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  1. Are you for real? I clearly outlined how absurd your theory is in my post. Would you like to address the points I brought up which show how insane your theory is? Or is your defense simply - no one REALLY knows what happened so surely my ridiculous theory is the most likely scenario?
  2. So his entire plan was based on a committee declining his appeal? Not to mention he has dedicated his entire life to be the best wrestler he can be, beat DT on a bad knee at trials, won the world championship and lost a very controversial match to Snyder 6 years ago but now he decides beforehand he has no chance of beating Snyder at trials - despite Cox’s improvement compared to the field and Snyder‘a comparative regression? This theory is one of the worst things I’ve read on this site tbh.
  3. I agree but Lee may be thinking about Iowa’s chances for a team title next year rather than getting back to full health as quickly as possible. Tbh I have no idea what a recovery for dual ACL tears looks like. Given the rehab to fix one it is probably a crazy long lay off.
  4. I know. I think that's a horrible idea. Imagine all the issues - when do they decide to have a wrestle offs? When in the future? Between which wrestlers? What do they do if one gets sick and misses trials in the future who is a 2 seed? How about the 3 seed who is soooo close to the 2 seed? What do they do if a strong wrestler gets injured and misses trials? What do they do if the injury means the wrestler is out for 2 months? No matter what system we have there are going to be downsides - but it's absolutely ridiculous to bring up this issue when a wrestler can't make weight for literally the only important meet over the last 1.5 years after going up a weight.
  5. Yeah, we should redo the system because a single competitor didn’t make weight on time and instead use the entirely uncontroversial and completely fair system of letting coaches just decide between Dake/JB, Snyder/Cox and the 3-5 competitors at weights 57kg and 65kg. /s
  6. Yeah, our team would be so solid with Lee. Such a shame with his injuries - he is a generational talent.
  7. Yeah, I think improving his mobility is a good thing IMO and obviously NLWC is a great place to focus on technique, etc. do you agree he looked smaller?
  8. That’s absolutely insane. What a legend.
  9. Am I the only one who thought Snyder looked quite a bit smaller than previous years?
  10. I’d guess that Yianni has a better freestyle resume than Dake did at the same age. Dake’s biggest freestyle accomplishments need to be compared to Burroughs as he was the best wrestler in the world when Dake was Yianni’s age. So I guess maybe his OT loss to Burroughs at trials and then consistently beating Taylor who also showed he was close to beating Burroughs. Someone more knowledgeable than me can probably give better info.
  11. That’s fair. It seems we have a different definition of “world class” which is fine. I’d also be willing to bet we actually have a pretty similar view on Yianni as it seems we are both big fans. Despite me bringing up some critique I think he is amazingly talented, is incredibly smart in the mat, is as cool headed as anyone and that he still remains one of our brightest talents for the future internationally. Fingers crossed he keeps improving and is a mainstay on our team in the near future.
  12. I guess you have a different definition of world class than I do then. I view world class as only a handful of wrestlers at each weight - and IMO Yianni still isn’t there. Yianni has some really solid wins but until he shows he can 1) consistently beat guys domestically so he can get on the team (especially when he’s not blocked by someone like Burroughs, Dake, etc) and then 2) gets quality wins on the biggest state he isn’t among the elite in the world IMO. Let me rephrase the question to you then so we don’t get caught up in semantics - where do you rank Yianni internationally in his weight class I still think Yianni is our best shot at a medal and he’s one of my favorite wrestlers so this isn’t meant as a shot at him. It’s possible to critique a wrestler while still being respectful and trying to rightfully establish where he fits internationally. Edit - better structure
  13. He is obviously a legit high level wrestler but I’m surprised that qualifying for our national team - especially given the relative lack of high level talent compared to other weight classes - has been an issue for Yianni given his trajectory a few years back. And to clarify - no way Yianni is world class if he can’t get by JO or Zain.
  14. The sample size is fairly small which makes a fair comparison quite hard IMO. That being said, international success is the one thing that PSU isn’t clearly superior at than all other competitors at this stage. It’ll be interesting to see what the landscape looks like in another 5-10 years though.
  15. The point is to get the best team. And we’ve set up a process to make the qualifying a complete meritocracy - as wrestling should be.
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