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  1. Cox' single leg is out of this planet. What a guy!
  2. Chamizo wanted that no.1 seed.
  3. This will be hard for you guys, especially 97 against Ovsiannikov. Just a half an hour to go guys!! UWW streams: https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/senior-u23-world-championships-0 https://livestream.com/unitedworldwrestling
  4. Great battle all through the tournament between America and Russia. Congrats to both on amazing results. I'm from Europe but not from Russia so I'm usually neutral. Phenomenal wrestling must say. Can't wait for GR now.
  5. What a war for bronze at 97. coyedo vs oliinyk
  6. I don't think it's a finished takedown from Winch
  7. Sadulaev looks pretty much unstoppable. Whoever wins the finals at 97 is P4P no.1 wrestler on earth.
  8. Tough match, Odikadze scored at the very end. Last time they've wrestled, Sadulaev beat Odikadze in one minute.
  9. Draw is obviously against Sadulaev. They wanted him to eliminate Alborov for Snyder.
  10. Sidakov is 22, JB just entered the 30 club. Future will favor Sidakov for sure.
  11. American wrestlers are on fire tonight. Phenomenal!
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