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  1. Finals starting on Mat B now.
  2. You're welcome. Mostly just trying to stay busy and keep my mind occupied after shelling out good money to see my boy Askren get obliterated last night.
  3. Yes, but you can rewind to find earlier matches. Not sure what mat Finals will be on. 2nd session just started with repechage, assuming Finals will follow.
  4. Definitely some rust in his first match, has been dominant against lesser competion since. Should be interesting to see how he does with a rematch against Orazgylyjov in the finals.
  5. Finals should be starting in about 15 minutes, if I did my time zone calculation correctly.. not sure what mat yet. On a side note. Josh Rodrigues also made the finals at 57Kg on Mat A. First match was back and forth, held on for a 13-11 win over Tajikistani wrestler. Has been pretty dominant in every other match I watched including 11-0 tech over Germany in semis.
  6. Link to Mat C stream. You can rewind to all of Dake's matches so far. **Update: I missed Dake's actual 2nd match the first time skimming through. Techs Spanish wrestler 10-0 in 15 seconds with TD and four consecutive guts. FYI: he is the very first match when the live feed kicks in, start of 2nd match is right at about an hour past that (short match so more difficult to find), 3rd match is about an hour past the 2nd, 4th match is ~17 minutes before feed ends (also short match so more difficult to find).
  7. Match 3 against Budgey (CAN). Dake attempts a hip toss on the edge going to his own back but exposing, looked like 4 to me, but ref calls it 2&2. Dake secures a TD, follows up with four guts to end match 12-2 a minute into to the 1st. **this match was labeled "semifinal", and Orazgylyjov (TKM) wins 10-0 over Austrian in another "semifinal". So I'm assuming the top two in each round robin advanced to final four, and now Dake will have re-match against Turkmanistan for Gold (can't find actual bracket/format anywhere).
  8. With the 14 pages of arguments, figured this might get lost in the other thread. Match 1 against Orazgylyjov (TKM). Gives up exposure on an arm throw to start the match, then follows up with front head pinch-type roll to take early 5-2 lead. Gives up TD after failed head pinch halfway through second, 5-4. Secures a TD and then gives up a late push out, final score Dake wins 7-5. Match 2 against Russian. Gets to Dakes leg, Dake counters to expose and finish on top position 4-0, then secures two guts 8-0. At end of the 1st period Dake gets to his double leg and drives through to Russians back for TD and exposure, wins 12-0. **Russian lost 12-6 to Turkmanistan, so bracket must be some type of round robin.
  9. Gwiz's mom or just a crazed fan going nuts in the audience?
  10. Cox showing off his matador skills at the end there.
  11. I really have no idea in this one.. I've gone back and forth several times. I'm just hoping it lives up to the hype, and would not at all be surprised/disappointed if Cox/Nickal goes three.
  12. Got my beer in hand and I'm ready to go. Gwiz/Gable on deck, Yianni/Zain in the hole, Cox/Nickal to follow.
  13. back those tables uppppp.. haha
  14. If Dake shows up mostly healthy, I say not likely. But if he is at all dinged up (seems to be the rumor) I think Ringer has a decent shot. Looks like a machine these last few weeks.
  15. Ringer with an obvious horse power advantage in this match-up
  16. I think he caught himself and converted to "holy buckets" last second, lol
  17. Hahahah, These guys rockin the Gilman final X gear is cracking me up
  18. Split screen, while better than completely missing half the matches, still does not let you ever relax and enjoy each match on its own merit. I feel like a kid with ADHD bouncing my attention back and forth from one mat to the other.. effin ridiculous.
  19. It is completely nonsensical. Let's take the most anticipated matches of the entire week/weekend and run them two at time so nobody can adequately watch every match. Great idea flo. What is even the point, shaving a half hour off of the schedule..?
  20. Holy guts.. CANNOT wait for Cox V. Nickal
  21. "Hanginggggg arrrround.. hanginggggg arrrround.. crocadile blood (or something like that)" Interesting commentating to say the least.
  22. Couldn't agree more. Ben put ego aside and went into this event knowing that he is most likely going to get dominated/embarrassed by one of the all-time greats, simply to help support BTS and promote the sport of wrestling. Love Ben and everything he does for the sport.
  23. Some good takes from Joe and Lex.. -JB is a terrible matchup for Ben (as he is for most people on this planet) -Why the hell is the mat elevated off the ground? Discussing serious injury risks for all parties involved. -Do Snyder and Sadulaev have plans for MMA after 2020? Lex seems to think yes, I have no prior knowledge on this. The full interview goes on to talk more about Russian/Dagestani culture and the mindset/pride of these athletes. Joe even briefly talks about fantasy matchups between JB vs Khabib or Askren vs Khabib (assuming Ben loses some of that dad bod). Overall a pretty good listen. Nice to see wrestling getting some mainstream attention after a high profile matchup at BTS.
  24. JB likely could have ended that one in under a minute if he chose to. Looked like he let up on the lace attempts, took a couple half shots, shut it down for last 50 seconds of the 1st. A dominant tech while having his foot off the gas for large portions of the match. No surprise from the champ.
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