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  1. Rivera escapes with a minute to go, essentially down 4-1 with riding time.
  2. Lee riding tough, up over a minute of riding time now, still up 3-0
  3. Lee escapes in just under 30 seconds of 2nd period, 1-0.
  4. Fox sports app on Roku working fine for me. Has option to start from beginning too, which I like if you miss the start of action.
  5. No clue why White chose bottom in the 3rd against Wick with a 1-0 lead
  6. Desanto up to 4 TDs in just over two minutes..
  7. Moisey just finished the weekend with a MF in the 9th place mini-tourney. Will now need an at large, but not sure it will matter as injured as that shoulder looked yesterday.
  8. I think he would ideally be a filled out 184, but still looks much better at 197 than he did as a sucked down 174.
  9. Suriano Suriano with a cradle locked up holding on as time runs out with a 1 point lead, then continues to pick the lock up and drive Desanto out of bounds and finish the takedown well past the time expiring, fist fight may have ensued if Desanto's headgear wasn't pulled completely over his face.
  10. Suriano wins the first douche bag of the night award at the end there
  11. Chad Red nails so far this tournament! Not just winning, but dominating.
  12. love the beard compliment out of thin air for a random trainer on mat 2
  13. Hard to imagine Breske was wrestling 174 all last year, looks much healthier up at 197. Stud out of high school, lots of untapped potential still there.
  14. Commentators just said semis on mats 2 and 3 Edit: just saw this was already posted above
  15. Purdue and Indiana singlets competing for the hot garbage award this weekend.
  16. Tough to watch that finish.. Moisey ends up going down 10-4 (clearly injured). Will need a wildcard to make tourney. Could be last collegiate match for the senior.
  17. Moisey fighting through a pretty painful shoulder injury right now, 4-0 lead but we will see if he can hold it.
  18. While I'm not a huge fan of some of Gable's antics, Minnesota just had a monster round at home, so can't fault the freshman for showing some emotion.
  19. Session II starts at 6:00 central tonight, assuming the semis will be included in that.
  20. Steveson so damn powerful and explosive for a True frosh
  21. The body lock straight to the back for Labriola could have easily been a two count for the win. Penalty point against him to start to 3rd really hurt in this one. Hats off to Skatzka for fighting off that cradle for the win in OT.
  22. Hell of a match, but a few borderline calls all going Minnesota's way in that one. Hoping Labs keeps his head up after that effort.
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