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  1. https://twitter.com/USAWrestling?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^embeddedtimeline|twterm^profile%3AUSAWrestling&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teamusa.org%2FUSA-Wrestling%2FFeatures%2F2019%2FApril%2F19%2FGolston-Hildebrandt-Winchester-Velte-Mensah-Stock-Gray-Rogers-and-Cox-receive-Pan-Am-draws USA Wrestling twitter is great for more in depth play-by-play, if you can't view.
  2. Colon with another quick tech for USA! TD to the guts and that's all she wrote.
  3. Trackwrestling subscription is all I know of. I bought the UWW year long pass for $50, each event is $30 separately.
  4. And Gwiz adds a quick tech, TDs to lace and TD to trap-arm gut to make it 10-0. USA Mens Freestyle thus far undefeated in Argentina.
  5. JB and Taylor making quick work of the competition in match #1.
  6. USA starting the day off on fire! Colon working his world class gut on the reigning champ, Bonne seemed couldn't get going from neutral and Joe took advantage when he finally got to par terre (had me nervous at the end of the 1st, with Bonne exploding for a potential big point move, but time was clearly expired). Next up, Ashnault scored at will in a dominant two minute tech over the Canadian, and now Rodriguez (who I'll admit I didn't give much of a chance in this one) with a well executed smartly wrestled win 7-2 over U23 champ Andreu. Hopefully we can keep this train rolling all day.
  7. Just saw Dake has officially accepted Final X birth at 79KG, which I believe makes him ineligible to compete at 74KG at the Open? Either way, good news for our 2019 squad.
  8. The only logic I can come up with for TD for Yianni, is that it was a makeup call for the one they botched earlier, and they wanted a fresh slate in OT.
  9. Put up or shut up time for Berger. I'm a diehard Sker fan, but this is a tall order. Although Berger has that crazy look in his eye.. have a feeling he will either win or get DQ'd in a brawl by the end of this.
  10. Take your headgear off broskie, first wears singlet during his formal interview, now this.. guy just loves that wrestling gear.
  11. Ohio State must no longer be taking melanoma lightly. I remember the days of Lance Palmer and J Jaggers looking like they stepped right out of the tanning booth.
  12. After two botched calls going in different directions.. I'm personally glad it went to OT, decided on the feet, best man won.
  13. Would love to see Cassar in the octagon some day, dude would murder fools
  14. Need the coffee first after overdoing it a bit last night.
  15. Coffee brewing, let's get these consi medal rounds going..
  16. Desanto in destroy-mode right now
  17. could be over 6 minutes of ride time for Mueller.. holy guacamole
  18. Mueller working Rivera like a dog right now
  19. Mueller right where he want to be
  20. Nickal Nolf Martin Yianni Steveson Joseph Lee Ashnault Valencia Suriano
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