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  1. Ohio State must no longer be taking melanoma lightly. I remember the days of Lance Palmer and J Jaggers looking like they stepped right out of the tanning booth.
  2. After two botched calls going in different directions.. I'm personally glad it went to OT, decided on the feet, best man won.
  3. Would love to see Cassar in the octagon some day, dude would murder fools
  4. Need the coffee first after overdoing it a bit last night.
  5. Coffee brewing, let's get these consi medal rounds going..
  6. could be over 6 minutes of ride time for Mueller.. holy guacamole
  7. Mueller working Rivera like a dog right now
  8. Nickal Nolf Martin Yianni Steveson Joseph Lee Ashnault Valencia Suriano
  9. Have feeling the Bull's pace will catch up with Smith quickly in this one, 2-1 now
  10. Smith with TD on Marinelli, up 2-0 and riding!
  11. Biggest so far, #9 Chaz Tucker went down at 133
  12. Gfeller - Blees in OT, Gfeller goes downnnn w/ TD to the back.
  13. Artalona with slick TD with about 15 seconds lefts, then Granby with a reversal as time ran down for Thorn.
  14. Wowwwww, crazy finish to Thorn and Artalona!
  15. Just noticed 125 was all chalk for first round, bet that doesn't happen too often.
  16. $22 per entry, like the format of this one better than some others I have done, has been a decent sized pool the last few years. https://sites.google.com/site/highrollerwrestling/ncaa-challenge-2018?pli=1
  17. I have some Husker bias, but Venz from Nebraska as the #9 seed is hard to stomach. I could see him maybe sliding to the 6 or 7 after finishing 4th at Big Tens, but falling into the same quad as MyMar is tough to process. #3 Zavatsky - placed ahead of him at Cliff Keen (2nd vs 4th, including beating the guy Zavatsky lost to twice at the same tournament) #4 Parker - pinned Parker first match, lost decision second match #5 Dean - I know you're not supposed to count it, but beat him soundly H2H at All-Star classic and NCAAs last year #6 Foster - beat him H2H twice this year #7 Reenan - lost a very close match #8 Preisch - wrestled half the quality schedule of Venz, but did have common opponent beating #15 Ness H2H (Venz one "bad" loss on the year) Returning 4th place all-American, 12 matches against guys ranked top 15, going 5-7 in these matches. Common sense should have him as a top 5-6 seed, but apparently that isn't in the formula. Sorry our guy is in the toughest conference in the country and ACTUALLY SHOWS UP TO WRESTLE. I suppose with a handful of ducks we could have locked up a top 4 seed, but that's chicken $hit and I'll never respect the teams that regularly do this. Chad Red as the #16 after finished 2nd in Big Tens is maybe even more baffling. How the hell do FIVE wrestlers he placed higher than in conference, two of whom he beat soundly H2H last weekend, get seeded THAT MUCH HIGHER (#3, #6, #7, #8, #11)? Both of these seeds and numerous others are crap, rant over.
  18. Hard to tell with headgear on, has the sides shaved into some kind of puffed out mohawk
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