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  1. Couldn't find it in Track, does anybody know where updated brackets/results can be found?
  2. Sounds fun. You have a link?
  3. The original is "view only", so you just need to click "file" and "make a copy", rename with your team name and then you can edit (all wrestlers are preloaded for each seeding option, so just need to pick the ones you want). Instructions are in the upper right. The guy that runs it has his email listed at the bottom of the instructions if you have any further difficulties.
  4. Just plugging my favorite yearly NCAA pick em pool. I like the format of this one better than any of the others that I've done. And while I'm all for charity, I like that most of the money goes to actual payouts in this one ($22 per entry, $2 goes to the guys that run it). Pick one wrestler for each top 16 seed, and four from the remaining seeds, no limit to how many wrestlers you can pick from each weight, highest scoring teams win. If you can run a google doc and have Venmo or PayPal, pretty easy to get set-up. https://sites.google.com/site/highrollerwrestling/ncaa-challenge-2018
  5. Gwiz rolls, 10-0 in under two minutes.
  6. Taylor mostly just controlling center in the 2nd and showing good head hands defense. Gets TD and lace at the end, holds off Torreblanca for a solid 8-0 win!
  7. TD, and may have been a passivity in there, DT up 4-0 at the break.
  8. Zain gets caught underneath attempting a lace, stuck by Argentina... no bueno
  9. Gilman down 3-1 at break, But guessing he gases the cuban in the 2nd
  10. Taylor with the tech over Venezuelan a minute into the 2nd period. Looked pretty rusty in the 1st, turned it up on his TD attempts in the 2nd.
  11. Nice team win there, Nebraska needed some positive momentum after tough loss to Penn State last weekend.
  12. 14-14 heading into the final bout. Like White's chances to close this thing out for Big Red.
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