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  1. Very true. No "easy" draw at worlds, all the guys he has to go thru to make the finals are tough, particularly his first match being a rematch of bronze bout last year. That said, not having Akgul, Petriashvilli or even the Ukrainian on his side I consider as good as it gets.
  2. I agree its not idea, obviously would also rather DT/Yaz were on opposite sides, just looking at it as a potential benefit and hopeful for that outcome.
  3. Burroughs always has the toughest draw possible. Nobody I feel more confident in to get it done tho!
  4. Great, great draw for Gwiz! No reason he should not make the finals, which could be huge for us! Highely unlikely Russia backs into 5th place points at this weight again like they did last year either.
  5. Actually, as tough as the draw is for Taylor I think it could help us team score wise. With the Russian on this side of the bracket, who many considered the clear cut 3rd best guy in the weight, it's very likely he will have either Taylor or Yazdani in his bronze match. So in theory we could get a gold or bronze from DT and keep Russia from getting a medal. Russia could get 5th place points, but still better than a bronze or if he were opposite DT and Yaz and he walked to the finals. Small chance Azerbijian could help us out even more in the quarters and take the Russian out!
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