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  1. If Graff can get by Lomtadze , he should have an easier semi to make finals, big match but I like our chances.
  2. Tough loss there. German hit a nice 4 point fireman's on the edge to start the match, then Downey became predictable and continued to pressure and force ties, which the German continued to counter effectively until the eventual tech.
  3. Amine with a wild finish get's TD at the buzzer to lead 4-2, under review
  4. I expect it from Snyder and Dake, but I've been very much impressed with the dominance and poise of Graff and PD3 in their first two bouts. Team USA looking very solid so far on day 3.
  5. Graff up on mat A, up 2-0 at the break. Dake on deck on mat B.
  6. Sadulaev on deck on A, Graff up in 4 on A, Dake up in 4 on B
  7. Snyder doing Snyder things, 10-0 tech in the 1st over India. Showing off his gut wrench.
  8. PD3 looking solid so far, 2-0 with a tech and well executed 8-2 victory in his last bout. Graff with tech in his opener. Snyder up now on mat B, Dake coming up shortly.
  9. Not sure why the forum was offline the last 15 hours, but let's get this thing rolling.
  10. Not exactly. My understanding is that the points awarded for continental championships are weighted to the number of participants. Therefore most of our guys have a seeding disadvantage when comparing PanAm points to Euros/Asian championships.
  11. Rashidov finished strong to beat Otoguro 8-1, impressive defense and offense in this one. Looked much better than his last match vs Egypt. Fix on deck Mat B
  12. A few more TDs and Fix takes this one 12-1! Looking sharp with his counters/re-attacks. Tough test up next w/ 2017 world champ from Japan.
  13. 3 TDs in the first, Egorov with impressive par terre defense, stops a gut attempt for reversal to score 1. Fix up 6-1 at the break.
  14. Azerbaijan is this year's Euro champ with a win over Uguev there, so no slouch. Trailed 3-0 with about a minute to go in this one. Then got to two body locks and was able to finish both for TDs to come out on top 4-3. Russia pulls another one out their ass..
  15. Scramble Cam on Track does commentary. But as others on this forum have commented, it is pretty hit or miss.
  16. On the plus side, at least Rashidov is in the meat grinder every bit as much as Zane. So if he can somehow make a run, and Russia drops one before semis, could create some nice separation in team points. A huge "IF" and more likely to go the other way for team USA (similar scenario for Fix at 57). These first two weights will set the stage for either a very entertaining team race, or team title hopes could be crushed on day one.
  17. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6381110-2019-yasar-dogu/videos?limit=57&playing=6529681 That match is 90 minute mark.
  18. Flowrestling twitter says JB is the champ at 74 due to forfeit.. dammm you Chamizo. Looks like Downey will be our first man up.
  19. Ya, I'm not sure then. Really hoping I didn't get up this early for nothing. There was a post saying he was up in 5 on Mat B, first American to go, about an hour ago.
  20. USA wrestling twitter indicated that JB may be receiving a forfeit. Let's hope not.
  21. Great interview, pure class from Ben, a true stand-up guy. A great example of how to handle yourself after defeat. Surprisingly humorous and a few pretty fantastic quotes: "Apparently, I guess I set a record of some sort." "If you calculate my pay-per-hour due to the 5 second knockout, it's pretty fantastic." "Sometimes life doesn't go your way, sometimes you get your a$$ kicked, sometimes you lose. You don't have to like it, but you gotta accept it."
  22. Askren's take seems pretty spot on with my overall feelings, more worked up about Dake gaming the system than anything. Personally, I dont have much issue with him wanting a warm-up tourney prior to the Ringer wrestle off, but the lack of transparency, and delay until August 17th makes little sense. He is obviously close to ready after watching him wrestle five matches Sunday, so why are we dragging things out another six weeks?? This throws a major wrench into world championship prep for both parties involved. I think it would be in both wrestlers' interest to move the wrestle off up if at all possible.
  23. Pretty ugly match, but Dake gets it done again against Turkmenistan 5-0. Interesting nose wrap in the second, #DakeWrap?
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