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  1. Giovanni

    Dogu bronze matches

    https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6381110-2019-yasar-dogu/videos?limit=57&playing=6529681 That match is 90 minute mark.
  2. Giovanni

    Yasar Sunday

    Flowrestling twitter says JB is the champ at 74 due to forfeit.. dammm you Chamizo. Looks like Downey will be our first man up.
  3. Giovanni

    Yasar Sunday

    Ya, I'm not sure then. Really hoping I didn't get up this early for nothing. There was a post saying he was up in 5 on Mat B, first American to go, about an hour ago.
  4. Giovanni

    Yasar Sunday

    USA wrestling twitter indicated that JB may be receiving a forfeit. Let's hope not.
  5. Giovanni

    Askren KOed in 5 seconds

    Great interview, pure class from Ben, a true stand-up guy. A great example of how to handle yourself after defeat. Surprisingly humorous and a few pretty fantastic quotes: "Apparently, I guess I set a record of some sort." "If you calculate my pay-per-hour due to the 5 second knockout, it's pretty fantastic." "Sometimes life doesn't go your way, sometimes you get your a$$ kicked, sometimes you lose. You don't have to like it, but you gotta accept it."
  6. Askren's take seems pretty spot on with my overall feelings, more worked up about Dake gaming the system than anything. Personally, I dont have much issue with him wanting a warm-up tourney prior to the Ringer wrestle off, but the lack of transparency, and delay until August 17th makes little sense. He is obviously close to ready after watching him wrestle five matches Sunday, so why are we dragging things out another six weeks?? This throws a major wrench into world championship prep for both parties involved. I think it would be in both wrestlers' interest to move the wrestle off up if at all possible.
  7. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Pretty ugly match, but Dake gets it done again against Turkmenistan 5-0. Interesting nose wrap in the second, #DakeWrap?
  8. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Dake on deck.
  9. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Finals starting on Mat B now.
  10. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    You're welcome. Mostly just trying to stay busy and keep my mind occupied after shelling out good money to see my boy Askren get obliterated last night.
  11. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Yes, but you can rewind to find earlier matches. Not sure what mat Finals will be on. 2nd session just started with repechage, assuming Finals will follow.
  12. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Definitely some rust in his first match, has been dominant against lesser competion since. Should be interesting to see how he does with a rematch against Orazgylyjov in the finals.
  13. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Finals should be starting in about 15 minutes, if I did my time zone calculation correctly.. not sure what mat yet. On a side note. Josh Rodrigues also made the finals at 57Kg on Mat A. First match was back and forth, held on for a 13-11 win over Tajikistani wrestler. Has been pretty dominant in every other match I watched including 11-0 tech over Germany in semis.
  14. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Link to Mat C stream. You can rewind to all of Dake's matches so far. **Update: I missed Dake's actual 2nd match the first time skimming through. Techs Spanish wrestler 10-0 in 15 seconds with TD and four consecutive guts. FYI: he is the very first match when the live feed kicks in, start of 2nd match is right at about an hour past that (short match so more difficult to find), 3rd match is about an hour past the 2nd, 4th match is ~17 minutes before feed ends (also short match so more difficult to find).
  15. Giovanni

    Dake Spain Results

    Match 3 against Budgey (CAN). Dake attempts a hip toss on the edge going to his own back but exposing, looked like 4 to me, but ref calls it 2&2. Dake secures a TD, follows up with four guts to end match 12-2 a minute into to the 1st. **this match was labeled "semifinal", and Orazgylyjov (TKM) wins 10-0 over Austrian in another "semifinal". So I'm assuming the top two in each round robin advanced to final four, and now Dake will have re-match against Turkmanistan for Gold (can't find actual bracket/format anywhere).