Akgul is on a different level.
  13. Super performance. The ladies have been great this year.
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