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  1. Been up since 3:00AM.. a six pack and 11 hours later and I'm still jacked to see DT3 bring home some gold!!
  2. getting pretty chippy out there..
  3. This Russian's build and style reminds me a lot of Geduev
  4. Yaz has been murdering fools today, hope it continues against Russia
  5. Good to know, I'll probably hold off on the play-by-play to avoid spoilers for those watching on TV
  6. Seems to be about a 3-4 minute lag between the Olympic Channel and my Track feed.. anybody else noticing this?
  7. And Sidakov hold on to take the Gold 2-2 on criteria, well earned
  8. TD has Russia holding criteria heading into the break
  9. JB overcoming a couple questionable calls there, way to go USA!
  10. Looked like 2 and 2, could be 6-0 lead if challenge denied
  11. Come on YBR! Would be huge if he could pull it out against Russia
  12. USA 105 Russia 100 *at least according to Track
  13. Consi and Champ finals starting at 1 ET. Sounds like they are doing each weight separately on just one mat, the two bronze matches, followed by gold, then break for awards and moving on to next weight. I assume they will go lightest to heaviest, but not 100% on that.
  14. JB was taking his time getting back to center more so than usual, possible he tweaked something defending that lace against the Iranian. But he still showed the ability to score at will when he decided to flip the switch, so not sure how much that played into the final outcome today. After watching the final minute of both Sidakov's matches against Chamizo, final 30 seconds he had against Tsabolov at Russian nationals, and re-watching his match with JB, the guy just knows how to finish matches. He came through in the clutch every single time going up against three absolute studs.. Oh and he's only 22. The guy is the real deal, sucks we lost w/ a last second step-out on criteria, but I'd pump the brakes on any "end of an era" talks.
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