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  1. 57KG - Spencer Lee (has been dominant at every other level, think he is our biggest Gold threat at this weight, Fix and Gross are not too far off alternative options)

    65KG - Yianni (just brings something different, similar to Lee has won at younger age levels, only legit Gold contender in my book.. although if the JO from this past weekend shows up for 2 days, who knows?)

    74KG - JB (pretty much a toss-up with Dake, but JB is a total of about 2 seconds away from being 2-0 against Sidakov, so I think he takes the next matchup assuming he makes it to Tokyo)

    86KG - David Taylor (having already knocked off Yazdani twice, definitely had the chops to bring home another gold, assuming he can get healthy in time)

    97KG - Cox (in my opinion he is our best available option to beat Sadulaev, assuming that I could make the decision for him and have him prepare for 97KG and he competes properly bulked up for the weight class. I do feel he is ACTUALLY cutting to 86KG though, so this is more of a fantasy pick according the the format OP laid out.)

    125KG - Gable (was pretty disappointed with Gwiz at 2019 worlds, assuming Gable continues to mature and get stronger, would love to see how he fairs on the Olympic stage)

    **If Cox is indeed going 86KG, I would plug him in at 86KG due to unknown health status of DT, and then have Snyder as my 97KG rep**

  2. Agreeing with OP. Cox is our best wrestler at present, maybe even the best p4p in the world. And after listening to his post-match interview, I'm convinced that he will be going 97 next year, for the following two reasons:

    1. Cutting weight sucks - so why do it if you feel like you are the man to beat? Cox is a HUGE 92, looks to already be very lean (KJ stated he is "leaner" and "stronger" than last year), and admittedly had a pretty tough/miserable time making 86. So now with new same day weigh-in procedures, I just dont see it happening.

    2. Cox wants to build his legacy - for some reason, myself included, people have always somewhat overlooked his abilities/accomplishments, and before this year was never really in the top P4P discussions for best wrestler in the world. This year he has been on a mission to not only win, but win with dominance, never satisfied, and for the most part smashing the competition. He mentioned the legacy talk in his post-match interview, so what better way to build a legacy than to take out Captain America and then knock off the consensus "best wrestler on the planet" Sadulaev at the Olympic games?

  3. 1 minute ago, pa in taiwan said:

    He will beat Kyle Snyder at 97kg. I don't see him making 86kg. Karimi had absolutely nothing for J'den, who appeared to be far superior. 

    No argument from me. If I had to pick it today, I'd pick J'den for the spot at 97. However, I do like his chances better against the likes of DT/Yazdani vs Snyder/Sadulaev for eventual Olympic gold, assuming the weight cut is attainable. 

  4. 1 minute ago, BallandChain said:

    JDEN COX WORLD CHAMP!  Class act and absolute stud.  Curious about his plans for next year. Congrats 

    With how he has progressed and looked this year, I'd consider it a toss-up at 97, and I'd favor him over a DT coming back from injury.

    I know this was a non-olympic weight, but the guy seems to be on a completely different level than his competition right now. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Katie said:

    Yes. Sidakov is one of the very best wrestlers on the planet right now. Losing to him with one second left, on a step out, is not really a terrible thing.

    To add, he won on criteria with a tied score. These two are so evenly matched, it may always come down to simply who scores last. With wrestlers this clutch and this high-level scoring ability, advantage seems to go to whoever is trailing late. 

    Glad to see JB finish strong and bring home another medal, not a damn thing to hang his head about. He is one of the proven greats in wrestling, and it now seems that Sidakov may be an emerging great as well. 

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