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  1. Really need Iakobishvili to knock of Gadzi in semis at 70kg to have any shot in the team title. I have Russia as a favorite in all three medal matches and Sad is crushing people right now. We would still need all of our remaining guys to win out and a Russian upset somewhere else, but if the Georgian doesn't pull this one out, team race is essentially over.
  2. Challenge denied.. that would've been huge for team race
  3. Crazy scramble at the end, Russia up 5-4 with challenge, could be going other way
  4. Kaya up 2-0 on the Russian Gadzi at the break
  5. Hrovat with a story about training against him while shirtless..
  6. Armenian rocking a man sweater out there on mat C
  7. Gives up take down and pushout, but is able to dance away from any serious TD threat at the end. Takes the opener 6-5! USA!! And GBR!!
  8. Sweet JG double leg takedown with lace to turn, up 6-2!
  9. AZE in on nice single, finished to take lead on criteria. 2-2 at break
  10. Green with good pressure to the edge, snaps him down and goes behind to lead 2-0.
  11. Green has this year's JR world champ up first
  12. I stand by my original take. After watching him control most of the match against Chamizo, I feel JB still has plenty left in the tank for next year and into 2020. During his post-Bronze interview, he even made the comment that he felt he could score when he needed to on the Russian, but admitted to losing focus on his positioning with the emotions of taking the lead with 8 seconds left. Have to think it will be a different outcome if those two meet again.
  13. There are some things to nitpick for both guys, but I appreciate the color commentary provided either way. It definitely beats the voiceless crowd noise w/ intermittent vuvuzelas I have been accustomed to during early hours of watching previous world events.
  14. Just re-watched Dake's semifinal win.. and watching the body language and reactions of Gadzimogomedov after both tosses is pretty entertaining. He seems completely dumfounded by what is taking place. Almost seems to be asking the ref "WTF happened?" there at the end.
  15. I assume they are referring to the fact that both wrestlers are still alive and can each score the same amount of additional 5 points.
  16. I've seen about four different scores across Flo, twitter, these boards.. From what I know the new scoring system looks like: Gold: 25 points Silver: 20 points Bronze: 15 points Fifth: 10 points Seventh: 8 points Eighth: 6 points Ninth: 4 points Tenth: 2 points USA: DT Gold (25), Dake finals (20+), Cox finals (20+), Colon Bronze (15), JB Bronze (15), Gwiz Bronze (15), Gilman going for Bronze (10+), Stieber DNP (0) = 120 guaranteed RUS: 57 finals (20+), 61 Silver (20), 65 going for Bronze (10+), 74 Gold (25), 79 going for Bronze (10+), 86 5th (10), 92 7th (6), 125 5th (10) = 113guaranteed
  17. Don't have a media guide to go off of, but was getting quite a kick out of John Smith calling the Chinese wrestler "dung" over and over
  18. USA 120 RUS 113 *each have three alive tomorrow to potentially score +5 points for each wrestler, and 70 and 97 yet to compete
  19. Really thought Hadi was gonna stick him there.. nice lead headed into the break tho at 5-1
  20. If Iran can pull out another Bronze over Russia, we are sitting in decent shape headed into day 3
  21. Nice bounce back after the tough loss yesterday, solid performance for the big man, congrats on your second bronze Gwiz!
  22. Gwiz has the Molinaro bangs going this year.. Never understand that, would drive me nuts
  23. Well done David, the wait is over, couldn't be happier for the guy! USA!!!
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