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  1. Hughes, Morningstar, Esposito
  2. drgibbons

    Selection Show

    They are only on Twitter right now @ncaawrestling
  3. Oklahoma State's Wrestling Channel posted the full broadcast of the duel yesterday for those who haven't seen it.
  4. drgibbons

    125kg Discussion

    Gwiz is opposite both Akgul and Petriashvili. If he can perform like he has been this year he can at least make the finals and give us a chance at gold there.
  5. drgibbons

    74kg Discussion

    Burroughs is 4 seed - can meet Chamizo in semis. https://twitter.com/CJOlanasty33/status/1053293579425271811
  6. drgibbons

    86kg Discussion

    DT will get Yazdani early on https://twitter.com/taylormillerUSA/status/1053294847103242240