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  1. Yeah, same reason why Bo Nickal had to retire early due to his style... /s
  2. Tbf it says more about how outstanding Gable is at his age than anything else.
  3. I don’t see why trials should be treated any differently from worlds. There is a reason there are weigh-ins and where do you draw the line if someone doesn’t make weight? Every other aspect of the competition is regulated and everything needs to be on a level playing field. Being over by 1/4 lb is the same as leading until the last 2 seconds. It matters. I’m a huge JB fan btw.
  4. Only threat? JB has been in quite a few close matches and he’s not getting any younger. He’s still a legend and is crafty and clutch but no need for hyperbole.
  5. Jesus imagine if they’d have given back eligibility last year. Cassar could have done like 8 or 9 years lol.
  6. Honestly, a broken ankle is better than a severely sprained ankle assuming it’s a normal break.
  7. Wow, he really sounds like he had one of the worst personalites imaginable... /s
  8. Sorry for being slow here but do you mean they are retroactively granting another year of eligibility to those who wrestled last year? Or that they are granting an additional year of eligibility to this years group? And is the wrestling season basically going to be cancelled?
  9. Gable just tweeted a photo of himself and he seems to have shrunk down a ton. Maybe I’ve missed this but has he confirmed if he is going 97kg? The photo is here: https://twitter.com/gsteveson/status/1315713950663745537?s=21
  10. What are some of the more intriguing first rebound matchups? I’ll be tuning in from Europe and can only watch the first round matches today live. Any input on what matches will be most intriguing and why?
  11. Any good matches upcoming in this dual? I just watched the first two blowouts. Ducking is such a horrible problem.
  12. Damn, good memory. I remember hearing that someone had snacks on a burger in the bathroom. However, that seems so harmless so I expected an actual incident. I never remember them saying at all any disciplinary measures would be taken only that they thought it was humorous.
  13. I won’t be shocked if Parris wins and I definitely expect Parris to beat Stevenson at least once during his college career. His progression over the last few years is pretty damn impressive and I expect Parris will have a decent size advantage over Stevenson in a year or two.
  14. Does anyone know what happened to Yazdani? David Taylor just had a post on his Instagram wishing him a speedy recovery and that he hopes he will recover in time for Tokyo. Yazdani replied saying it’s a tough time for him right now.
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