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  1. Purdue and Indiana singlets competing for the hot garbage award this weekend.
  2. Tough to watch that finish.. Moisey ends up going down 10-4 (clearly injured). Will need a wildcard to make tourney. Could be last collegiate match for the senior.
  3. Moisey fighting through a pretty painful shoulder injury right now, 4-0 lead but we will see if he can hold it.
  4. While I'm not a huge fan of some of Gable's antics, Minnesota just had a monster round at home, so can't fault the freshman for showing some emotion.
  5. Session II starts at 6:00 central tonight, assuming the semis will be included in that.
  6. Steveson so damn powerful and explosive for a True frosh
  7. The body lock straight to the back for Labriola could have easily been a two count for the win. Penalty point against him to start to 3rd really hurt in this one. Hats off to Skatzka for fighting off that cradle for the win in OT.
  8. Hell of a match, but a few borderline calls all going Minnesota's way in that one. Hoping Labs keeps his head up after that effort.
  9. One of two things happened with that stoppage.. A) Lawler was out for a moment, arm goes limp, and then slowly recovers and is conscious again by the time ref actually calls it. B) Lawler is the dumbest MMA fighter in history, and thinks it is a good look to let his defense side arm go completely limp while getting choked out. I'd put all my money on scenario A. Not the best optics, but no way Lawler wasn't out for at least a second there. Massive props to Ben for eating all those shots after getting slammed on his head, keeping his composure and finishing the fight.
  10. Really frustrating when these damn links dont match the correct dual..
  11. Following the pigtails, looks like it will be Richards up 3rd and Chamberlain 4th on Mat A. Clark and Colon 2nd up on Mat B. Then Gilman 3rd and Green 4th up on Mat C.
  12. Mat A and C seem to be working now. looks like Russians pigtails going first. But ya the stands are far from packed to start the day.
  13. I know the wrestling hasn't really started yet, but anybody else having streaming issues. Can't hold a feed for more than a few seconds on my Roku app or laptop..
  14. For Nebraska I think of hard working, aggressive on the feet and good scrambling. As a team we usually tend to be in the top 10 mix, but have never quite put it all together to bring home a title. Former wrestler: Robert Kokesh. One of the strongest hardest working guys to ever come through the program, 3X All-American, lost some real heart breakers at each of his NCAAs. (HM to Craig Brester and James Green, very similar stories) Current wrestler: Tyler Berger. Seems to be on fire lately, but it'll be a tall order to take out Nolf this year. (HM to Isaiah White)
  15. **CORRECTION** So according to Jason Bryant, the men will go before womens finals, so Snyder/Sad should be around 12:15ish Central, would have the popcorn ready by noon.
  16. Medal matches start at 11:00 AM central time
  17. The finals have been running just over 2 and 1/2 hours start to finish with all four weights the last couple days. They are the second weight to wrestle, so around 12:15ish Central time I would guess.
  18. Trying to plan out my lunch break.. Anybody know the order of weights that will be wrestled for the finals? They've been going Mens 70, then 97, followed by Womens 55 and 59. It wouldn't surprise me if they save the much anticipated Snyder/Sad final until the very end here though.
  19. Down 6-3 and then finished it with a fall, nice win for Gray!
  20. Like many others, I really enjoyed Hrovat's fun facts from abroad as much as his wrestling expertise. From his history lesson on how the Ossetian people were forced by the Mongols into the Caucasus mountains 1,000 years ago, to how to make friends with a foreigner (bring them tea?), to how to spot a Dagestani (beard with no mustache), I actually learned quite a bit and stayed somewhat entertained/awake between matches.
  21. Sorry, saw the "not too tired to stand up" portion and must've missed your agreement that he was gassed out. Yazdani is a great champion, the image is intended to convey Taylor's tremendous cardio/pace/gas tank this tournament, no malice or humiliation intended.
  22. While I agree there was probably as much emotional distress as physical, there is no denying Yaz was gassed out. He was slow to his feet and offense completely minimized towards the end of the match, and then stopped multiple times bent over at the waste while walking to and through that tunnel.
  23. After re-watching a few of my favorite matches from the last few days, I decided to compile a few images of opponents to summarize our three new champs. Leading off is a fully exhausted Yaz after dealing with six minutes of fury with our Magic Man. Taylor's gas tank and relentless attacking style led to the most memorable run of the tournament. Second is a stunned Gadzimogomedov, almost seems to be asking the ref "what the hell happened?". Dake amazed all of us the last couple days, even his opponents. Third is Karimi literally falling on his head from the unexpected switch hit by Cox. J'Den wrestling through positions as well as I've ever seen him this tournament. Congrats to all three, well deserved, and hopefully many more Gold medals to come.
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