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  1. Damn this sucks. Are there any exemptions for professional athletes? I couldn’t find anything going through the updates travel restrictions - though I did read quite quickly.
  2. Oh no is this for real? I have honestly completely forgot about travel restrictions despite me living in Sweden and the fact that we recently closed our borders for Americans after opening them a bit during the summer.
  3. He does look huge. Dude is almost pulling a Cassar and jumping levels by going up.
  4. A bit off topic but are the trials going to be streamed anywhere or available afterwards online?
  5. Agree. And it’s kind of funny because he’s probably made himself the biggest heel/personality in college wrestling with how he humiliated guys and how mean he can get. But put him on the microphone and he’s kind of a mess.
  6. Is DT going to clone himself and go two weights? The point is that Nickal could go any of those three weights at trials and he be ahead of the rest of the field - though he’d still come 2nd as he isn’t good enough to beat DT, Cox or Snyder at any of those weights.
  7. Interesting, thanks for sharing at least. Is there any reason why you also don’t trust medical professionals and science? I’m not judging you just trying to find out why someone doesn’t trust recommendations of medical professionals and scientists who go through not only incredible rigorous education and who also deal with scientifically proven facts through a peer reviewed system.
  8. Yes and yes. If Lee is healthy. No one is touching a healthy Lee.
  9. The wrestlers you’ve listed are insanely talented and will be hard to top. At the same time there is a 8-9 year gap between the ages of the wrestlers you’ve listed so it’s not like they came from one group. I think you could also argue that both Gable and Lee are generational talents but it seems unlikely we will have sustained international dominance from them due to injuries for Lee and other interests for Gable. They’d have formed the core of our team moving forward. To match the current generation we’d need e one insanely talented guy to come through every few years to go along with Gable/Lee and we’d have been in good shape.
  10. Not with two bad knees. If he’s healthy he beats Gilman without a doubt IMO.
  11. Was it Saitiev who won gold in a legendary tiebreaker/overtime when his opponent won the coin toss and the guy started with his leg or something like that? Can someone help me here?
  12. What are the thoughts on the 4 pointer he didn't get? I feel it was 4. I can see what his coahces were thinking when they didn't challenge at the time as he was up 4-0 and he'd have been up 4-1 if the call went against him. Given he was risking 1 pt to win 3 pts I still think they should have challenged IMO if they feel they even had a 50% chance of winning it. It'd also have given him criteria in a tie. That being said, great that the call/no challenge didn't bite him in the ass
  13. Dude, he's 21 and just won a gold. He's been jumping levels quickly over the last 1-2 years. The gap will get bigger not smaller if he sticks with wrestling. Though sadly I can't imagine he does stick with the sport.
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