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  1. It’s hard to say it’s not PSU given their results over the last decade. It takes time for perceptions to change but their body of work in recent history is second to none and PSU’s stock somehow keeps rising.
  2. Woods is a big pickup for Iowa. That being said, I just don’t see anything turning the tables against PSU in the near future given the talent and coaching they have combined with their ability to consistently perform at their best when it matters. As a neutral I’d love to see a close team race but Iowa wrestlers show up to NCAA’s with their bodies beaten up and wrestling tight while PSU peaks and love the big stage.
  3. Dude, take a step back from the cliff.
  4. wamba

    Dan Cormier

    DC did a fantastic job. He amps up the excitement level, has good insights, is a fun personality and is polished as a commentator. It’s also good for the sport to have a former UFC champ be connected to the NCAA tourney.
  5. He walks through all weights up until heavyweight and then he’d get massacred.
  6. RBY meeting ADS early is actually good for PSU because RBY isn’t losing that match.
  7. What happened to your wife’s hands after 25 is my main question here?
  8. This is a good point and I agree with you.
  9. I get what you are saying in a way in that an amazing freestyle wrestler won’t necessary be a great folk style coach. But Burroughs has adapted significantly to deal with losing a step and he has added a killer single leg. His hand fighting is fantastic as is his defense. He might also be the most clutch mat savvy wrestler our country has ever produced. He is more than just a great double legger. He has an incredible mindset and never seems to get too down or too high. All that aside, Burroughs was also a fantastic collegiate wrestler. Look at his bracket his senior year (I think it was his senior year) as it was absolutely stacked yet he dominated. He was super dominant his last two years when he made massive jumps in his game. And all of this aside, as you say, he would be a great recruiter. And recruiter is arguably even more important than being a good coach. He is also a great communicator which would have benefits as a coach. I don’t know if he will ever get into coaching but if he does I’m sure he would excel at it. It’d be great for the sport so I’d love to see it.
  10. I used the word “cram” because Bo hasn’t been training with him for that long. But yeah - I’m doubtful much could have changed the outcome of this fight. It was a horrible stylistic matchup and Colby looked to be in too shape.
  11. What?! There’s only so much you can cram in to defend takedowns if you learned grappling later in life and are going against a guy who wrestled his entire life, has an insane gas tank and who is at minimum, athletically equal to you. It speaks more to the power of a strong wrestling base than Masvidal’s wrestling partners. I don’t know if any person or team could have done much to change the outcome of this match.
  12. Heavyweight IMO. It’s got the best wrestler in NCAA’s by far who is an Olympic champ. Then it also has a huge amount of depth consisting of a few guys who could be NCAA champs in a given year - a few who have world junior golds. I think Parris could have potentially won a few national titles other years this decade and he is going to have a tough time placing 2-3 at NCAA’s.
  13. He is going to hit a tough wrestler no matter where he is seeded in the top 8 tbh. With so much unknown between now and NCAA’s working out seeds at 165 and what the best seeds are is just about impossible.
  14. Described this way I can understand the thought process from Spencer. Good explanation IMO.
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