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  1. You literally just called him a chump. For not medically forfeiting a match which had around 40 seconds left when he was injured. In a tournament which winning could impact his chances of going to the Olympics. You called him a chump for forfeiting before he even knows the diagnosis. I’d guess he is a MFF but if he is unsure whatsoever it’d be ridiculous for him to forfeit so viewers can get a more entertaining final.
  2. Any insight on why he isn’t fixing his knee given he isn’t competing this year?
  3. Because usually when it’s said it’s referring to PSU’s recent dominance rather than Cael’s entire record coaching PSU. For example, it Wayne Gretzky won 6 out of the 7 last scoring titles they wouldn’t randomly add a few years at the start of his career when he didn’t win. Unless of course they are referring to his entire body of work but that’d be a different discussion.
  4. Who other than Iowa realistically has a chance at beating PSU? With RBY, Lee, Cenzo, Hall, Cassar alone they’ll surpass any other team that’s not Iowa. Then they still have Conel/Shakur and a few other guys as well.
  5. Bo was EXTREMELY small for 92kg and now people are putting him over Snyder? I don’t see it happening despite Bo being incredible. The size difference is just too much to overcome.
  6. Their back and forth could be great. The difference is I often felt CP was overly aggressive and can be so pedantic. It’s like he would refuse to move on in the show until Willie had admitted defeat. I get and support arguing and discussing but if two guys disagree after a lengthy back and forth then just accept it and move on rather than trying to get all three of CP, Nomad and Bratke to batter Willie into submission.
  7. I was also annoyed at how the others treated him. It seemed Pyles was always eager to admonish Willie whenever he felt he had a weak argument. It’s one thing to do it to make good radio but it at times was cringey and made FRL hard to listen to.
  8. If I’m being selfish this sucks for my own entertainment for be short-term. Willie was fantastic for FRL and he is the best wrestling journalist in the business. I can’t imagine a FRL with Pyles and Nomad/Bratke as I won’t be able to deal with CP’s monologues and he needs a strong personality to balance his ego. I fear it’ll just be a big echo chamber without Willie. Gotta admire him for his confidence in betting on himself though. He’s so talented and it’ll be cool to see what he does next and hopefully he will make it another fantastic wrestling show or podcast to make some more must watch/listen entertainment.
  9. Agree but I feel the same. I don’t have confidence in him on the big stage.
  10. I think Willie mentioned on flow a few days ago how lifting might be optional at Penn State.
  11. Yeah, that’s true. Though Cox has a pretty limited window to move up, especially to trials. And even if his jump isn’t as significant as Sadulaev I think he will still have problems with the physicality. That being said, I still hope he moves up. I’d hate to see Cox have weight issues at 86 if he’d be our representative.
  12. If Cox beats Snyder I’d give him more of a shot if he had another year to grow into the weight. We saw the impact it had on Sadulaev in his match up with Snyder. Cox is outstanding but I see Sadulaev’s physicality being too much for Cox to deal with despite him being an outstanding athlete. I just think the explosive strength disparity will be hard for him to deal with. Sadulaev just dominates guys physically who are insanely strong at 97 and I think it’ll be too much for Cox to deal with.
  13. How did Hasanov not get put on the shot clock in the first period? I don’t think he shot once and Dake was much more aggressive in the first. That being said, Dake should have had two cautions by the end of the match.
  14. Snyder looked so basic and predictable in this match. Crazy that he’s basically regressed despite his age. I really hope acid goes up for the Olympics as if favor him quite heavily in qualifying against Snyder.
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