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  1. Put Taha Akgül Snyder in you search engine. Akgul is on a different level.
  2. Super performance. The ladies have been great this year.
  3. I hate to see someone get beaten so quickly, especially in a final. But wow - that was intense and exciting.
  4. Not a great match - workmanship approach from Cox. Still a Gold is a Gold.
  5. A lot of crying from her opponent.
  6. This has been a great world Championship. Sadulaev looks stronger but the US team has been full of surprises in this Worlds.
  7. I love watching the ladies wrestle. A bit like watching women's field hockey.
  8. Incredible. The States are guaranteed at least two medals tomorrow with a possibility of a third. Six medals (chance of seven) out of eight weight classes - hard work pays off I guess. Still, this is way above what I expected from the US team. Congratulations.
  9. OK, three of those medals are bronze. But still what incredible consistency. I am sure the coaches must feel very proud.
  10. Expected higher after the release of the draws but I think the big guy from China shocked a lot of people. Excellent conditioning from the USA athletics and great psychology and toughness.
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