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  1. I’d agree re: Flo. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Taylor vs Yazdani provided Flo pays up.
  2. No he is just saying that matches are harder than the media portrays, which was essentially a nice way to answer a really sh*tty question.
  3. Even if Gable wants to wrestle and everyone would want to see the match - isn’t Gwiz our guy at the moment? Or would Flow handpick the team if it’s essentially an exhibition?
  4. I think Bo The Finisher Nickal would work.
  5. Well that sucked. Good first period for Snyder. Then Sadulaev showed why he's a generational talent.
  6. Yazdani has changed his strategy pretty dramatically against Taylor. He clearly paces himself much more than in his first two matches with Taylor. Yazdani used to go out super hard and just go all-out offense. He's considerably more measured now and while he doesn't pile up points as quickly in the first few minutes as he did in the first two matches he doesn't fade nearly as bad anymore either. Yazdani seems to be in better shape but he his gameplay makes way more sense and is clearly different than it used to be against Taylor. Edit - rereading your post I realize this is potentially the point you were making but just calling it something different.
  7. Sadulaev is clearly the better wrestler and normally I'd give Snyder almost no chance of winning but I do somewhat wonder if there is any chance of an Olympic hangover for Sadulaev where Snyder will have more of a conditioning advantage than normal. Realistically the only way I see Snyder winning is by tiring out Sadulaev and getting 4 pts or more in the last minute. It'll also be interesting to see how often Snyder shoots given how Sadulaev scored on counters last match.
  8. Just incredible. Can't imagine us ever having someone his caliber who is also such an incredible person in my lifetime. Even wilder that he's about a second away from likely having two more golds.
  9. 2 Golds and a Bronze. Not a bad day!
  10. Amazing stuff from JB and Gilman. So happy for both of them. How are things shaping up with the team race?
  11. The Butcher is actually good. Nicely done Snyder. Bo "The Lion" Nickal could work given the PSU connection and his hair. It's a bit simple but that's fine. Bo "Clutch" Nickal could be another option. I'd recommend The Icemand but Liddel has that one taken.
  12. How's your reading comprehension? This is what I said: And for what it's worth I'd place Sidakov ahead of Yazdani at the moment. 74kg is a deeper weight class than 86kg even if 86kg has two top guys. Sidakov has gone through a gauntlet the last four years and is probably up there with anyone after Sadulaev in the P4P rankings IMO.
  13. I mean, you can only beat the guys in front of you. There's also something to be said for showing up and being willing to put things on the line. If you don't show up you can't call yourself a world champ even if you are most likely the toughest guy in the world at that weight. Looking back on this year it's clear that some weights were thinned out a bit. But sometimes that's also the case at worlds due to injuries or other factors.
  14. I don't think it's controversial at all to say that winning the title at 86kg this year was harder than winning the title at 74kg while at the same time not dimishing Dake's victory. You are taking issue with things that haven't even been said in this thread so I don't know why you are bringing them up here. Honestly you are the one cherry picking and coming across as a fanboy - unless you just claim you are being facetious again and hide behind that...
  15. Dude, no one is calling Dake's title meaningless in here. And I haven't seen anyone say DT's loss is meaningless - we've just been providing some context. Looking at quality of competition isn't anything controversial. Unless you just want to have a elementary mathematics competition and count medals. You need a bit of perspective as it's clear you have a bone to pick with Taylor.
  16. No I didn't forget. When comparing freestyle legacies I don't put much weight into individual matches at national team trials and honestly I'm not sure many people do.
  17. I mean, if we are including NCAA careers then yeah. If we are looking at international resumes it's still debatable unless the comparison is simply counting hardware.
  18. It's kind of hard not to feel happy for Yazdani. He seems like a really genuine person and he's worked so hard to get over the hump against Taylor. Really looking forward to round 5!
  19. That's very debatable. 74kg is so watered down in this tournament and Yazdani is so far superior to the guys Dake has beat when he's won his titles.
  20. I mean, he's 1-3 against Taylor and even this match went down to the wire. Yazdani literally just lost a month or so ago in a higher stakes match to Taylor despite having 2 years to work out his "gas tank issue". Yazdani also had the fans on his side and Taylor was coming off an Olympic win whereas Yazdani was clearly burning to get the revenge. Now just because he won the most recent match he's clearly the better wrestler and fixed his gas tank issue? That being said, Yazdani also has age on his side and I wouldn't be surprised if Yazdani has the advantage moving forward.
  21. What a fantastic finish! Also, that ref was incredibly annoying at the end.
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