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  1. Paul Jenn is IA beat him in a collegiate open tournament when Cael was a RS freshman.
  2. I also remember hearing Hahn beating him as a senior. I think in freestyle. I think he took those 5ths due to cutting to much weight. I believe he also beat Ray Brinzer and Steve Williams. Who were 4-8 yrs his senior.
  3. Yeah. That was in his RS year. And I believe he actually lost to Hahn as well. I believe it was in freestyle though.
  4. THANK YOU. I completely agree. Unless maybe you are a 2x champ in OH, then move to Jersey, I would be ok with both states claiming them. What you do 1st-8th, isn't tracked, rarely known and has little to do with your HS career. HS is where and when it starts to matter.
  5. Hahahahah. Inconsistent. Ummm. Yeah ok. He's a 4x finalist, 2x champ. Also took gold at the Jr Olympics. As well as winning many high level National tournaments. The only thing that might be inconsistent is his health and staying injury free. But you wouldn't call that being inconsistent.
  6. And if they did that, having AJ Ferrari fill in at 220 would be a great idea.
  7. Would be a great match. But to the OP, I think a big part of the reason might be the fact that there are no real challenges for him, there seems to be no legitimate US seniors out there.
  8. Yup, I heard that it's the first time they are allowing it. Because of their ages and how good both are. And problem cause it's Penn State. But they have to sit another weight to balance it all out.
  9. So I didn't realize til just a min ago,that Lewis Fernandes not only beat, but pinned Harvard's Hwy, who's number 10 in the nation. And just last month, lost a 6-4 match to Kerklivit. And he currently has a 26-4 record. I don't think he will be competing for a title next year. But I definitely believe be will make the round of 12 or even AA, somewhere between 5-8. My prediction for next year might be Parris Gable Kerklivit Cassioppi Schultz Fernandes Stencil Nevlis Hilger Orndorff
  10. I agree. He probably should transfer.
  11. He's good. Real tough. But I don't think he is at their level. Especially not likely to win a title. I'm sure he will AA 2-3 more times. But I would have to say it would be in the 5-8 range.
  12. Then next year and the yr after we will have all 3 of these monsters. Plus Kerklivit, who lost to Gable by 1 point when he was a Jr and wrestling at 220 and Gable was a senior at Hwy. Plus Lewis Fernandes of Cornell. AJ Ferrari, maybe not til the year after next. Braxton Amos possibly in 2 yrs. Arizona St Colton Schultz, #1 recruit and Dave Schultz award winner last year. Next 2 yrs should be great at HWY.
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