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  1. It’d be a quarterfinal matchup because Hump would be the 8 or 9 seed
  2. I've seen this photo countless times in my life but I have to admit that I had never noticed the phallic symbol shadow from the chandelier in the upper left corner. Now that I've noticed it, I wish I never had noticed it....
  3. Not sure which is worse: Flap's punctuation or math skills... 125: "no pts at Nattys" = 0 total 133: "14 pts at Nattys" = 14 total 141: "12 pts at Nattys" = 26 total 149: "10 pts at Nattys" = 36 total 157: "12 pts at Nattys" = 48 total 165: "8 pts at Nattys" = 56 total 174: "8 pts at Nattys" = 64 total 184: "2 pts at Nattys" = 66 total 197: "14 pts at Nattys" = 80 total HVW: "10 pts at Nattys" = 90 total "Now gents the Voice of Wrestlings been reel generous on all this and giving you the reel dealio and it totals to 118 pts the way I cipher thats likely a touch high" --- Yes, Flap, that's about 28 points too high, the way I cipher it. Flap must have been using that "new math" he uses when he's calculating billable hours on a tear-off job.
  4. If you think changing it from "125" to "126" is what "spoils the joke", then you, my friend, do not know comedy....
  5. Reported attendance by session... I: 17,949 II: 17,957 III: 18,013 IV: 18,100 V: 18,436 VI: 18,950 Every NCAA tournament adds floor seats on Saturday due to reduction of the footprint of the mats being utilized - Pittsburgh was not unique in doing this. It will be interesting to see how this will be handled in Minneapolis. Overall, the actual attendance numbers were much more in line with other venues being utilized than they were to the 16,000 various people were projecting they'd be six weeks ago.
  6. From Mark Palmer's Intermat article... "The 2019 NCAAs will go down in the history books for being well-attended. On Saturday, 18,436 fans took in the action during the medal round of Session 5 ... while 18,950 witnessed the finals, the fifth-highest attendance ever for a Session 6. Total attendance for the first Pittsburgh-hosted NCAAs since 1957: 109,405, which ranks as the sixth-greatest total in NCAA history."
  7. It looks like all the controversy stemming from Minnesota coach, Brandon Eggum, tweeting about PPG Arena only holding 16,000 fans, was a bit misguided. It was announced that 2019 was the 5th-highest attendance total in NCAA Wrestling Championships history.
  8. There was a strong police presence dowtown for a few blocks around the courthouse. I didnt see any protestors. Arena was not too small. 18,000 per session average. Fans were fired up. Not sure if a lot of long-time attendees not getting tickets meant that more first-time attendees replaced them, but energy was great for the finals.
  9. How did Pittsburgh do as a host? PPG Paints Arena: "B" There was a lot of talk that the arena would be too small but the attendance each session was around 18,000. Hotels: (n/a for me) There are a lot downtown. How were they with/for the fans? Restaurants: "B+" The ones I went to seemed to handle the crowds well. Food was good, food options were pretty varied. Nightlife: "A" Again, a lot of choices, from downtown, Strip, South Side, North Shore, Lawrenceville. All were handy and busy. Getting Around: "B" If staying dowtown, it's pretty easy to.walk places or UBER Fans: "A" Great atmosphere in the arena and in the streets Locals: "A" Locals seemed happy to host Fan Fest: "A" Great crowds, great venue - never been to a convention center with such a scenic view Overall, I'd give Pittsburgh an A- or B+ as as host.
  10. Isn't a common mantra in wrestling "you get what your earn". Those other coaches shouldn't be getting those inflated salaries if their program isn't at least covering their costs. Any private business operating at an annual loss would shut it's doors within a year or two.
  11. Until wrestling programs start producing enough revenue to cover their own operating budgets, I don't understand why a school would pay $1MM for a head coaching salary. A high-profile guy like Cael could be close now between PSU salary, bonuses, any endorsement deal he may have personally, camps, and NLWC. But, I would imagine that camp and club money is used to supplement the salaries of staff and rostered wrestlers.
  12. Nowhere. Your best bet is to stop and buy it on the way into the city. A lot of Sheetz stores (convenience store/gas station) will sell up to a 12-pack.
  13. I don't know if you EVER want to discuss a guy's crotch- be it high or low- when discussing the merits of a photo of him in a singlet. Just sayin' - not that there's anything wrong with that....
  14. I don't know if any hotels offer shuttles into the city. If they do, I'd hop onto one of those. If not, I'd use UBER - should be about $30.
  15. I'd take the T to Steel Plaza Station.
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