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  1. Isn’t Chamizo the #1 and Burroughs and Sidakov #2 and #3?
  2. Thanks for all the input guys! Anyone abroad know where to watch matches if we don’t catch them live? Are the archived immediately on the UWW site or is it a waiting game to see how quick they get uploaded to YouTube?
  3. Hey all! Does anyone know what options exist to watch the world championships in freestyle wrestling online? I live in Sweden and IIRC they were streamed for free on the UWW site last year. Does anyone know if that’s the case? Does anyone remember if you can also watch replays of matches or just if you catch then live? Also, how can you stream matches in the USA?
  4. The brick wasn’t thrown anywhere close to five seconds after the score they wanted to challenge. I can’t see how USA wrestling can uphold this decision though I’m still not sure how I’d have scored the sequence. If it’s overturned (which I hope it is) I hope and believe they’ll rewrestle match 2 rather than declaring Yianni the winner.
  5. That’s certainly a hot take.
  6. I’ve considered going but I don’t have any friends here (in Sweden) who are into wrestling so I’ll likely pass.
  7. What? There is no need to be concerned about safety in regards to traveling to Kazakhstan for the world championships.
  8. Nolf did not look healthy to me. If he has ankle issues I’m sure they really affect him, especially going against someone like Imar who is so explosive. Imar looked great though. Can’t wait to see him and Jordan go at it. Ringer looks like a man on a mission. If Dale isn’t 100% he could get steamrolled. Other than Yanni he’s the hottest wrestler in the country. Gable’s clearly jumped levels and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t medal in the olympics. He may even be the favorite by then if he continues to improve.....
  9. It was so awesome for me to be able to wake up in the morning here and Europe and watch all the matches spoiler free. Props to flow
  10. You can discuss it but it would be an illogical and incorrect stance. It’s clear who the P4P #1 is and it’s not Taylor. Sadulaev pinned the previous P4P #1 in the finals. His dominance, resume and results surpass Taylor. As someone else pointed out as impressive as Taylor was at the world championships Sadulaev easily surpassed him. Saduluev - Tech, Tech, Tech, Tech, and Pin DT - Decision (11-6), Tech, Decision (8-0), Decision (7-5), and Tech It’s obvious Sadulaev is #1 and that’s no slight on Taylor because he’s had an outstanding year and is one of the best wrestlers in the world even if he isn’t above Sadulaev. Taylor is my favorite wrestler in the world so I’m not trying to drag him down.
  11. No you can’t. Sadulaev pinned the previous #1 in the finals. Taylor was fantastic but he doesn’t have anything in his resume to warrant a discussion of him being above Sadulaev.
  12. Hey everyone, Long time lurker with (possibly) my first post. What options are available to stream the NCAA tourney abroad or ideally to watch full matches after they’ve been completed while avoiding spoilers? id appreciate all tips and ideas. Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Such an amazing time of year.
  13. Is it fair though to call guys that aren't even on the senior level yet part of our core?
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