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  1. 6 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    Seriously, give it a shot. There are actually 72000 members, rather than the 7200 I mentioned earlier.

    I couldn't care less about the conspiracy, I just offered an alternative source of information.

    What conspiracy? You seem to think that there are three. The first is resolved by a quick check on the UWW database.  

  2. 3 minutes ago, nom said:

    Sounds like an orange guy guy.

    These are FACTS.  I have no proof.  Well yes I do.  I say it is a fact.  That is proof.  There is other proof but I can’t show you.  Look at my hands as I wave them!  Ta da!  Now you believe me!!  If you don’t believe me you are a loser and are dumb!

    As I said a polite in another post - "I can't help you" is appropriate. My post was to ask for help to get back the results lost on a failed hard drive. It appears that American fans of Olympic style wrestling are just sad and dumb. 

  3. 5 minutes ago, Plasmodium said:

    This reads like a reddit post.  Try https://www.reddit.com/r/wrestling.  That is also in English and has around 7.2k members, so at least one of them will confirm your conspiracy.

    Well the average IQ can't be lower. What conspiracy do you have in mind? That Karelin was scored upon in the six years prior to 2000, Karelin tried to get his 2000 loss overturned or getting a 1999 match overturned in his favour? 

  4. 4 hours ago, EM_1996 said:

    It is a bit odd to insist that your statement is "completely true," only to have to rely on others for some verification. If you yourself have no evidence, why are you sure it is true?

    As I said I had the information on a now non-functioning external hard drive and ASKED for help in finding confirmation of this FACT. Around this time UWW, or FILA as it was known then, was highly corrupt - Brandon Slay had two victories overturned and Kerry McCoy one. These matches were not re-wrestled just overturned. I don't understand what is wrong with wrestling fans in the USA, in addition to the low IQs of course, that makes them deeply unpleasant, defensive, ignorant and dishonest. 


    4 hours ago, IronChef said:

    If a protest occurred and the match result and score were changed in accordance with the rules at the time, then he didn't lose and didn't get scored on. I won't judge whether or not that should have happened, but you shouldn't frame it as some sort of conspiracy to elevate Karelin's stature. 

    If the official record shows he didn't lose or get scored on, it's not Karelin worship to treat those as facts.

    It doesn't sound like you're arguing the results were falsified, with a loss simply reported as a win, so what exactly are you arguing happened that should tarnish his legacy?

    Karelin was scored on plenty of times in the Official record. Look at the UWW database for, say, the same 1999 World Championships in GR - Karelin dropped a point to Georgi Saldadze. Don't you do any research? Or is your brain on permanent idiot that writes anything than comes into that pathological organ? Clearly I have made a huge mistake going to the official forum of USA Wrestling and largest wrestling forum in English for information. Take about a stereotype of dumb wrestling hicks. Duh.  

  5. The match was in 1999. Mureiko got his arm raised as he was awarded the match 1-0 (if I remember right). The Russian immediately challenged the result and after paying for the appeal, the match was rescored 2-0 in favour of Karelin. Karelin also challenged the match he lost to Rulson in the 2000 Games. In this case and given the world-wide coverage the appeal was not pursued. I am sorry that I cannot offer a reference for this story due to losing my database of results. However I have e-mailed UWW today for clarification. I suggest you and everyone on this forum do the same.     

  6. 5 hours ago, wrestfan said:

    that was 2000, before that somewhere around 1997-1998 it was just overturning.

    for example I remember Kerry McCoy beating Alexis Rodriguez 1-1 in 1998 Worlds (Tehran) but after a protest from Cuba, they overturned the decision and gave it 4-1 to Cuba. that was the semifinal.

    Exactly, there is no mention of the protest on the UWW database; as in the case of the Karelin match. It is virtually impossible, other than long memories, to even say that these things happened. That is my predicament - knowing something happened and being unable to prove it. 

  7. 5 hours ago, wrestfan said:

    that's not incorrect, Giunta didn't show up, faked an injury or something to not waste his energy in an impossible mission, still advanced to the next round as one of the best runner-ups and eventually finished 4th. (only in 1999 rules were different)

    In fact the UWW database lists the match time at 0:00. so it clearly is a forfeit.

  8. 1 minute ago, Wrestleknownothing said:

    What did you have on the hard drive? Was it an article? A video? Something else?

    I found videos of them wrestling in 96, 98 and 2000, but not the 99 match.

    They were word documents taken from news articles. It is over 20 years ago now but I am sure the informati9on is out there somewhere - I just can't find it.

  9. This is the problem - there is so much mythology surrounding Karelin that it is almost impossible to get the facts. For example Karelin's Wikipedia states that Karelin had not had a point scored on for six years before the Gardner match. The information link is to comments by former Greco-Roman National Team Coach, Steve Fraser. However in in just the year before, 1999; Karelin dropped a point to G. Saldadze. I think Fraser was too busy believing the hype rather than looking at reality.  

    If this helps but I think that the overturned math was against Mureiko. However I am not sure.  

  10. "Some folks assume he lost a match because he placed second in a world cup, but that was a team effort. "

    I am not talking about that. It was a single effort at either the worlds (more likely) or the Europeans (less likely) that Karelin challenged and won. As I said to the pervious user my statements are completely true - I was wondering if someone could link to some verification. 

  11. That is not true. He lost a match in 1998 0r 1999 and got the result overturned. I know that they is a lot of Karelin Worship but many of the headlines are false (no one had scored on Karelin for 6 years before his match with Rulon; Karelin had not be scored on for 10 years etc), as I said I had these results on my external hard drive but it died. They are true recorded facts I was hoping someone had a link to verify.  


    is unquestionably the greatest Greco-Roman wrestler of all time so please don't take my questions as disrespectful. The following are facts but due to a catastrophic failure on an external hard drive I have lost my proof of the facts.

    1, Karelin lost a match sometime several years before losing to Rulson Gardner, in the worlds, to another wrestler. However, he managed to get the result overturned. Can anyone link to a story that confirms this fact.

    2, Karelin tried to get his loss to Rulon Gardner overturned.

    Again, these are completely true facts I would just like to have confirmation to show others. 


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